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Indian agriculture is a gamble with monsoon and is a great paradox. If the monsoons are very good, the crop production touches record high. If the monsoons are bad, the crop production suffers. But in both the cases, it is the farmer who suffers.

When crop production is high, the farmer suffers because of low prices. And, when the crop production is low, the farmer again suffers due to high prices. It is to arrest these fluctuations and uncertainty; the Government of India runs various schemes to support farmers and rural areas. These schemes are aimed at improving and enhancing the livelihood of farmers.

At Tractorkarvan, to further spread the information on various government schemes, both centre and states, we have started the Sarkari Yojana blogs. For your convenience we have created a separate category on Sarkari Yojana. The blogs covered under this category will serve as providing crucial information on almost all the schemes related to tractors, implements, harvesters, and agriculture. Some of the important schemes covered relates to tractor subsidy, smart farming in India, and others.

Important Topics Covered in Sarkari Yojana Blogs

Schemes for Tractor Subsidy in India: In this blog, we have explained the meaning of tractor subsidy, the benefits of tractor subsidy, and the government schemes providing tractor subsidy in India. The schemes covered includes Macro Management Scheme on Agriculture and Sub-Mission on Agricultural Mechanisation, among others.

Smart Farming in India: It is also known as Digital Agriculture in India, and it encompasses the use of digital technology to do farming with an aim to boost productivity. The government, both the centre and the states, have been running schemes to promote digitalisation of agriculture in India. These schemes include the umbrella scheme Digital Agriculture Mission, National e-Governance Plan in Agriculture (NeGPA), and e-National Agriculture Market (eNAM), among others.

All the blogs covered in Sarkari Yojana category are well-researched, informative, and authentic. Visit Sarkari Yojana blog page of Tractorkarvan for more such informative government schemes related to agriculture and rural development.

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