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Agriculture in India is the most important sector of Indian economy. More than 50 per cent of Indian population is dependent upon agriculture to earn their livelihood. It also contributes about 20 per cent to the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) or national income of the country. Besides, it is an important source of raw material for the industry and contributes about 12 per cent to the Indian exports.

We, at Tractorkarvan, have created a dedicated blog page on agriculture. The page covers various topics of importance and interest from the field of Indian agriculture. Some of the topics covered include organic farming in India, mixed farming in India, and Plantation Agriculture in India, among others. All the topics covered have an in-depth coverage and rich in information.

Important Topics Covered in Agriculture Blog

Mixed Farming in India

It is an important farming practice in India in which crops are cultivated in combination with other agricultural activities on a single piece of land. In the blog Mixed Farming in India, we have covered its meaning, characteristics, type of mixed farming, and advantages of mixed farming, among others. Read it know more about mixed farming in India.

Organic Farming in India

This farming practice involves the use of environment friendly farming practices like use of green manure in growing crops. It is not only sustainable but also helps improve soil health. In the blog Organic Farming in India, we have covered its meaning, type, process, importance, and benefits. Read it know more about organic farming practices.

Plantation Agriculture in India

In this type of farming practise, plantation crops like rubber and sugarcane are grown with an objective of earning profits. In the blog What is Plantation Agriculture, we have covered the meaning, characteristics, types of plantation agriculture, advantages, and disadvantages of plantation farming in detail. Read it know more about it.

All the topics covered in agriculture category are informative, interesting, relevant, and updated. Visit agriculture blog page of Tractorkarvan to see all the covered topics.

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