Top Agricultural Tools in India - Types and Uses

28 Apr 2023
Top Agricultural Tools in India - Types and Uses Article
Agricultural tools are different from agricultural equipment or implement. Farm tools are simple and is used manually to do any agricultural task with ease. On the other hand, implements are mounted on a tractor to perform any farm work.

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Farmers need different kinds of agricultural tools to carry out a range of farm tasks. These farm tools work to turn a farm more productive. They play a massive role in the success of farmers as farming becomes more efficient and easier. Several agricultural tools perform only one task. However, some can operate multiple functions in the field. This blog provides a list of top agriculture tools name and uses.

What is the Meaning of Agricultural Tools?

Instruments that can assist in the agricultural process are known as agricultural tools. These farm tools are simple and can be used manually to do any farm task with ease. They improve productivity that is not possible through a limited workforce. They are critical for functions like fumigation, tillage and weed elimination. The tools used for farming in India are economically priced.

Farm tools are different from agricultural equipment or implement. Implements are farm machineries that require a tractor to pull or draw them.  

In earlier days, traditional agricultural tools like wooden plough were used manually. These traditional tools used in agriculture use to take time to complete a task. But, with the advent of modern tools used in agriculture, the time taken to complete a farming operation has become much easier.

Importance of Agricultural Tools in India

There is no denying the fact that agriculture involves highly labour-intensive processes. They cannot be done manually in an efficient manner. Tools used in agriculture are essential for carrying out agricultural operations. A major population of India depends on agriculture to derive income. In addition, the agriculture sector feeds the entire population to support its sustenance.

Agriculture impacts the country’s GDP as its products are also exported to other countries. All these factors point towards the need to increase crop yield and its quality. Agricultural tools are one of the key solutions to achieving these goals. The following sections will provide details on Indian agriculture tools with names.

Types of Agricultural Tools and their Uses in India

Farmers use agricultural tools to reduce manual labour and farming time. With the help of these tools, operations can be completed within a short period. The best thing about using agricultural tools is that they not only reduce production costs but also increase the revenue of farmers. Thus, it becomes essential for them to know the farming tools names along with their uses. The top agricultural tools list for farming in India are as follows:


Top Agricultural Tools - Wheelbarrow

The wheelbarrow has existed for several decades now. It simplifies the movement of materials or items on and off the field. In simple terms, it is a hand-propelled pushcart with a large frame and a bucket at the top. It comes with single or two wheels, and there is a pair of legs attached at the back.

In addition, these agricultural tools have two handles extending from the back to push and pick up the wheelbarrow. Farmers need wheelbarrows to carry small loads. Its simple design makes it suitable for daily activities. These agricultural tools help transport debris, compost, tools or supplies to and from the field or garden.

Benefits of Wheelbarrow

  • Used in gardening for hauling bricks, mixing fertilizers, and loading and transporting debris.
  • Used in construction for mixing mortar and concrete and transporting construction materials.
  • Helps transport small shrubs and trees for landscaping applications.

Lawn Mowers

Top Agricultural Tools - Lawn Mowers

A land mower is one of the most popular farm tools and equipment for cutting grass and plants in the garden or field. It keeps the growth of grass in check. The grass remains that are left behind by the mower compost quickly. Due to this, valuable nutrients are added back into the soil. These agricultural tools come with rolling blades that cut grass at an even height. Farmers tired of unkept lawns or overgrown grass can use these agricultural tools to maintain the ground and remove extra grass.

It is essential to consider the lawn size when buying a lawn mower. Smaller yard demands a manual or hand lawn mower as massive efforts are required to push the machine in a large area. Another crucial point is the terrain of the land. A standard push mower will be appropriate if the ground is free of obstacles or is flat. However, hilly terrain entails a self-propelled land mower.

Benefits of Lawn Mowers

  • Keeps the field in the shape.
  • Trims or cuts grass conveniently.
  • Removes unwanted grass and lawn waste in a hassle-free manner.
  • Prevents the overgrowth of grass.
  • Saves energy and manual effort.

Garden Fork

Top Agricultural Tools - Garden Fork

In gardening, it is vital to use the right agricultural tools. A garden fork is a versatile tool that can carry out multiple tasks. The critical uses of garden forks include transplanting, weeding, turning soil and aeration. These agricultural tools come in varied shapes, weights, and sizes. However, they all have tines for breaking up and loosening the soil. They can have curved or straight tines made of either wood or metal.

With the help of these tines, a garden fork can scoop up loads of compost or mulch to be spread across the garden. In addition, they help in turning and mixing compost piles. These agricultural tools can break the hard soil surface, break soil clumps and harvest root crops. Thus, a garden fork can perform complex tasks that are difficult to be done by hand.

Benefits of Garden Forks

  • Loosens the stony ground with their strong tynes.
  • Prevents damage to the roots, which is usually the case with using a spade.
  • Turns and aerates garden soil.
  • Harvests root crops like turnips, potatoes, beets, and carrots


Top Agricultural Tools - Axe

The axe is a short, handled farming tool that humans have used since prehistoric times. It is usually made of steel or other metals, but there are also stone axes. Axes are used for chopping wood, removing tree branches and saplings, splitting logs into kindling, and many other tasks.

In agriculture, an axe can be used to cut down trees and shrubs so they can be cleared from land being prepared for crops or livestock grazing. It can also be used to split large logs into smaller pieces that will burn more easily in fires used for heating barns or houses; these smaller pieces are called kindling.

Heavier axes may be better suited for harder tasks like chopping down large trees because they offer more momentum when striking objects with force; however, lighter axes tend to be easier on your arms when swinging them repeatedly over time. Finally, consider what handle material would best work for comfort and durability.

Benefits of Axes

  • Can be carried home from farms/gardens easily.
  • Costs less than other agricultural tools.

Pruning Saw

Top Agricultural Tools - Pruning Saw

It is essential to prune garden plants to enhance their beauty and appearance. In addition, it keeps them healthy by controlling pests and diseases. A pruning saw is one of the vital farming tools in India when it comes to trimming plants. It helps maintain the natural shape of plants all the time. These saws come with tapered blades that can be straight or curved.

Pruning saws can be bought in different designs and sizes based on the job at hand. Coarse teeth on these saws are suitable for larger branches. A shorter blade trimming saw is recommended when the branches are in a tight area. Farmers who need to cut branches at height can use a tree pruning pole saw.

Benefits of Pruning Saws

  • Removes shrubs or branches to facilitate healthy plant growth.
  • Enhances aesthetics by keeping bushes and trees in shape and at a good height.
  • Allows adequate amount of sunlight to reach plants or crops by trimming tree branches.
  • Ensures better fruit and flowers quality by means of new branches.


Top Agricultural Tools - Machete

A machete is among the most used farming instruments for cutting and chopping. This broad-bladed tool can be used like a knife or sword. As a knife, it has a chopping motion, while it acts as a sword with a swinging motion. Even though it is a lightweight tool, it can easily clear small trees. These agriculture instruments have a sheath and handle made of materials like elastic polymers, composites, rubber, plastic, and wood.

These agricultural tools have been improving farmer life for centuries. One of the most common uses includes creating a path by clearing it of plants or bushes. Farmers use these agricultural tools extensively to cut grain crops like wheat and light. It is mainly because these agricultural tools are light and precise. Their versatility and length make them valuable for crop farmers for field maintenance.

Benefits of Machetes

  • Clears bushes in overgrown areas and eliminates unwanted vegetation.
  • Chops up materials in smaller pieces for improved decomposition in a compost.
  • Harvests grain-based crops like wheat or rice without damage.
  • Clears weeds to increase yields and enhance the quality of product.


Top Agricultural Tools - Shovel

A shovel is among the most common agricultural tools used in the field. It digs and moves granular and loose materials like grain, soil, dirt to a nearby spot. These agricultural tools have a long handle and a broad blade with a rectangular edge. Although mechanization is on the rise, a shovel still holds critical importance for farmers.

A long handle will offer greater leverage for heavier work on rough ground. On the contrary, a short handle delivers better control and is employed to plant or dig up bulbs. The blades of these agricultural tools can cut through the ground and move plants or dirt. With a larger blade, one can move higher quantities of materials. A sharp blade cuts through roots or into the rough ground effectively.

Benefits of Shovels

  • Digs with precision.
  • Loosens and smoothens soil surface.
  • Lifts and moves gravel, sand, rock, snow, and soil.
  • Uproots deep-rooted plants and weeds for effective crop management.


Top Agricultural Tools - Spade

A spade is among the ideal agricultural tools for all types of digging. Due to its ergonomic design, it is easy to use, making it the farmer’s best friend. Unlike a scooped blade of a shovel, a spade has a rectangular, flattened blade. It comes with a short handle, which is generally around 1 meter in length. They are helpful in light cultivation and can dig out deeper planting holes, reshape seedbeds and cut sod.

This is why it comes in different blade and handle materials. Most farmers use these agricultural tools to cultivate flower beds or vegetable gardens. Their blades can cut into the soil to mix fertilizers with the topsoil. Farmers need to keep these blades sharp to maintain their cutting properties.

Benefits of Spades

  • Turns the soil for better aeration.
  • Improves drainage and eliminates hazardous weeds.
  • Removes sod to create flower beds or landscaping.
  • Digs holes planting crops or flowers.


When you are shopping for agricultural tools, it is essential to consider the size of your farm. If you have a large plot of land requiring heavy machinery, such as tractors and ploughs, purchasing a new set of tools will be more cost-effective than renting them from a local rental shop.

However, if your farm is small or majority of work can be done by hand, the tools mentioned in this article are the better option for saving money over time. In addition to considering how much space and labour these agricultural tools need, assess whether any specific feature would make them easier or more efficient at completing tasks like planting or fertilizing crops.

Researching different types of agricultural tools available will help determine which ones best suit your needs before comparing prices. When deciding what agricultural tools to buy, make sure all the factors mentioned above are considered.

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