Compare Fieldking MCH88 VS Preet 949T Singham

Are you looking to buy a combine harvester but confused about which one is better, Fieldking MCH88 or Preet 949T SINGHAM? Then you have reached the correct place. The Fieldking MCH88 comes with 88 HP engine, whereas the Preet 949T SINGHAM is equipped with 76 HP engine. The former can harvest Multi Crop while the latter can harvest Multi Crop. Furthermore, the weight of Fieldking MCH88 is 3000 KG, whereas the weight of Preet 949T SINGHAM is 5190 KG.

Meanwhile, you can take a look at the key features of these two combine harvesters:

Fieldking MCH88 vs Preet 949T SINGHAM

Key Highlights Fieldking MCH88 Preet 949T SINGHAM
Crop Multi Crop Multi Crop
Engine HP 88 HP 76 HP
Cabin Sunshade Sunshade Sunshade
Wheel Structure Track type Track type
Weight 3000 KG 5190 KG
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Fieldking MCH88 VS Preet 949T SINGHAM

VS Fieldking MCH88 Get More Details Preet 949T Singham Get More Details
Fieldking MCH88 Harvester
Preet 949T SINGHAM Harvester
Fieldking MCH88
Preet 949T SINGHAM


Brand Fieldking Preet
Model Name Fieldking MCH88 Preet 949T SINGHAM
Category Combine Harvester Combine Harvester
Harvester Power 88 HP 76 HP
Power Source Self Propelled Self Propelled
Crop Multi Crop Multi Crop

Key Highlights

Engine Model Quanchai 4C6-100M22
Engine Type Four-stroke, Turbocharger
Cooling System Liquid-cooled Liquid-cooled
Engine HP 88 HP 76 HP
Engine Rated Speed 2400 RPM 2200 RPM
Cylinder 4 Cylinder
Fuel Tank Capacity 125 L
Transmission Type Mechanical Hydrostatic Transmission comprising of hydraulic variable displacement, double pump and two fixed displacement motors.
Specifications Width 500 MM
Theoretical Traveling Speed 0 - 8.68 KM/H
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity 21 L
Battery Model Maintenance-free type
Voltage V 12 V
Main Dimensions
Weight 3000 KG 5190 KG
Length 5200 MM 6800 MM
Width 2750 MM 2620 MM
Height 2750 MM 2900 MM
Working Efficiency 0.5 - 0.8 Sq. hm/h
Min. Ground Clearance 350 MM 370 MM
Header Width 2200 / 2000 MM
Header Type Rotary cutter
Cutter Bar Mechanism
Feeding Capacity 5 kg/s
Cutting Height Range 30-1025 MM
Reel Type Eccentric finger
Reel Drive Through V. Belt
Reel Width 900 MM
Reel Height Adjustment Hydraulic
Feeder Housing Chain Type Feed Rack
Threshing Mechanism
Diameter Of Threshing Drum 620 MM
Length Of Threshing Drum 1950 MM
Volume Of Grain Tank Grain 1.6 cu m.
Height Range Of Unloading 880 - 4500 MM
Threshing Roter Dia X Width 605 X 760 MM
Upper Sieve 1.2 Sq m.
Lower Sieve 1.0 Sq m.
Traveling section
Ground Contact Pressure Of Track 20 kPa
Concave system
Adjustment Mechanical
Concave Width 770 MM
Clearance Paddy-(Front 17 mm, Rear 17 mm); Wheat-(Front 17 mm, Rear 6-10 mm)
Cleaning system
Threshing Rotor Speed 600 RPM
Track assembly
Length Of Belt On Ground 1830 MM
Track Width 1485 MM
Width Of Belt 450 MM
Track Gauge 1250 MM
No. Of Track Rollers Each Side 5
No. Of Track Rubber Grousers Each Side 60
Pitch 90 MM
Track Pitch Number 56
Straw walker
No. Of Straw Walker 5
No. Of Steps 5
Straw Walkers Length 2780 MM
Straw Walkers Width 175 MM
Electrical system 12 V, 100 Ah Battery Starting, complete lighting equipment, front and rear lights.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Fieldking MCH88 VS Preet 949T SINGHAM

1. Which among the two models Fieldking MCH88 and Preet 949T SINGHAM is best?

Both the harvester models are the best and you can choose one as per your need and budget.
The Fieldking MCH88 has a 88 HP and Preet 949T SINGHAM has a 76 HP.
The Fieldking MCH88 can harvest Multi Crop and the Preet 949T SINGHAM can harvest Multi Crop.
You can get the updated information on both the implement models at Tractorkarvan.

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