Sonalika Paddyvator SLPSMSR-5.5 Puddler Implement

Sonalika Paddyvator SLPSMSR-5.5

Brand Sonalika
Implement Type Puddler
Category Land Preparation
Model Name Paddyvator SLPSMSR-5.5
Tractor Power 40+ HP

About Sonalika Paddyvator SLPSMSR-5.5

Sonalika Paddyvator SLPSMSR-5.5 price is within a reasonable range on Tractorkarvan. This puddler is compatible with 40+ HP range tractors.

Sonalika Paddyvator SLPSMSR-5.5 is one of the most used land preparation implements for paddy farming. A puddler is mainly used in paddy fields wherein soil is continuously ploughed and harrowed under submerged conditions. This wetland implement is used for breaking the clods while churning the soil to develop a homogeneous mixture. This puddler is fit for tractors of 40+ HP. The model Paddyvator SLPSMSR-5.5 discussed below is reasonably priced on Tractorkarvan.

Sonalika Paddyvator SLPSMSR-5.5 Key Specifications

The model Paddyvator SLPSMSR-5.5 is an ultra-lightweight puddler ideal for wetland application. It is also known as a Paddy Special puddler. The top specifications of this model are given below:

  • Working Width: The working width of the model Paddyvator SLPSMSR-5.5 is 1650 mm.
  • No of Blades: The total number of blades in this puddler is 48, and they are C type.
  • Weight: It has an overall weight of 325 kg.
  • Transmission Type: It has a gear side transmission type.
  • HP Compatibility: It is compatible with tractors of 40+ horsepower, such as Farmtrac 45 Classic Valuemaxx and Swaraj 744 XT.

Sonalika Paddyvator SLPSMSR-5.5 Unique Features

The puddler model, Paddyvator SLPSMSR-5.5 from Sonalika implements, offers excellent features that make it efficient and easy to operate for farmers. Some of its unique features are listed below:

  • This puddler comes with a helical arrangement of blades, ensuring a lesser load on a tractor and less fuel consumption.
  • Paddyvator SLPSMSR-5.5 features heavy-duty bearings that are not only long-lasting but also perform exceptionally well in dusty conditions.
  • It comes with duo cone mechanical oil seals that are perfect for both wet and dry land operations.
  • The puddler is ultra lightweight and is equipped with specially designed C-type blades for efficient puddling operations.
  • It comes with a universal 3-point hitch, which increases its compatibility with tractors in the 40+ HP range.

Sonalika Paddyvator SLPSMSR-5.5 Key Benefits

The Sonalika Paddyvator SLPSMSR-5.5, with its unique features, is of immense benefit to farmers. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • This puddler has a duo cone waterproof seal to prevent water from contaminating the oil.
  • Paddyvator SLPSMSR-5.5 comes equipped with a floating type depth skid which is adjustable to offer proper depth control.
  • It features a multi-speed gearbox for improved pulverization effect in different soil conditions.
  • Its steel blades are made of long-lasting boron, which prevents rusting.
  • This puddler has a robust structure to offer heavy vibration-free field operations.

Sonalika Paddyvator SLPSMSR-5.5 Price in India 2023

The price of a tractor implement depends on many factors like its features and brand. The Sonalika Paddyvator SLPSMSR-5.5 price in India is reasonable, considering its top-notch technical specifications and reliability. At Tractorkarvan, you will get the best price for all tractor implements to make your farming profitable. You can also buy Sonalika implements on EMIs at Tractorkarvan.

You can even use compare implements features to check the affordability of Sonalika Paddyvator SLPSMSR-5.5 with other similar tractor HP puddler models like Maschio Gaspardo Paddy 165 and John Deere 3417 RT. Users can also compare this model with similar puddlers of the same brand, like Sonalika Paddyvator SLPSMSR-6.

Why choose Tractorkarvan for Sonalika Paddyvator SLPSMSR-5.5?

In this digital age, farmers also look for a platform that offers everything in a single place. Here at Tractorkarvan, you get all information regarding the Paddyvator SLPSMSR-5.5 Puddler price and its specifications in a single click. Not only this, but our platform also offers loan facilities at easy and low EMIs, so that you are free of your financial worries to buy a cost-effective puddler.

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Key Specifications of Sonalika Paddyvator SLPSMSR-5.5

Overall Width 1780 mm
Tilling Width 1650 mm
Tractor Power 40+ HP
Side Transmission Type Gear
Weight 325 kg
Gearbox Multi Speed

Tractor Implements By Puddler

Tractor Implement By Sonalika

Tractor Implements By Land Preparation

Compatible Tractors Available

Frequently Asked Questions on Sonalika Paddyvator SLPSMSR-5.5

1. Which HP category Sonalika Paddyvator SLPSMSR-5.5 is compatible with?

Sonalika Paddyvator SLPSMSR-5.5 is compatible with 40+ HP tractors.

The price of Sonalika Paddyvator SLPSMSR-5.5 is reasonable on Tractorkarvan.

You can buy the Sonalika Paddyvator SLPSMSR-5.5 model from Tractorkarvan.

The working width of Sonalika Paddyvator SLPSMSR-5.5 is 1650 mm.

The weight of Sonalika Paddyvator SLPSMSR-5.5 is 325 kg.

Tractorkarvan is the best platform for financing options to buy Sonalika Paddyvator SLPSMSR-5.5.

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