Kubota MU 5501

This Tractor Model Has Discontinued
Brand Kubota Tractors
Series MU Series Tractors
No. Of Cylinders 4
HP Category 55 HP
Gear Box Synchromesh
Brakes Oil Immersed Multi Disc Brakes

Key Specifications of Kubota MU 5501

Tractor HP
Tractor HP
55 HP
Wheel Drive
Wheel Drive
Gear Box
Gear Box
Hydraulic Double Acting Power Steering
Lifting capacity
Lifting capacity
1800 / 2100 KG

About Kubota MU 5501

Kubota MU 5501 Price in India ranges from INR 9.32 lakhs* to INR 9.51 lakhs*. Kubota MU 5501 HP is 55 horsepower. The Kubota MU 5501 engine capacity is 2434 CC, and the gear pattern consists of 8 forward and 4 reverse gears.

Kubota is one of the most renowned brands for tractors and agricultural equipment like machinery, engines, construction equipment, and Kubota implements. Kubota understands its customers' needs. Using advanced Japanese technology, it manufactures its products in response to the client's needs and demands.

Kubota MU5501, from the Kubota MU series, represents one of the most effective tractor models available from the Kubota tractor brand in the tractors under 60 HP category. It comes in a sturdy look and is available at a competitive price. The Kubota MU 5501 is well known for its reliability and fuel efficiency, and it is among the most popular tractors in India.

Let's discuss this Kubota tractor in detail in the upcoming sections, such as Kubota 5501 price in India, specifications, warranty, and more.

Kubota MU 5501 Key Features

This Kubota 5501 tractor is one of the best models for agricultural use. Some key features of this tractor are listed below:


  • Kubota MU5501 HP is 55 horsepower, and its engine capacity is 2434 CC. The tractor consists of 4 cylinders. The engine capacity is accountable for the engine power, whereas the number of cylinders influences the fuel efficiency and power. This tractor has a power and fuel-efficient engine, suitable for all types of farming operations.
  • It comes with a V2403-M-DI E-CDIS diesel engine, which is technologically advanced, powerful and more fuel efficient than previous engines.
  • The air filter in this tractor is dry-type dual-element, ensuring only clean air passes to the engine for the combustion process. The dual element ensures extra protection from impurities.
  • The tractor features a liquid-cooled cooling system that avoids overheating the engine by dissipating heat.
  • It also features an inline fuel pump, whose work is to provide fuel to all the cylinders individually. It has a simple design and is lower maintenance than other types of fuel pumps.


  • Kubota MU 5501 comes with a double clutch. As a result, the tractor features an independent PTO lever so that the operator can operate the implements even when the tractor is stationary.
  • It is equipped with a Synchromesh gearbox. It is the best and latest quality transmission system that ensures smoother and easier gear shifting than the other types of transmission systems. It has no maintenance because of its top build quality, but if a problem occurs, then it will cause high maintenance.
  • Kubota MU 5501 gear pattern comprises of 8 forward and 4 reverse gears. As a result, the tractor can attain a maximum forward speed of 30.8 km/h and a maximum reverse speed of 14 km/h.
  • The tractor's gear lever is positioned at the side shift for better gear shifting comfort and easy entry and exit of the operator.
  • The rear axle of this tractor is a planetary axle, in which planet gears revolve around the central sun gear. This process ensures that powerful tractor force and torque are provided to the planetary axle. It has a high jerk absorbing capacity to prevent transmission from any damage.

Power Take-Off (PTO)

  • Kubota MU 5501 has dual PTO speed to operate various implements, such as Power HarrowHay RakeGrooming Mower, and more.
  • Farmers can choose two PTO speeds along with the standard PTO speed of 540 RPM @ 2300 ERPM. The two optional PTO speeds are 750 RPM @ 2200 ERPM and 540R @ 2150 RPM.


  • The lifting capacity of Kubota MU 5501 is 1800 kg to 2100 kg. A high lifting capacity is essential to lift heavy implements with ease and work efficiently, such as Tractor TrailerLaser Land Leveler, etc.
  • The tractor also features a dual-type remote/auxiliary valve, which is necessary to operate implements like Hydraulic Reversible MB Plough, etc.

Weight & Dimensions

  • Kubota MU 5501 weight is 2200 kg, which is an ideal weight for this HP range.
  • Its wheelbase is 2100 mm. The wheelbase of this tractor is good and ensures better stability on uneven terrains.
  • The tractor's overall length and width are 3250 mm and 1850 mm. The dimensions are ideal for working in different farming conditions.
  • It has a ground clearance of 415 mm. The higher ground clearance helps the tractor work in all types of terrains without any issues.
  • It also features a 2.8 m turning radius with brakes. Therefore, the operator can turn the tractor easily in less space.

Kubota MU 5501 Additional Features

Because of its excellent quality characteristics, the Kubota MU5501 is considered one of the most potent tractors designed with unique and modern features. Some additional features of this tractor are provided below:

  • Steering: The tractor is equipped with hydraulic double-acting power steering. Like the single-acting power steering, it also uses hydraulics to steer the tractor but is more comfortable to handle. The operator has to apply even lesser effort to turn the tractor.
  • Brakes: It is equipped with oil-immersed multi-disc brakes, offering effective braking on all types of agricultural lands. These brakes are immersed in oil to lubricate the brake parts and dissipate the heat generated due to the friction between the brake pads.
  • Tyres: This tractor has 7.50 X 16 front tyres and 16.9 x 28 rear tyres. The big-sized tyres are always better as they ensure more stability and less slippage in wet and slippery conditions.
  • Fuel Capacity: Kubota MU 5501 features 65 litres of fuel tank capacity. The fuel tank is quite big, ensuring more diesel can be stored for all hours of work in the field.
  • Electrical: This Kubota tractor model includes a 12 V, 40 Amp alternator.

Kubota MU 5501 Price in India 2023

This Kubota tractor 55 HP price in India ranges from INR 9.32 lakhs* to INR 9.51 lakhs*. It is a popular choice of Indian farmers in the tractors above 9 lakhs category. The Kubota tractor price 55HP is quite low compared to the features it is equipped with. This tractor is also available at easy EMIs on Tractorkarvan. The Kubota MU 5501 price EMI starts at INR 20,695. All farmers can afford this pricing. You may also check the updated Kubota 5501 price in India on Tractorkarvan, as we keep updating the price according to the company norms.

The on-road Kubota tractor price 55HP varies by area and state across the country. Other elements, such as RTO registrations, road tax, insurance, etc., are included in the final on-road Kubota MU5501 price.

Moreover, users may also compare the Kubota tractor 55 HP price in India and specifications with the other models using the compare tractor feature on Tractorkarvan. For example, Kubota MU 5502Kubota MU 5501 4WDKubota MU 5502 4WD, etc.

Kubota MU 5501 Warranty

In terms of warranty, its manufacturer offers 5 years guarantee for all these models, which is reasonably good.

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Tractorkarvan is the best portal for all those users looking for genuine information regarding all tractor brands and models. Here, we keep on updating information as per the changes made by the brands. The users may also learn about the latest tractors and upcoming tractors of different brands by making a few clicks. Moreover, the portal also provides tractor loans facility that helps customers get this tractor without worrying about the Kubota 55 HP price.

So, if you want to learn about Kubota MU5501, such as the Kubota tractor price 55HP, specifications, customer reviews, images, tractor videos, etc., explore Tractorkarvan.

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Kubota MU 5501 Engine

No. Of Cylinders 4
HP Category 55 HP
Engine Type Kubota V2403-M-DI E-CDIS
Capacity cc 2434 CC
Air Filter Dry Type, Dual Element
Cooling System Liquid Cooled
Fuel Type Diesel
Fuel Pump Type Inline

Kubota MU 5501 Transmission

Clutch Double
Gear Box Synchromesh
Gear Speed 8 Forward + 4 Reverse
Gear Lever Position Side Shift
Forward Speed 1.8 to 30.8 km/h
Reverse Speed 5.1 to 14 km/h
Brakes Oil Immersed Multi Disc Brakes
Rear Axle Planetary Axle

Kubota MU 5501 Steering

Type Hydraulic Double Acting Power Steering

Kubota MU 5501 Power Take Off

PTO Speed 540, 750 RPM, RPTO (Optional)
RPM 540 @ 2300 ERPM / 750 @ 2200 ERPM / 540R @ 2150 ERPM

Kubota MU 5501 Fuel Capacity

Capacity 65 Litres

Kubota MU 5501 Hydraulics

Lifting capacity 1800 / 2100 KG kg
Remote / Auxillary Valve Dual

Kubota MU 5501 Tyre Size

Wheel Drive 2WD
Front 7.50 X 16
Rear 16.9 X 28

Kubota MU 5501 Dimensions And Weight

Total Weight 2200 kg
Wheel Base 2100 mm
Overall Length 3250 mm
Overall Width 1850 mm
Ground Clearance 415 mm
Turning radius with brake 2.8 m

Kubota MU 5501 Electrical

Alternator 40 Amp, 12 V

Kubota MU 5501 Other Information

Warranty 5 Years
Platform Full Flat Deck with Rubber Mat
Instrument Cluster LED Display
Driver Seat Larger Seat with Better Suspension
Accessories Tools, Bumper, Ballast Weight, Top Link, Canopy
Additional Features 5 Fin Clutch, Widest Fender, Single Piece Bonnet, Key Stop Solenoid, Balancer Shaft, 4 Valve System

Kubota MU 5501 Variants

There are 1 Variants of Kubota MU 5501 available on Tractorkarvan with complete specification and prices.

TractorKarvan Take On Kubota MU 5501

Good Things
  • Engine: The engine is a perfect combination of power and efficiency.
  • Transmission: One of the best transmission systems in this HP range.
  • Warranty: 5 years of warranty, ensuring the durability of the tractor.
Could be Better
  • The brand could have provided a CRDI fuel pump to satisfy the Trem IV emission standards.

Kubota MU 5501 Verdict by TractorKarvan

Kubota MU 5501 is a perfect combination of power and technology. Its powerful and fuel-efficient diesel engine and efficient transmission ensure that the tractor can perform all the tasks with ease. However, it is a 55 HP tractor, so a CRDI fuel pump could have made it the best in this category. Overall, it is a perfect choice for commercial and agricultural operations.

Product review by TractorKarvan

Power & Performance
PTO & Hydraulics
Design & Styling

Kubota MU 5501 User Reviews

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Kubota Tractor Dealers & Service Centers

VGRG+V64, Suri - Dubrajpur Rd, Subhas Pally, Suri - I, Birbhum, West Bengal - 731101
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Bikna Keshiakole, Bankura - II, Bankura, West Bengal - 722155
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D No. 45/2B Omalur Main Road, Attur, Salem, Tamil Nadu - 636012
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1/85 86 Ward 1, Salem Bypass Road, Harur, Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu - 636903
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Frequently Asked Questions on Kubota MU 5501

1. Where can I buy a Kubota MU 5501 tractor?

You can buy Kubota MU 5501 tractor on easy EMIs at Tractorkarvan.

Kubota MU 5501 tractor HP is 55 horsepower.

Kubota MU 5501 has a lifting capacity of 1800 kg to 2100 kg.

Yes, Kubota MU 5501 tractor can be customized with attachments and equipment.

Kubota MU 5501 price in India ranges from INR 9.50 lakhs* to INR 9.70 lakhs*.

Kubota MU 5501 is equipped with oil-immersed multi-disc brakes.

The wheelbase of Kubota MU 5501 is 2100 mm.

Kubota MU5501 comes with a double-clutch option.

Yes, you can buy Kubota MU 5501 on EMI on Tractorkarvan.

Kubota MU 5501 price in India ranges from INR 9.32 lakhs* to INR 9.51 lakhs*.

Disclaimer: The product information and other details provided on this page is as made available by the respective brand and otherwise available in the public domain. Users should contact the nearest tractor dealer to know about the latest features and prices. Prices and EMI shown by TractorKarvan are generic in nature – Exact price and EMI will depend on variants, discounts, interest rate, duration, frequency, and other factors. Please click Get On Road Price or Buy on Installments or visit your desired product's brand dealer for more information on Price and EMI. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.


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