Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack

EMI starts from ₹ 16,909/Month
Brand Massey Ferguson Tractors
Series Dynatrack Series Tractors
No. Of Cylinder 3
HP Category 46 HP
Gear Box Constant Mesh
Brakes Oil Immersed Multi Disc Brakes

Key Specifications of Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack

Tractor HP
Tractor HP
46 HP
Wheel Drive
Wheel Drive
Gear Box
Gear Box
Constant Mesh
Mechanical / Power Steering
Lifting capacity
Lifting capacity
2050 KG

About Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack

Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack price in India ranges from INR 8.10 lakhs* to INR 9.20 lakhs*. Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack HP is 46 horsepower. It has an engine capacity of 2700 cc and a gear pattern of 12 forward and 12 reverse gears.

Massey Ferguson is one of the topmost manufacturers of agricultural machinery, not only in the United States but across the globe. With its vast range of tractor models, the company has been able to create a compelling product at an affordable price, especially for the Indian farming market. One of the famous tractor models from the Massey Ferguson Dynatrack series is the Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack.

To learn more about what the Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack tractor offers, including its features and benefits, go through the below sections.

Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack Top Specifications

Engine & Performance

  • Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack HP is 46 horsepower, making it ideal for different farming tasks. It is a highly preferred tractor under 50 HP. Due to this power output, it efficiently handles challenging operations both on and off the road. It effortlessly works in rugged terrain conditions and smoothly operates heavy tractor implements.
  • It consists of 3 cylinders. The tractor features a SIMPSONS S325.5 TIII A diesel engine. The tractor's engine capacity is 2700 cc. This engine configuration enables the tractor to generate higher power output with fuel efficiency.
  • The tractor is compatible with the Bharat Stage Trem IIIA emission norms, which means that the tractor emits less pollutants in the air.


  • The Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack tractor has a fully constant mesh gearbox. With continuous engagement of all gears, the gearbox guarantees seamless and effortless gear shifting.
  • It features a dual-clutch option ensuring smoother power transmission to the tractor and the PTO. As a result, noise and vibrations are less while shifting gears.
  • This tractor comes with a 24-speed gearbox, including 12 Forward and 12 Reverse gears. More gear options offer a broad range of gear ratios, allowing operators to select the ideal speed for specific tasks or terrain conditions. Also, it can attain a maximum speed of 34.5 km/h in forward gears.

Power Take-Off (PTO)

  • The Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack tractor has Quadra PTO speed. More PTO speeds mean the tractor can operate a wide range of PTO-driven implements, including Check Basin Former and Thresher.
  • The PTO RPM is 540 RPM, rated at 1789 Engine RPM. It ensures that the tractor has better fuel efficiency while operating variety of tractor implements.


  • Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack has a maximum lifting capacity of 2050 kg. Also, there's support for a Category I linkage system for the hydraulics.
  • As a result, the operator can effortlessly lift and operate heavier hydraulic implements, ensuring efficient field operations. Examples of such attachments include the Baler and Laser Land Leveler.

Weight & Dimensions

  • Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack has a net weight of 2010 kg. Due to this weight, the tractor gains enhanced traction on uneven terrains, resulting in improved stability across all types of surfaces.
  • It comes with a wheelbase of 1935 mm for field applications and 2035 mm for haulage. The wheelbase supports not only the tractor's weight but also the load it carries, ensuring stable and steady operations on and off the field.
  • The tractor's dimensions are 3650 mm in length and 1760 mm in width. These dimensions play a crucial role in enhancing its stability and balance during diverse farm tasks.

Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack Other Features

The Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack tractor has a host of useful additional features that make the user experience wonderful.

  • Brakes: The tractor features an oil-immersed multi-disc braking system. The presence of lubricating oil ensures safety and improved braking performance by enhancing heat dissipation.
  • Steering: The tractor comes with a mechanical steering option and optional power steering. The power steering system offers effortless steering, delivering a superior handling experience across all terrains.
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: The tractor comes with a 55-litre fuel tank that will reduce the time, money and effort you'd have to spend on frequent refuelling sessions.
  • Tyres: The front tyres of this tractor measure 6.00 X 16, and the rear tyres measure 14.9 X 28. Thanks to its robust tractor tyres, this two-wheel tractor gains enhanced traction and grip on various terrains.
  • Electrical: Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack features an 80 Ah 12 V battery and 36 Amp 12 V alternator. This battery properly powers all the electrical systems of the tractor.

Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack Price 2023

Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack price in India ranges from INR 8.10 lakhs* to INR 9.20 lakhs*. The price goes in the tractors above 9 lakhs category because of its advanced features. At Tractorkarvan, you can buy it at an easy EMI of INR 18,885. But it should be known that the on-road price for the tractor will vary based on numerous factors, such as government subsidies, RTO charges, road taxes, insurance costs, logistical costs, etc.

All of the aforementioned costs/charges will be calculated on the ex-showroom price to estimate the final on-road price properly. At Tractorkarvan, users can easily compare two tractor models using the compare tractors tool. These models include Massey Ferguson 245 SmartMassey Ferguson 245 DI, etc.

Why choose Tractorkarvan for Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack?

Tractorkarvan always works towards providing the best user experience to the farmers regarding tractors, and that's why the portal has created a vast catalogue of tractors. Users can quickly learn about a particular brand's model via tractor videos. You also get information on second-hand Massey Ferguson tractors and Massey Ferguson tractor dealers. The portal also offers tractor loans to farmers in need so that they can purchase their favourite tractor without any hassle. To know more, contact Tractorkarvan today!

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Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack Engine

No. Of Cylinder 3
HP Category 46 HP
Engine Type SIMPSONS S325.5 TIII A
Fuel Type Diesel

Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack Transmission

Clutch Dual
Gear Box Constant Mesh
Gear Speed 12 Forward + 12 Reverse
Forward Speed 34.5 KM/H
Brakes Oil Immersed Multi Disc Brakes

Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack Steering

Type Mechanical / Power Steering

Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack Power Take Off

PTO Speed Quadra PTO
RPM 540 RPM @ 1789 ERPM

Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack Fuel Capacity

Capacity 55 Litres

Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack Hydraulics

Lifting Capacity 2050 KG
3 point Linkage Category I

Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack Tyre Size

Wheel Drive 2WD
Front 6.00 X 16
Rear 14.9 X 28

Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack Dimensions And Weight

Total Weight 2010 kg
Wheel Base 1935 mm
Overall Length 3650 mm
Overall Width 1760 mm

Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack Electrical

Battery 80 Ah, 12 V
Alternator 36 Amp, 12 V

Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack Other Information

Driver Seat Adjustable Seat
Accessories Tools, Bumper, Ballast Weight, Top Link, Canopy
Additional Features 2-in-1 VersaTech Front Axle for Extendable Wheelbase, Super Shuttle, Adjustable Hitch, Stylish Bumper, Push Type Pedals, Adjustable Seat, Oil Pipe Kit, Telescopic Stabilizer

TractorKarvan Take On Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack

Good Things
  • Front Axle: Offers extendable wheelbase for efficient field and haulage applications.
  • Telescopic Stabiliser: Ensures better control over tractor implements.
  • Looks: Appealing design for young farmers, including a stylish bumper.
  • Comfort: Equipped with several features for operator’s comfort, like adjustable seat and push-type pedals.
Could be Better
  • Could have provided CAT II 3-point linkage for compatibility with a broader range of implements.

Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack Verdict By TractorKarvan

Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack has a powerful 46 HP engine, ensuring efficient and productive field operations. It boasts a plethora of modern features that enhance usability and functionality. Moreover, this model efficiently handles heavy-duty tasks while optimising fuel consumption. With its high lifting capacity, you can efficiently operate heavy implements to enhance farm productivity. Overall, this tractor promises a seamless farming experience.

Product Review By TractorKarvan


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Frequently Asked Questions on Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack

1. What is the price of Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack in India 2023?

The price in India ranges between INR 8.10 lakhs* to INR 9.20 lakhs*.

Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack HP (horsepower) is 46 HP.

The Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack tractor has a total weight of 2010 kg.

The Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack tractor has a 2-wheel drive setup.

The Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack tractor has a 2700 cc engine.

Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack has a fuel capacity of 55 litres.

Massey Ferguson 246 Dynatrack has a maximum lifting capacity of 2050 kg.

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