Brand Sonalika Tractors
No. Of Cylinders 3
HP Category 42 HP
Gear Box Constant Mesh
Brakes Oil Immersed Brakes

Key Specifications Of Sonalika DI 42 4WD

Tractor HP
Tractor HP
42 HP
Wheel Drive
Wheel Drive
Gear Box
Gear Box
Constant Mesh
Mechanical/Power Steering
Lifting capacity
Lifting capacity

About Sonalika DI 42 4WD

Sonalika DI 42 4WD price in India ranges from INR 5 lakhs* to INR 7 lakhs*. Sonalika DI 42 4WD HP is 42 horsepower rated at an engine RPM of 1800. Sonalika DI 42 4WD gear pattern is 8 forward plus 2 reverse gears.

Sonalika is one of the topmost tractor brands in India, manufacturing tractors since 1996. The brand's latest 4WD tractor model in the tractors under 50 HP range is Sonalika DI 42 4WD. It is manufactured with modern technology and the latest features, which can perform difficult agricultural operations with ease. This 4WD model is specially designed to work on uneven agricultural lands in India. The tractor's engine power is 42, which ensures optimum performance and effective performance in all types of agricultural lands. Moreover, the Sonalika DI 42 4WD price is economical. The customers will get limited 4WD tractor models in the tractors under 7 lakhs range. That's why it is a preferred choice of Indian farmers. Go through the below sections to learn more about this tractor.

Sonalika DI 42 4WD Key Features


  • The Sonalika DI 42 4WD horsepower is 42 HP, and it features a 3-cylinder diesel engine. This makes the tractor capable of performing commercial as well as regular agricultural tasks, and the 3-cylinder offers significant fuel efficiency.
  • Its engine-rated RPM is 1800, which is an ideal engine RPM for a tractor in this category. The RPM indicates the tractor's capability to perform various farming tasks such as pulling loads, ploughing and tilling.
  • The tractor also features an oil bath air filter with an air cleaner, which allow only clean air to enter the engine for smooth functioning and prevents entry of unwanted particles present in the air.


  • This Sonalika 4WD tractor comes with a single/dual clutch. The dual clutch offers the comfort of separately handling the transmission and the implement with a single lever.
  • The tractor's transmission system includes a constant mesh gearbox, where all the gears are in the constant mesh, which allows for a smoother shifting of gears.
  • It is equipped with 8 Forward + 2 Reverse gear speeds. These variations in speed allow the operator to select the most suitable speed as per the requirement of the task.
  • The gear lever of this tractor is positioned at the side shift. This side shift of gear allows for wider legroom for the operator and increases the surrounding visibility.

Power Take-Off (PTO)

  • Sonalika DI 42 4WD has a PTO speed of 540 RPM or reverse PTO. It is a standard PTO speed, and the PTO can be operated in both forward and reverse directions, such as in mowers or rotary tillers.
  • With this standard PTO speed, the tractor can operate PTO-driven implements like Thresher and Check Basin Former.


  • Sonalika DI 42 4WD has a lifting capacity of 2000 kg. This heavy lifting capacity allows the tractor to lift a wide range of implements, such as a Disc Harrow and Cutter Mixer Feeder, that are operated using hydraulics. This allows the tractor to handle heavy loads and improves its versatility.

Brakes and Steering

  • The tractor is equipped with oil-immersed multi-disc brakes, which allow the operator to break efficiently and prevent any overheating due to lubrication from oil.
  • It comes with mechanical/power steering. The power steering offers a greater advantage in reducing the overall efforts of the operator during the steering process.

Sonalika DI 42 4WD Additional Features

  • Wheel drive: Sonalika DI 42 4WD is a four-wheel drive tractor where the power is transferred to all four tyres. This also makes the model robust and prevents slippage in wet soil conditions.
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: This Sonalika 4WD tractor has 55 litres of fuel tank capacity. The large fuel tank ensures long working hours without refuelling.
  • Tyres: The size of the Sonalika DI 42 4WD rear tyres measure 13.6 X 28, which is an ideal tyre size.

Sonalika DI 42 4WD Price in India 2023

The Sonalika DI 42 4WD price in India ranges from INR 5 lakhs* to INR 7 lakhs*. Users can purchase this tractor at easy EMIs on Tractorkarvan. The final on-road Sonalika DI 42 4WD price may differ from the price range offered here because the final price consists of many additional costs, such as RTO, insurance, road taxes, etc. Users can get the on-road price of this tractor by contacting Tractorkarvan.

Tractorkarvan also provides a compare tractor tool, which can be used to compare prices and specifications of different tractor models. Some models in the similar HP range include Sonalika Sikander DI 35 HDMSonalika DI 35, and many others.

Why Choose Tractorkarvan for Sonalika DI 42 4WD?

If you want to purchase the best Sonalika tractor under 50 HP range, then you have reached the right platform. Tractorkarvan provides genuine information on all tractor brands and models and helps users choose the right tractor according to their farming needs. You can also watch tractors videos on Tractorkarvan to learn more about tractors. Whether you want to purchase a new or second-hand Sonalika tractor, Tractorkarvan is ready to help. You must explore the Sonalika tractor dealers list offering new and used Sonalika tractors in your area.

Moreover, Tractorkarvan also offers affordable tractor loans for farmers looking to buy their favourite Sonalika tractor. Users need to contact Tractorkarvan to resolve their tractor and loan-related queries.

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Sonalika DI 42 4WD Engine

No. Of Cylinders 3
HP Category 42 HP
Engine Rated RPM 1800 RPM
Air Filter Oil Bath with Pre-Cleaner
Fuel Type Diesel

Sonalika DI 42 4WD Transmission

Clutch Single/Dual
Gear Box Constant Mesh
Gear Speed 8 Forward + 2 Reverse
Gear Lever Position Side Shift
Brakes Oil Immersed Brakes

Sonalika DI 42 4WD Steering

Type Mechanical/Power Steering

Sonalika DI 42 4WD Power Take Off

PTO Speed 540 RPM, RPTO

Sonalika DI 42 4WD Fuel Capacity

Capacity 55 Litres

Sonalika DI 42 4WD Hydraulics

Lifting capacity 2000 kg

Sonalika DI 42 4WD Tyre Size

Wheel Drive 4WD
Rear 13.6 X 28

Sonalika DI 42 4WD Variants

There are 7 Variants of Sonalika DI 42 4WD available on Tractorkarvan with complete specification and prices.

TractorKarvan Take On Sonalika DI 42 4WD

Good Things
  • Wheel drive: The model is a 4-wheel drive which ensures less slippage and improved stability.
  • PTO: It has a PTO speed of 540 RPM and is also equipped with reverse PTO.
  • Engine: It has a 42 HP, 3-cylinder engine, which offers fuel-efficient powerful performance.
Could be Better
  • The brand could have offered the option of double clutch also.

Sonalika DI 42 4WD Verdict

Sonalika DI 42 4WD offers a fuel-efficient and powerful engine which is capable of handling demanding tasks. It can also handle various implements to effectively complete agricultural tasks. The model is aimed to deliver on the daily farming needs of Indian farmers. In addition to the brand trust, this model is a four-wheel drive which makes it more powerful and helps work in any terrain conditions. One can easily go with this model if they want an affordable tractor for their regular farming requirements.

Product review by TractorKarvan

Power & Performance
PTO & Hydraulics
Design & Styling

Sonalika DI 42 4WD User Reviews

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Suitable Tyres


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Sonalika Tractor Dealers & Service Centers

Rahmani Market, M A K Azad Chowk Zero Mile, Araria, Araria, Bihar - 854311
Contact Dealer
Main Road Jhansi Rani Chowk, Kishanganj, Kishanganj, Bihar - 855101
Contact Dealer
Palasi Near Durga Mandir, Araria, Araria, Bihar - 854318
Contact Dealer
Main Road Balua Kaliyanganj, Araria, Araria, Bihar - 854333
Contact Dealer
Sisouna, Zeromile, Araria, Araria, Bihar - 854311
Contact Dealer
NH-31, Maranga, Purnia East, Purnia, Bihar - 854301
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Frequently Asked Questions On Sonalika DI 42 4WD

1. What is the price of Sonalika DI 42 4WD in India 2024?

Sonalika DI 42 4WD price in India 2024 ranges from INR 5 lakhs* to INR 7 lakhs*.

Sonalika DI 42 4WD horsepower is 42 HP.

Sonalika DI 42 4WD lifting capacity is 2000 kg.

Sonalika DI 42 4WD has 55 litres of fuel tank capacity.

Tractorkarvan provides the latest information on Sonalika DI 42 4WD.

Yes, you can buy Sonalika DI 42 4WD on EMI at Tractorkarvan.


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