Sonalika Sikander RX 50 4WD

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Brand Sonalika Tractors
Series Sikander Series Tractors
No. Of Cylinder 3
HP Category HP range 52
Gear Box Constant Mesh
Brakes Oil Immersed Multi Disc Brakes

Key Specifications of Sonalika Sikander RX 50 4WD

Tractor HP
Tractor HP
52 HP
Wheel Drive
Wheel Drive
Gear Box
Gear Box
Constant Mesh
Power Steering
Lifting capacity
Lifting capacity
2200 KG

About Sonalika Sikander RX 50 4WD

Sonalika RX 50 Sikander price is within an affordable range in India. Sonalika RX 50 Sikander HP is noted to be 52 horsepower. The Sikander RX 47 engine capacity is 3065 cc, and the gear pattern consists of 8 forward and 2 reverse gears.

Sonalika plans to lead India’s agro-industry with its robust line of tractors. Sonalika is already satisfying more than 11 lakh farmers worldwide and plans on reaching further heights in the future. Sonalika has now come up with Sikander RX 50 4WD in its Sikander series. Its high torque, 4-wheel drive system, and powerful engine perform best in all conditions.

Sonalika Sikander RX 50 4WD is your best buddy in the tractors under 60 HP category for hassle-free farming activities. Let us look at this model's specs and the Sonalika 50 HP 4WD tractor price so you have all the necessary information before buying it.

Sonalika Sikander RX 50 4WD Top Specifications

Engine & Performance

  • This latest tractor has an engine that produces a power output of 52 HP. More power makes the tractor more versatile because it can manage a wider range of tasks and implement types.
  • This Sonalika Sikander has a 3-cylinder engine with a capacity of 3065 cc, ensuring the highest level of performance on the field. Tractors with high cc engines generate more power and torque to tackle demanding agricultural tasks.
  • The engine-rated RPM of this Sonalika model is 2000 RPM. This ideal RPM allows the tractor to exhibit better performance while being fuel efficient.
  •  It has a maximum torque of 210 Nm. High torque offers greater pulling or towing power necessary for operating large tractor implements.
  • The air cleaner is Dry type with a Pre-cleaner and clogging sensor. This air filter ensures no debris or dust enters the engine so that better engine performance can be accomplished.
  • This model comes with a liquid-cooled cooling system. It ensures the engine operates at optimal temperature without damaging its components.


  • This Sonalika model has a dual clutch. With this clutch, the gear shifting becomes more seamless and quicker.
  • It comes equipped with a constant mesh gearbox. This gearbox makes it easier for the operator to shift gears without causing excessive wear.
  • Sonalika RX 50 4WD gear pattern features 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. These gears allow changing the tractor’s speed to suit different farm operations and field conditions.
  • The forward speed for this model is 2.56 to 36.58 kmph. This top speed makes it a good option for haulage work.
  • Its gear lever position is Side Shift. This gear lever is easy to reach and thus enables comfortable gear shifting.


  • This tractor can lift 2200 kg, making it more versatile as it can handle a wider range of hydraulic implements. Examples include Laser Land Leveler and Cutter Mixer Feeder.
  • The model has a 1 double-acting hydraulic auxiliary valve. It makes the operation of hydraulic implements easier, like lifting trolleys.

Brakes & Steering

  • The brakes are oil-immersed multidisc, giving you top-notch braking performance and heat dissipation during field operations.
  • This model has a power steering system. It enables quick, easy manoeuvring by requiring lesser steering effort.

Weight & Dimensions

  • Sikander RX 50 4WD tractor weight is 2260 kg. Due to ideal weight distribution, the tractor offers stability and proper manoeuvrability.
  • The model has a wheelbase of 2130 mm. This makes it a highly stable tractor to run on any surface.
  • This tractor measures 3600-3630 mm in length and 1810-1825 mm in width. These dimensions ensure stability during operation, mainly on sloping or uneven terrain.

Wheel Drive & Tyres

  • This model comes in a 4-wheel drive variant. The key benefits of a 4WD tractor include improved traction, increased pulling power and stability.
  • Its front tyres are known to measure 8.3 x 20, while the rear tyres measure 14.9 x 28. With these tractor tyres, you get an improved grip on all terrains.

Sonalika Sikander RX 50 4WD Additional Features

  • Big tractors such as the Sonalika RX 50 4WD are expected to have a large turning radius, but this is not the case with this model. You can easily turn and move through your field with the low turning radius that this tractor features without causing any damage to your crops.
  • It is designed so well that the tractor’s weight ensures good traction and less slippage.
  • It has an ergonomic steering design, a next-generation seat, a CCS wide platform, and a heavy-duty sealed axle.
  • This model has a digital instrument cluster, ensuring you have no problem operating in the dark.
  • It can hold 55 litres of fuel. It ensures you can work long, productive working hours in your field.
  • The PTO RPM of Sonalika RX 50 4WD is measured at 540 RPM. It offers RPM of 540 RPM @ 1680 ERPM, which is enough to operate a variety of PTO-driven implements like Roto Seed Drill and Power Harrow.

Sonalika Sikander RX 50 4WD Price in India 2023

The Sonalika RX 50 Sikander price falls within an affordable range. You get industry-leading features with this model. Remember to check the ex-showroom Sonalika DI 50 RX Sikander price to see how the price varies in different states. The on-road Sonalika DI 50 RX price may differ due to the RTO charges, road taxes and subsidies.

The Compare Tractors tool can compare the Sonalika 50 RX price and other features with similar horsepower models like the Sonalika Sikander DI 50 DLX 12+12 and Sonalika Sikander RX 50.

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Sonalika Sikander RX 50 4WD Engine

No. Of Cylinder 3
HP Category HP range 52
Engine Rated RPM 2000 RPM
Max Torque 210 Nm
Capacity CC 3065 CC
Air Filter Dry Type with Pre Cleaner & Clogging Sensor
Cooling System Liquid Cooled
Fuel Type Diesel

Sonalika Sikander RX 50 4WD Transmission

Clutch Dual
Gear Box Constant Mesh
Gear Speed 8 Forward + 2 Reverse
Forward Speed 2.56 to 36.58 KM/H
Gear Lever Position Side Shift
Brakes Oil Immersed Multi Disc Brakes

Sonalika Sikander RX 50 4WD Steering

Type Power Steering

Sonalika Sikander RX 50 4WD Power Take Off

PTO Speed 540 RPM
RPM 540 RPM @ 1680 ERPM

Sonalika Sikander RX 50 4WD Fuel Capacity

Capacity 55 Litres

Sonalika Sikander RX 50 4WD Hydraulics

Lifting Capacity 2200 KG
Remote / Auxillary Valve Dual

Sonalika Sikander RX 50 4WD Tyre Size

Wheel Drive 4WD
Front 8.30 X 20
Rear 14.9 X 28

Sonalika Sikander RX 50 4WD Dimensions And Weight

Total Weight 2260 kg
Wheel Base 2130 mm
Overall Length 3600 mm
Overall Width 1810 mm

Sonalika Sikander RX 50 4WD Other Information

Driver Seat Next Generation Driver Seat
Accessories Tools, Bumper, Ballast Weight, Top Link, Canopy
Additional Features Adjustable Front Axle, Low Turning Radius, Fully Sealed Axle

Sonalika Sikander RX 50 4WD Variants

TractorKarvan Take On Sonalika Sikander RX 50 4WD

Good Things
  • Engine: A big HDM engine to produce greater power output and torque.
  • Comfort: Ensures operator’s comfort with next-generation seat and CCS wide platform.
  • DCV: Comes with company-fitted DCV to easily lift trolleys.
  • Feature-rich: Offers a variety of helpful features like a bigger fuel tank, digital instrument cluster and finger touch operating Exso-sensing hydraulics.
Could be Better
  • Could have offered a double clutch variant for smoother and quicker gear changes.

Sonalika Sikander RX 50 4WD Verdict By TractorKarvan

Sonalika Sikander RX 50 4WD comes fitted with a powerful engine that produces greater horsepower and torque. This makes it capable of effectively carrying out a wide range of agricultural tasks. As it is a four-wheel drive tractor, it comes with better traction and stability. Also, its fuel-efficient engine will help farmers save on operational costs. Its hydraulic system is reliable and can lift heavy loads and operate big implements. It is the best option for farmers looking for a robust and durable tractor for their farming.

Product Review By TractorKarvan


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Ye ek kifayati tractor sabit hua hai
Ye tractor maine 500 ghante chala liya hai. 2018 me khareeda tha. upkaran ki bat kare to maine ispe rotavator cultivator aur threser chala ke dekha hai or ye sthir rehke inhe chala leta hai. isse badi madad hoti hai. paise ke hisab se ye ek kifayati tractor sabit hua hai
6 months ago | Akbar Mohd
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Frequently Asked Questions on Sonalika Sikander RX 50 4WD

1. What is the on-road price of Sonalika Sikander RX 50 4WD in India 2023?

The on-road Sonalika Sikander RX 50 4WD price is affordable in India.

Sonalika Sikander RX 50 4WD HP is 52 horsepower.

Sonalika Sikander RX 50 4WD gear pattern consists of 8 Forward + 2 Reverse gears.

The updated information on Sonalika Sikander RX 50 4WD is provided on Tractorkarvan.

Sonalika Sikander RX 50 4WD has a fuel tank capacity of 55 litres.

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