इन दोनों मिनी ट्रैक्टर्स में कौन है ज्यादा दमदार | Captain 223 8G 4WD or 283 8G 4WD

27 Dec 2023

Captain tractors are famous for manufacturing mini tractor . In this video we will compare two specific model of Captain one is Captain 223 8G 4WD and other one is Captain 283 8G 4WD. Both tractors are mini tractor and 4WD. Know Captain mini tractors price in India. Let's Check its specific features.
Captain 223 8G 4WD 
👉22 HP
👉Sliding mesh
👉952 CC
Captain 283 8G 4WD 
👉27 HP
👉Sliding Mesh
👉1318 CC

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