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Are you looking to sell your used tractor? Do you need help getting a buyer for your second-hand tractor? Are you looking for a reasonable price for your used tractor? If any of these questions bother you, you have come to the right place, Tractorkarvan. We are a digital platform for buying and selling second-hand tractors of any brand, type, condition, and year. Moreover, you can get a fair price for your used tractor. All you need to do is visit our website, fill in your details and get listed.
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TractorKarvan is best place to sell your tractor

The second-hand tractor market is huge in India. Many farmers either want to buy second-hand tractors or wish to sell their old tractors. Farmers would like to sell their old tractors for various reasons. The main reason is money. But the problem is getting a platform that helps you realize the best possible price for your used tractor, and you can sell your old tractor hassle-free.

With years of experience in second-hand tractors, we can help you unlock the best possible money on Tractorkarvan. You can easily buy used tractors and sell used tractors online of any popular brands, such as used Mahindra tractors and used Swaraj tractors, on our website.

Why the Need to Sell Used Tractors?

Selling or retiring a second-hand tractor is a critical decision for a farmer. There may be a host of reasons to sell used tractors. Farmers sell second-hand tractors to either liquidate the existing farm inventory or upgrade to a new tractor equipped with the latest advanced technology. But in any case, you would want to sell your used tractor to realize the most money possible, and you rightly deserve the best price for your old tractor. But before that, you need to remember certain things before selling the old tractor.

Points to Consider Before Selling Second-Hand Tractors

You would want to sell your used tractor at a higher price. But you need to know the best way. Here, we will tell you specific points you must take care of before selling your used tractor.

Clean Your Used Tractor

As the saying goes, "first impression is the best impression." So, to impress the users and realize higher value, ensure that you clean your tractor before listing it for sale. And, of course, we also mean a clean image of your used tractor.

Quick Fix Your Old Tractor

You might have been maintaining your tractor in the best possible way, and your tractor might be in good working condition. But still, do ensure to give a quick check for any quick fix required, such as some broken parts, oil leakages, etc. A well-maintained tractor usually fetches a higher price.

Keep the Maintenance Record

Maintaining the tractor in good working condition is necessary. But you must keep the maintenance record to fetch a higher price for your second-hand tractor. It helps increase the user's trust and fetch more money for your old tractor.

Submit Original Documents

Documents are critical in establishing good connections with potential users to whom you would be selling your old tractor. Always submit original documents such as tractor purchase invoices, tractor registration certificates, etc. It will help you get the best amount for your old tractor.

How Do I Sell Tractors to Farmers on Tractorkarvan?

To sell your old tractor to farmers, you must first list yourself as a seller on Tractorkarvan. Follow the steps given below to enlist yourself as a seller of your used tractors:

  • Visit the sell used tractor page on Tractorkarvan.
  • Enter your name and mobile number.
  • Select the brand name of the tractor that you want to sell.
  • Select the model name of your tractor from the dropdown.
  • Select the year in which you purchased your tractor.
  • Select your state, district, and tehsil to inform the buyer about your location.
  • Enter the number of hours your tractor operated on farmland.
  • Select the engine condition of your tractor from the given checkbox, viz., less than 25% (Poor), 25-50% (Average), 50-75% (Good), and more than 75% (Very Good).
  • Select the tyre condition of your tractor from the given box, viz., less than 25% (Poor), 25-50% (Average), 50-75% (Good), and more than 75% (Very Good).
  • Enter the price at which you want to sell your used tractor.
  • Enter at least two images of your used tractor.

Now, you are all set to be listed as a verified seller on Tractorkarvan after our tractor experts approve your details.

Advantages of Selling Second-Hand Tractor on Tractorkarvan

There are many advantages and benefits of selling your old tractors on Tractorkarvan, and these are listed below:

  • You get actual market value for your second-hand tractor.
  • Availability of free 24x7 customer care service after you get listed as a seller of a used tractor.
  • Instant sharing of your details with genuine buyers.
  • Avail of all these services free of any charge.
  • Get a real-time notification if any buyer is interested in your listed old tractor for sale.

Frequently Asked Questions on Sell Used Tractor

1. How to sell my used tractor to buyers instantly on Tractorkarvan?

You can sell your used tractor on Tractorkarvan in just few clicks. It is convenient and easy to get listed and find a genuine buyer through our website.

The benefits of selling your old tractor at Tractorkarvan includes better price, genuine buyers, free of charge services and 24X7 customer support.

Tractorkarvan is a trusted in the online tractor market and you can safely sell your old tractors.

Visit Tractorkarvan or contact us after listing your used tractor to know the status.

You can sell used tractors of all top brands on Tractorkarvan.

You need to clean your used tractor, quick fix any issues, and keep your original documents handy before putting it for sale on Tractorkarvan.

Disclaimer: Tractorkarvan is a platform for individuals and businesses to buy and sell used tractors. We are not part of, or intend to be part of, any transactions between buyers and sellers. We do not endorse any product, nor do we guarantee the accuracy of any information provided on the portal. The parties involved are solely responsible to perform the due diligence and verify the information given on the portal. Do not making advance payments to the seller before seeing the tractor. We are not responsible or shall be held liable for any losses, or liabilities arising from your use of Tractorkarvan for any transactions made.


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