Compare Shaktiman Mini 100 VS Shaktiman UH56

VS Shaktiman Mini 100 Implement
Shaktiman Mini 100
Shaktiman UH56 Implement
Shaktiman UH56


Brand Shaktiman Shaktiman
Implement Type Rotavator Rotavator
Category Tillage Tillage
Model Name Mini 100 UH56
Implement Power 15-25 HP 40-55 HP


Overall Length 1206 mm 1655 mm
Overall Width 670 mm 1055 mm
Overall Height 949 mm 795 mm
Working Width 1070 mm 1500 mm
Tractor Power 15-25 HP 40-55 HP
PTO Power 13-22 HP 34-47 HP
3 Point Hitch CAT-I CAT-I/II
Frame Offset 7 mm
No of L Blades 20 36
No of C Blades 36
Side Transmission Type Chain / Gear Gear
Rotor Shaft Speed at 540 rpm 244/215 rpm 241 rpm
Max. Working Depth 120 mm 140 mm
Rotor Tube Diameter 73 mm 89 mm
Rotor Swing Diameter 412 mm 480 mm
Blade Type Curved / Square Curved
Driveline Safety Device Shear Bolt Slip Clutch
Weight 177 kg 359 kg
PTO Input 540 rpm

Shaktiman Mini 100 VS Shaktiman UH56 Comparison

Want to compare Shaktiman Mini 100 and Shaktiman UH56. Find out the best Implement model according to your requirements. The Shaktiman Mini 100 is compatible with 15-25 HP tractor, and Shaktiman UH56 is compatible with 40-55 HP tractor. The Shaktiman Mini 100 overall length is 1206 mm, and Shaktiman UH56 overall length is 1655 mm. Talking about overall width, the Shaktiman Mini 100 has a width of 670 mm, and the Shaktiman UH56 has a width of 1055 mm. With respect to height, the Shaktiman Mini 100 measures 670 mm, and the Shaktiman UH56 measures 1055 mm.
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Frequently Asked Questions on Shaktiman MINI 100 VS Shaktiman UH56

1. Which among the two models Shaktiman Mini 100 and Shaktiman UH56 is best?

Both the implement models are the best and you can choose one as per your need and budget.

The Shaktiman Mini 100 require a 15-25 HP tractor and the Shaktiman UH56 require a 40-55 HP tractor.

You can get the updated information on both the implement models at Tractorkarvan.