Escorts Mini Tractors

Mini tractors or small tractors are famous among Indian farmers because of their affordability and applicability. 60+ small tractors from renowned brands like John Deere, Swaraj, Mahindra, Sonalika, Kubota, and more are available on the market. Here, we will be talking about Escorts mini tractors in brief.
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Escorts Mini Tractors Models

Powertrac Euro 30 4WD Tractor
Euro 30 4WD
30 HP 4WD
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Farmtrac Atom 30 Tractor
Atom 30
30 HP 4WD
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Powertrac Euro G28 4WD Tractor
Euro G28 4WD
28 HP 4WD
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Farmtrac Atom 26 Tractor
Atom 26
26 HP 4WD
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Farmtrac Atom 35 Tractor
Atom 35
35 HP 4WD
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Powertrac Euro 30 Tractor
Euro 30
30 HP 2WD
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More About Escorts Mini Tractor

Escorts mini tractors are among the best performing in the Under 30 HP category. They have advanced features, stylish and reliable for any field application. On Tractorkarvan, we have listed two mini tractor models of Escorts. These are Farmtrac ATOM 26 and Powertrac Euro G28 4WD. Both the mini tractors from Escorts Group are 4WD tractors. The Escorts mini tractors price in India 2022 ranges between INR 6.50 lakhs and INR 6.90 lakhs and are one of the best-priced tractors in the Under 7 lakh category.

Key Features of Escorts Mini Tractor

  • Available in 4WD category tractors only.
  • Stylish, modern, and based on international design.
  • They are compact yet powerful tractors.
  • Durable performance without overheating.
  • Fuel-efficient engines along with high traction.
  • Powerful lifting capacity and balanced power steering.
  • Multiple farm applications like vineyards and orchards.

Popular Escorts Mini Tractor Models

  • Farmtrac ATOM 26: It is a 4WD tractor with an engine generating 26 HP power. The EMI starts at INR 15,992 per month.
  • Powertrac Euro G28 4WD: It is also a 4WD tractor with 28 HP power. The starting EMI is INR 15,996 per month.

Escorts Mini Tractor Price in India 2022

Escorts Group is known for offering mini tractors with high value for money. It sells mini tractors under Farmtrac and Powertrac brand names. The Escorts Chhota tractor price in India ranges from INR 6.50 lakhs to INR 6.90 lakhs. For reference, we have provided the Escorts mini tractor price list in India 2022 on Tractorkarvan.

You can also buy Escorts mini tractors on a loan facility offered at Tractorkarvan. You can pay back on easy EMIs without burdening yourself in one go. The monthly EMI start at INR 15,992.

Why Tractorkarvan for Escorts Mini Tractors?

Tractorkarvan is a one-stop destination for buying mini tractors of all top brands in India. For your convenience, we have made a separate page on Escorts mini tractors, where you can find all the curated information related to specifications and the prices of Escorts mini tractors.

We also offer a loan facility on easy EMIs if you want to avoid overburdening yourself. You can also purchase a second-hand Escorts tractor, including mini tractors, within your income limit.

To make your search easy for an Escorts tractor, including Escorts mini tractors, in your locality, we have provided an exhaustive list of Escorts tractor dealers on Tractorkarvan.

Explore Tractorkarvan today to get the best deal on Escorts mini tractors, their specifications, customer reviews, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions On Escorts Mini Tractors

1. What is the HP power of Escorts mini tractors?

The Escorts mini tractors are available in the 21 – 30 HP category.

Farmtrac ATOM 26 and Powertrac Euro G28 4WD are the most popular mini tractors from Escorts Group.

The Escorts mini tractor price across India ranges from INR 6.50 lakhs to INR 6.90 lakhs.

You can find the updated information on Escorts mini tractors on Tractorkarvan.

You can buy the Escorts mini tractors on easy EMIs at Tractorkarvan.


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