Akshaya Agri CLRT09 Cultivator Implement

Akshaya Agri CLRT09

Brand Akshaya Agri
Implement Type Cultivator
Category Tillage
Model Name CLRT09
Tractor Power 45-50 HP

About Akshaya Agri CLRT09

The Akshaya Agri CLRT09 Cultivator price in India 2023 is affordable, and it is compatible with 45-50 HP range tractors.

Akshaya Agri CLRT09 Cultivator is one of the most used cultivators on farms. A cultivator implement is a tillage implement designed to break the lump of soil on the soil surface and destroy weeds. It is widely used, affordable and comes in various models. The model CLRT09 Cultivator price on the market is available at an affordable range. It is fit for tractors with a power output of 45-50 HP.

Akshaya Agri CLRT09 Cultivator Top Specifications

This Akshaya Agri cultivator model comprising 9 tynes is a simple, economical, and effective cultivator machine. Its specifications are given below:

  • Length and Weight: The overall length is 750 mm, and the weight of the cultivator is 210 kg.
  • Working Width: It has a working width of 1820 mm.
  • Tynes: The number of tynes is 9.
  • Three Point Linkage: It is equipped with 3-point linkage of category II.
  • Cultivator compatibility: It is compatible with tractors of the 45-50 horsepower category, such as Mahindra Yuvo 575 DI 4WD and Kubota MU 4501 4WD.

Akshaya Agri CLRT09 Cultivator Unique Features

This cultivator model, CLRT09 from Akshaya Agri implements, offers great features that make it efficient to use and easy to operate for farmers. Some of the top features are listed below:

  • With a depth of 9 inches, the cultivator effectively loosens and aerates the soil.
  • The precisely engineered tynes guarantee efficient land penetration by the tiller while minimizing the tractor's workload.
  • Specially built for the most challenging tasks, this robust tiller is well-suited for different soil types.
  • By pulverizing the topsoil and removing stubbles, it prepares the ground thoroughly for seeding.

Akshaya Agri CLRT09 Cultivator Advantages

Akshaya Agri CLRT09, with its unique features, immensely benefits farmers. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • It serves the purpose of aerating soil by forming small trenches, which facilitate better water and air penetration into the soil's deeper layers.
  • This model is a versatile tool capable of mixing fertilisers into the soil, thereby enhancing soil quality and promoting healthier crop growth.
  • It helps incorporate cover crops into the soil, leading to enhanced soil health and reduced erosion risks.
  • This cultivator saves time and labour costs ensuring greater savings for farmers.
  • It is economical, effective, simple, and easy to operate.

Akshaya Agri CLRT09 Cultivator Price in India 2023

The Akshaya Agri CLRT09 Cultivator price is budget friendly and easily fits the pocket of small and marginal farmers of India. Here at Tractorkarvan, be assured that you will get the best price that will make your farming profitable.

You can even use compare implements features to check the affordability of the Akshaya Agri CLRT09 Cultivator with other models like Lemken Achat 70 - 3/6 and  Landforce Rigid (Std Duty) CVS11RA.

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Key Specifications of Akshaya Agri CLRT09

No. of Tynes 9
Shovels 8 mm (EN-42) mm
3 Point Linkage CAT - II
Overall Length 750
Overall Width 2100 mm
Overall Height 965 mm
Working Width 1820 mm
Weight 210 kg
Tractor Power 45-50 HP

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Tractor Implement By Akshaya Agri

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Frequently Asked Questions on Akshaya Agri CLRT09

1. What is the price of the Akshaya Agri CLRT09 Cultivator?

The Akshaya Agri CLRT09 price is in the affordable range.

The CLRT09 Cultivator from Akshaya Agri is compatible with 45-50 HP tractors.

The overall weight and length of the Akshaya Agri CLRT09 cultivator are 210 kg and 750 mm, respectively.

Yes, you can buy the Akshaya Agri CLRT09 Cultivator on EMI from Tractorkarvan.

The working width of Akshaya Agri CLRT09 is 1820 mm.

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