Latest Tractors in India

The latest tractor price in India 2024 ranges from INR 3 lakhs* to INR 20 lakhs*. The latest tractor HP ranges from 20 HP to 110 HP. The new tractor model launched in Indian market in 2023 are Powertrac Euro 30, Swaraj Target 625, Captain 200 DI LS, and Swaraj Target 630.
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Latest Tractors

Get the Latest Tractors in India

The latest tractors are the ones that are equipped with innovative technology, advanced features, modern solutions, etc. Nowadays, modern tractors come with advanced specifications and the latest technology.

Farmers must upgrade their tractors with the latest ones to improve their productivity. They can choose their preferred model from different top tractor brands in India, such as Mahindra tractors, Sonalika tractors, Swaraj tractors, John Deere tractors, etc.

Tractorkarvan offers more than 240 latest and advanced tractors of different brands with complete information such as innovative features and prices. These tractor models are available in the 20 HP to 110 HP range. Moreover, the latest tractors list in India consists of utility tractors, mini tractors, and many more.

Some latest tractor models in India are Sonalika Maharaja DI 745 III, Mahindra Arjun Novo 605 DI-I, Swaraj 963 FE, Swaraj Code etc.

Latest Tractor Price in India

The latest tractor price list ranges from INR 3 lakhs* to INR 20 lakhs*. Most tractor models available in this price range come with modern agriculture solutions. The price can be easily converted into monthly EMIs with the help of Tractorkarvan to relieve the farmers from facing a burden at once. Additionally, the latest tractor price list suits every farmer, from commercial to marginal farmers.

Latest Mini Tractor in India with Price

Tractorkarvan offers you the list of the latest mini tractors that fall in the 11 to 36 HP range and help to complete different farming works. Low-budget farmers mostly prefer small tractors. That is why the price of mini tractors is fixed according to the budget of marginal farmers so that they can afford them and complete their agricultural needs.

Some mini tractor models, according to their HP and price, are given below:

  • Swaraj Code: It is the first tractor with an engine power of 11.1 HP. It is the smallest mini tractor in India, with an affordable price range.
  • John Deere 3028 EN: It is a 28 HP tractor, and the John Deere 3028 EN cost ranges from INR 7.00 lakhs* to INR 7.50 lakhs*.
  • Mahindra JIVO 245 DI 4WD: It is a 24 HP tractor, and the price of Mahindra Jivo 245 DI 4WD ranges from INR 6.00 lakhs* to INR 6.40 lakhs*.
  • Eicher 188: It is an 18 HP tractor, and the cost of Eicher 188 ranges from INR 2.90 lakhs* to INR 3.30 lakhs*.

Latest Utility Tractor in India with Price

Utility tractors are famous for delivering thriving farming. These tractors fall in the 40+ HP range. Utility tractors are equipped with innovative technology and specially designed for complicated farming work. That is why the need for utility tractors is increasing day by day. The latest utility tractors can easily load heavy implements.

Most Popular & Latest Utility Tractor with Price

John Deere 5405 Gear Pro Trem III: John Deere 5405 Gear Pro Trem III is a 63 HP tractor with price ranges between INR 9.70 lakhs* to INR 12.90 lakhs*.

  • Swaraj 969 FE: It is a 65 HP tractor, and the price of Swaraj 969 FE lies between INR 10.30 lakhs* to INR 11.70 lakhs*.
  • New Holland 5630 Tx Plus 4WD: It is a 75 HP tractor. The cost of New Holland 5630 TX Plus 4WD ranges from INR 13.30 lakhs* to INR 13.40 lakhs*.

For further information about the latest utility tractors and mini tractors, customers can check the latest tractor section and choose their favourite one according to the brand, price, and HP.

Explore Tractorkarvan for Latest Tractors

The latest tractors section on Tractorkarvan offers all the details of the latest tractors in India. This section provides information regarding the new model tractor launched in India in 2023, along with their specifications, price, warranty, and mileage.

Tractorkarvan provides updated information about all the new tractors in India that recently came to market or will be coming to the market. The tractors could be of any type, such as utility tractors, 4WD tractors, mini tractors, and many more. Here, users will get every single update of the latest tractors and technologies.

Users looking to upgrade their old tractor with a modern tractor can take the help of Tractorkarvan. The latest tractor section on Tractorkarvan contains everything that can clear the doubts of every user regarding the latest tractor models in India. The users can even compare their favourite tractor with the new model tractor to ensure whether they change their old tractor or not.

Tractorkarvan helps its users select the ideal tractor from the latest tractor section according to their requirements and budget. The information provided on Tractorkarvan is 100% reliable and genuine. Keep exploring Tractorkarvan for further updates regarding new model tractors launched in India.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Latest Tractors

1. What is the price range of a new model tractor in India?

The new model tractor price range in India is INR 3 lakhs* to INR 20 lakhs*.

Swaraj Code is the best lowest-priced new model tractor in India.

Massey Ferguson 245 Smart, Sonalika DI 750III, Farmtrac 60 PowerMaxx, etc., are the highest-selling new model tractors in India.

The HP range of new model tractors is 20 to 110 horsepower.

Eicher 557 Prima G3, Eicher 380 Prima G3, Eicher 557 4WD Prima G3, and Eicher 380 4WD Prima G3 are the new tractor models available in India.

Sonalika CRDS series, Mahindra Yuvo Tech+, Massey Ferguson Magnatrak and Massey Ferguson Dynatrack series are the new tractor series launched in 2023.

240+ new tractor models are listed at Tractorkarvan.


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