Eicher 551
Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh Sold Out
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Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh
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49 HP
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Tyre Condition
26-50% (Average)
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Engine Condition
26-50% (Average)
Item Code UT1063

2020 Used Eicher 551 tractor in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh overview

Get all the correct information on second-hand tractors on Tractorkarvan. We provide the right information on their specification, price, working hours, tractor’s condition, year of purchase, and dealers/ seller names and locations.

There are many second-hand Eicher 551 tractor listed for sale on Tractorkarvan. Buy the second-hand Eicher 551 tractor at INR 318,731 in working and good condition at Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. This tractor has been purchased in the 2020 .

If you are interested and willing to buy the used Eicher 551 from a range of second-hand Eicher tractors available on Tractorkarvan, then you can contact us or directly contact the seller for Eicher 551. You can also connect with Tractorkarvan for your loan requirement to buy the Eicher 551 tractor.

Specifications of Eicher 551 at TractorKarvan

  • The engine power of Eicher 551 is 49 HP. It is one of the best 40 HP tractor.
  • It has a Partial Constant Mesh type of gearbox which enable smooth functioning of the tractor in all field conditions.
  • The lift capacity of the Eicher 551 is 2100 KG thus capable of handling all agriculture as well as non-agricultural tasks.
  • The Eicher 551 has Disc Brake / Oil Immersed Brakes (Optional) type of brakes.

Buy Eicher 551 tractor in good condition

Buy Used Eicher 551 tractor of 49 HP at the right INR 318,731 in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. The Used Eicher 551 tractor’s tyre condition is 26-50% (Average) ratio. Its engine condition is 26-50% (Average).

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the selling price of the second-hand Eicher 551 tractor in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh ?

The selling price of a used Eicher 551 tractor in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh is INR 318,731 It is one of the affordable tractors under 4 lakh rupee category.

The tyre condition is 26-50% (Average) ratio and the engine condition is 26-50% (Average) of the Eicher 551 tractor.

You can connect with the dealer/seller, Umesh Shukla directly or reach out to Tractorkarvan.

Some of the key specifications of the second-hand Eicher 551 tractor are good engine power of 49 HP, Partial Constant Mesh transmission gearbox and high lift capacity of 2100 KG.

Visit the Tractorkarvan website to get all the correct information about the price, specification, tractor’s condition and purchasing year of the used Eicher 551 tractor.

Disclaimer: Second-hand tractors Buy and Sell is a Peer-to-Peer information service. Tractorkarvan provides a digital platform to enable and support farmers and owners to buy / sell used second-hand tractors. Tractorkarvan makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that all information on second-hand tractors is accurate but is not responsible for information provided by Sellers/Dealers. Buyers should verify tractor condition, documents, and other information physically before making payment. Prices shown on Tractorkarvan are provided by sellers and does not include transportation, yard charges, document charges etc.


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