BKT 14.9-28 Commander (R)

Brand BKT Tyres
Model 14.9-28 Commander (R)
Vehicle Type Tractor
Position Rear Tyre
Size 14.90 X 28

BKT 14.9-28 Commander (R) Tractor Tyre - Overview

14.9-28 COMMANDER (R) is a rear tyre with a ply rating of 12. The BKT 14.9-28 COMMANDER (R) tyre has become popular because of its top quality and maximum grip.

BKT is a trusted company among farmers due to its long-lasting tyre quality. Tyres play a vital role in tractor mileage and performance on the farm. Therefore, special attention should be paid to features before buying any tyre. We are here to inform every farmer about the BKT tyres 14.9 28 price and features so that farmers can choose and buy the right tyres per their needs. 

BKT 14.9-28 COMMANDER (R) Tyres Key Features

  • Position: 14.9-28 COMMANDER (R) is a Rear Tyre. 
  • Tyre Width: The width of the BKT 14.9-28 COMMANDER (R) tyre is 14.9 inches. 
  • Inner Diameter (Rim Size): Inner diameter (Rim Size) of the 14.9-28 COMMANDER (R) tyre is 28 inches. 
  • Tyre Type: It is a Tube Type of tyre. 
  • PR (Ply Rating): The ply rating of tractor tyres is 12. 
  • Construction Type: It is a bias-ply tyre with nylon belts run at 30 to 45-degree angles with the tread line. 
  • Section Width: The section width of the tyre is 388 mm. 
  • Overall Diameter: The 14.9-28 COMMANDER (R) tractor tyre’s overall diameter is 1380 mm. 
  • SLR (Static Loaded Radius): The 14.9-28 COMMANDER (R) tyre SLR (Static Loaded Radius) is 645 mm. 
  • Maximum Load Capacity: The BKT 14.9-28 COMMANDER (R) tyre's maximum load capacity is 2120 kg. 

BKT Tyres 14.9 28 Price in India  

You can find all leading brand tyres on our platform. The BKT tyres 14.9 28 price in India is budget friendly and affordable to small as well as marginal farmers of India. Here at Tractorkarvan, you will get the best tyre at the best BKT tractor tyres 14.9 28 price. 

Why choose Tractorkarvan for BKT 14.9-28 COMMANDER (R) Tyres? 

We provide facilities for purchasing BKT 14.9-28 COMMANDER (R) tractor tyres on EMIs. Here, you can also get information about BKT tractor tyres 14.9 28 price, specifications, and much more. Not just that, you can even compare tyre of two different brands and their models to make a rational decision to buy the tyre of your choice. You can also search tractor tyres per your need on the portal. Visit the dedicated page on tyres or contact us to know more about the BKT tyres 14.9 28 price.

In addition, users can check similar rear tyres of other brands, such as MRF 14.9-28 SHAKTI XTRA – TTJK Tyre AGRIOGOLD 14.9-28CEAT 14.9-28 Aayushmaan R1BIRLA 14.9-28 Shaan+ and APOLLO 14.9-28 Krishak Premium Drive.

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Key Specifications Of BKT 14.9-28 Commander (R)

Rim Size (inch) 28
Version Standard
PR (Ply Rating) 12
Construction Type Bias
Rim Rec (Rim Recommended) / Rim W 13
Rim Alt W 13

BKT 14.9-28 Commander (R) Dimension

Section Width (SW) mm/inch 388
OD (Overall Diameter) mm/inch 1380
SLR (Static Loaded Radius) mm/inch 645
RC (Rolling Circumference) mm/inch 4213

BKT 14.9-28 Commander (R) Load Capacity

Inflation Pressure psi 33.36
Max Load (kg) 2120
SS (Speed Symbol) A6
LI (Load Index) 134

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Frequently Asked Questions On BKT 14.9-28 Commander (R)

1. What is the cost of the BKT 14.9 X 28 in India?

The BKT 14.9 X 28 in India is affordable compared to its high material quality and specifications.

You can purchase BKT 14.9 X 28 in India from Tractorkarvan.

BKT 14.9 X 28 is of ideal size for all farming tasks due to its durability.

Tractorkarvan is the perfect place to get the latest BKT 14.9 X 28 in India

Tractorkarvan is the best platform to get financing options for purchasing BKT 14.9 X 28.


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