HAV 45 S1

EMI starts from ₹ 18,969/Month
Brand HAV Tractors
HP Category 44 HP

Key Specifications of HAV 45 S1

Tractor HP
Tractor HP
44 HP
Wheel Drive
Wheel Drive
Lifting capacity
Lifting capacity
1800 kg

About HAV 45 S1

HAV 45 S1 price in India starts from INR 8.49 lakhs*. The 45 S1 tractor is equipped with a 44 HP engine.

HAV brand produces hybrid tractor models for farming needs. The company offers its tractor between 45 HP to 55 HP. These tractor models are aimed towards the differing requirements of Indian farmers. Due to the tractors being hybrid, they are sustainable and eco-friendly. Some of the popular models from the brand are HAV 55 S1 Plus and HAV 50 S1 Plus.

HAV 45 S1 is a diesel hybrid model with 44 HP engine and an engine speed of 3000 RPM. This hybrid model is one of the most popular tractors under 50 HP category. The model comes with Cat-I 3-point linkage system and offers 1800 kg of lifting capacity. The price of this model in India starts from INR 8.49 lakhs*. Let us see some of the other specifications of this model in the following segments.

HAV 45 S1 Tractor Key Features

Some of the key features of the 45 S1 model are listed below:

Engine & Performance

  • The HAV 45 S1 delivers a power output of 44 HP generated at an engine rated RPM of 3000 RPM. This provides a significantly higher power output for the tractor to handle demanding agricultural or commercial tasks.
  • This 45 S1 model comes with a dry-type air filter, which ensures clean air entry into the internal combustion chamber of the engine.
  • HAV 45 S1 has a water-cooling system to prevent any overheating. This system also prevents the engine’s overall wear and tear from regular use.


  • It has a PTO HP of 40 HP, which is available to run the tractor’s PTO implement.
  • The PTO speed of this model is 540 RPM, which is a standard PTO speed making the tractor compatible with a wide range of implements like a Rotavator and Mulcher.


  • The lifting capacity of HAV 45 S1 is 1800 kg. This heavy lifting capacity allows the tractor to lift a variety of hydraulic implements, such as a Hydraulic Reversible MB Plough and Disc Harrow.
  • In terms of 3-point linkage, this model is equipped with CAT-I linkage making it compatible with hydraulic implements.
  • The HAV 45 S1 has Lift-O-Matic for hydraulics controls. This allows for automatic control of the height of the implement mounted at the rear. It assists by reducing manual adjustment and is easy to use. It also maintains consistency in the height of the implement.


  • HAV 45 S1 comes with an oil-immersed braking system for rear tyres and active e-brakes. This system prevents overheating and ensures robust braking.

Wheel Drive

  • This is a 4WD tractor, and the power is transferred to all four wheels. This makes the traction and stability of the tractor strong and capable of working on any terrain.
  • The front tyre and the rear tyre sizes are 8.00 X 18 and 13.6 X 24, respectively, making the tyre size ideal for farming purposes.

Weight & Dimensions

  • HAV 45 S1 comes with a total weight of 2000 kg and a wheelbase of 2000 mm. This configuration offers the necessary stability to the tractor.
  • The overall length is 3280 mm, and the overall width of the model is 1830 mm. 45 S1 comes with a ground clearance of 400 mm. This opted configuration allows the tractor to work optimally on farms without any damage to the tractor or crops.

HAV 45 S1 Price in India 2023

HAV 45 S1 price in India starts from INR 8.49 lakhs*. The pricing is not fixed and can differ from state to state in the country. Different regions will have differences in the ex-showroom price and the on-road price. People can buy a tractor within their budget by paying upfront or use Tractorkarvan’s EMI option.

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HAV 45 S1 Engine

HP Category 44 HP
Engine Rated RPM 3000 RPM
Air Filter Dry Type
Fuel Type Diesel (Hybrid)

HAV 45 S1 Power Take Off

PTO Speed 540 RPM

HAV 45 S1 Fuel Capacity

Capacity 50 Litres

HAV 45 S1 Hydraulics

Lifting Capacity 1800 kg
3 point Linkage CAT- I
Hydraulic Controls Lift-O-Matic

HAV 45 S1 Tyre Size

Wheel Drive 4WD
Front 8.00 X 18
Rear 13.6 X 24

HAV 45 S1 Dimensions And Weight

Total Weight 2000 kg
Wheel Base 2000 mm
Overall Length 3280 mm
Overall Width 1830 mm
Ground Clearance 400 mm

HAV 45 S1 Safety Features


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Frequently Asked Questions on HAV 45 S1

1. What is the price of the HAV 45 S1 tractor in India?

The HAV 45 S1 tractor price in India starts from INR 8.49 lakhs*.

The HAV 45 S1 tractor delivers a power output of 48 HP.

The HAV 45 S1 tractor has a lifting capacity of 2000 kg.

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