Mahindra OJA 2127 4WD

Brand Mahindra Tractors
Series OJA Series Tractors
No. Of Cylinder 3
HP Category 27 HP
PTO HP 22.8
Gear Box Constant Mesh with Sync Shuttle

Key Specifications of Mahindra OJA 2127 4WD

Tractor HP
Tractor HP
27 HP
Wheel Drive
Wheel Drive
Electric Wet Clutch
Gear Box
Gear Box
Constant Mesh with Sync Shuttle
Power Steering (Telescopic)
Lifting capacity
Lifting capacity
950 kg

About Mahindra OJA 2127 4WD

Mahindra Oja 2127 4WD price in India is affordable. The Mahindra Oja 2127 4WD delivers a power output of 27 HP.

Mahindra is the best and topmost tractor brand in India, which has fulfilled the needs of farmers all over the world for three decades. The brand has come up with its latest model, Mahindra Oja 2127 4WD, from the Mahindra Oja Series. It is an upcoming tractor model recently launched in the Indian market.

This Mahindra tractor is equipped with the latest and top-notch features, making it an ideal choice in the tractors under 30 HP range. The brand has provided 4WD features in this tractor, making it the best Mahindra mini tractor among other mini tractor models. Moreover, the Mahindra Oja 2127 4WD price in India is reasonable, ensuring efficient performance at a lower price. So, let’s discuss this Mahindra 4WD tractor in detail in the below sections.

Mahindra Oja 2127 4WD Key Features

Some key features of this tractor model are listed below:

Engine & Performance

  • Mahindra Oja 2127 HP is 27 horsepower, which is generated at an engine RPM of 2700. The fuel-efficient of the tractor is maintained with the help of 3 cylinders.
  • The engine type is a powerful 3DI engine, ensuring smooth operation, maximum torque, and best-in-class NVH for better productivity.
  • It can generate a maximum torque of 83.4 Nm, which is the pulling power of the tractor. Thus, it can pull implements like Cultivator, MB Plough, Tractor Trailer, and more.


  • This tractor is equipped with an electric wet clutch, providing smoother gear shifting and less noise during gear changing.
  • The transmission system of this Mahindra tractor features a constant mesh gearbox with a synchro shuttle. It provides smoother transmission with an independent lever to run the tractor in the forward and reverse directions equally.
  • The gear speeds of this tractor include 12 Forward + 12 Reverse gears, providing multiple gears for various field operations.

Power Take-Off (PTO)

  • Mahindra Oja 2127 4WD PTO HP is 22.8 horsepower. This power is used to drive several implements, such as Rotavator and Puddler.


  • This tractor has a hydraulic lifting capacity of 950 kg, which is the maximum weight this tractor can lift.
  • The hydraulic control is electronic quick lifting (EQL) for quick and smooth lifting of the implements.

Tyres & Steering

  • The Mahindra Oja 2127 4WD tractor comes with a power steering option, helping the driver turn the tractor effortlessly.
  • Its rear tyres are available in the size of 8.3 X 20, providing stability and traction on different farmlands.

Mahindra Oja 2127 4WD Benefits

This tractor offers a range of benefits. Some of them are discussed below:

  • It comes with ePTO, which helps in engagement and disengagement of the PTO automatically.
  • It is equipped with auto PTO, in which the PTO turns on and off automatically on turns and during reverse mode, saving costly pesticides and fertilisers.
  • It also has a creeper mode, providing uniform speed for seed sowing.
  • The tractor features automatic implement lifting technology to lift the implements automatically during tough operations.

Mahindra Oja 2127 4WD Tractor Price in India 2023

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Mahindra OJA 2127 4WD Engine

No. Of Cylinder 3
HP Category 27 HP
Engine Type 3DI Engine
Engine Rated RPM 2700 RPM
Max Torque 83 Nm
Air Filter Dry Type
Cooling System Liquid Cooled
Fuel Type Diesel

Mahindra OJA 2127 4WD Transmission

Clutch Electric Wet Clutch
Gear Box Constant Mesh with Sync Shuttle
Gear Speed 12 Forward + 12 Reverse

Mahindra OJA 2127 4WD Steering

Type Power Steering (Telescopic)

Mahindra OJA 2127 4WD Power Take Off

PTO HP 22.8 HP

Mahindra OJA 2127 4WD Hydraulics

Lifting Capacity 950 kg
Hydraulic Controls Electronic Quick Lifting (EQL)

Mahindra OJA 2127 4WD Tyre Size

Wheel Drive 4WD
Rear 8.3 X 20

Mahindra OJA 2127 4WD Safety Features


Mahindra OJA 2127 4WD Other Information

Additional Features Engine Autostart Button, Creeper Mode, ePTO, GPS Track Live Location, Diesel Monitoring

Mahindra OJA 2127 4WD User Reviews

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Frequently Asked Questions on Mahindra OJA 2127 4WD

1. What is the price of the Mahindra Oja 2127 4WD tractor?

The Mahindra Oja 2127 4WD tractor price in India is budget friendly.

The Mahindra Oja 2127 4WD tractor delivers a power output of 27 HP.

The Mahindra Oja 2127 4WD has a lifting capacity of 950 kg.

Tractorkarvan provides complete information on the Mahindra Oja 2127 4WD tractor.

Yes, you can buy the Mahindra Oja 2127 4WD tractor on easy EMIs from Tractorkarvan.

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