Shaktiman Folding MP250 - 500

Brand Shaktiman
Implement Types Power Harrow
Category Tillage
Model Name Folding MP250 - 500
Tractor Power 160-220 HP

About Shaktiman Folding MP250 - 500

Shaktiman M250 – 500 Power Harrow price is affordable, and it is compatible with 160 – 220 HP range tractors.

Shaktiman Folding MP250 - 500 Power Harrow is one of the most used power harrows on the farms. Power Harrow is a secondary tillage implement that uses a tractor's PTO power to loosen the soil and make it fit for sowing and planting. Not only it is widely used but also is affordable and come in various models. The model Folding MP250 - 500 discussed below is available in the affordable price range. It is fit for tractors with an HP ranging from 160 -220 HP.  

Shaktiman Folding MP250 - 500 Power Harrow Top Specifications 

The model Folding MP250 - 500 is a large size, bulky and heavy-duty power harrow. The top specifications of this model are given below: 

  • Weight and Dimension: It’s outer dimension measures 5040 (Unfolded) & 2440 (Folded) mm in length, 2500 mm in width and 1535 (Unfolded) & 2500 (Folded) mm in height. The overall weight of the power harrow is 2500 kg.
  • Working Width: It has a working width of 4976 mm.
  • PTO HP: It transfers the power to PTO in the range of 136 - 187 HP.
  • Blade and its Dimension: It is equipped with 40 straight blades measuring 302 mm in length and 12 mm in thickness.
  • Working Depth: It has a maximum working depth of 280 mm.
  • Power Harrow compatibility: It is compatible with tractor of 160 -220 HP tractors such as John Deere 6120B.

Shaktiman Folding MP250 - 500 Power Harrow Unique Features 

The power harrow model Folding MP250 - 500 from Shaktiman offers great features that makes it efficient to use and easy to operate for farmers. Some of the top features are listed below: 

  • It has a multi-speed gear box with 540 rpm, 750 rpm, and 1000 rpm.
  • It has a rear adjustable levelling bar.
  • It has adjustable side plates and lower hitching brackets.
  • It has Cat- II and Cat- III three-point hitch.

Shaktiman Folding MP250 - 500 Power Harrow Advantages 

The Shaktiman Folding MP250 - 500 Power Harrow with its unique features is of immense benefit to farmers. Some of the benefits are listed below: 

  • It can break up even the most compacted soil surface.
  • It brings surface uniformity and helps raise the aeration of the soil.
  • It cultivates the ground with absolute precision.
  • It can also eliminate even the tiniest weed.
  • It can work in any soil condition.

Shaktiman Folding MP250 - 500 Power Harrow Price in India 2024

The Shaktiman Folding MP250 - 500 Power Harrow is budget friendly and easily fits the pocket of small and marginal farmers of India. Here on Tractorkarvan, be assured that, you will get the best price that will make your farming profitable. 

You can even use compare implements features to check the affordability of the Shaktiman MP250 – 500 Power Harrow with other brands power harrow like John Deere PH5017 and Maschio Gaspardo Delfino DL 1800.

Why choose Tractorkarvan for Shaktiman Folding MP250 - 500 Power Harrow?  

In this digital age, like consumers, farmers also look for a platform that offers everything at one place. Be it any power harrow implement or any other agriculture machinery, here on Tractorkarvan, you get all information regarding their price, specifications etc. at one place. Not only this, but our platform also offers loan facilities at easy and low EMIs, so that you are free of your financial worries to buy a cost-effective power harrow.  

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Key Specifications Of Shaktiman Folding MP250 - 500

Tractor Power 160-220 HP
Overall Length 5040 / 2440 mm
Overall Width 1800 mm
Overall Height 1535 /2500 mm
Working Width 4976 mm
PTO Power 136-187 HP
3 Point Linkage CAT-III
PTO Input 540/1000 rpm
No. of Rotor Flange 20
Distance Between Rotor Flange 240 mm
No. of Blades 40
Blade Size 300 X 12 (T) mm
Levelling Bar Mechanical
Stone Deflector Standard
Trough Thickness 6 mm
Cover Thickness 5 mm
Max. Working Depth 280 mm
Driveline Safety Device Cam Clutch Limiter Device
Weight 2500 kg

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Frequently Asked Questions On Shaktiman Folding MP250 - 500

1. With which HP category the Shaktiman Folding MP250 - 500 Power Harrow is compatible?

The Shaktiman Folding MP250 - 500 Power Harrow is compatible with 160 -220 HP tractors.

The weight of the Shaktiman Folding MP250 - 500 Power Harrow is 2500 kg.

Yes, anyone can buy the Shaktiman Folding MP250 - 500 Power Harrow on EMI at Tractorkarvan.

You can get the updated information on Shaktiman Folding MP250 - 500 Power Harrow at Tractorkarvan.

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