Brand ACE Tractors
No. Of Cylinders 4
HP Category 61.2 HP
Gear Box Synchromesh with Synchro Shuttle
Brakes Oil Immersed Multi Disc brakes

Key Specifications Of ACE 6500 4WD

Tractor HP
Tractor HP
61.2 HP
Wheel Drive
Wheel Drive
Gear Box
Gear Box
Synchromesh with Synchro Shuttle
Power Steering
Lifting capacity
Lifting capacity

About ACE 6500 4WD

ACE 6500 4WD price in India ranges from INR 8 lakhs* to INR 10 lakhs*. ACE 6500 4WD HP is 61.2 horsepower.

For over a decade, ACE Tractors has built a solid reputation by providing farmers with tractors of the highest calibre. They know that tractors and other agricultural machinery are necessary to enhance the farming industry in India. As a result, they have prepared their tractors to meet the demands of an Indian farmer. With cutting-edge designs and technology, ACE Tractors will remain at the forefront for many years. One of the most talked-about engines among farmers is the ACE tractor engine. These lightweight but well-built engines are known for their efficient operations.

ACE tractors are renowned for their lower operating and maintenance expenses and compatibility with agricultural and industrial accessories. This ACE model is one of the preferred 4WD tractors for contemporary farmers due to its features and cutting-edge technology. It is amongst the most economical and affordable tractors under 70 HP in India. Users can get all the details of this tractor in the below sections.

ACE 6500 4WD Top Specifications

Engine & Performance

  • ACE 6500 4WD HP is 61.2 horsepower. The tractor comes with 4 cylinders. Due to higher power output, farmers can expect it to carry out a variety of challenging operations conveniently.
  • It is equipped with a naturally aspirated diesel engine. The rated RPM of this tractor's engine is 2200. Higher RPM is generally associated with increased power output. The ideal RPM of this model ensures more power at lower fuel consumption.
  • This tractor can generate a maximum torque of 255 Nm. High torque offers the capability to manage heavy workloads and handle sudden increases in loads. Also, it offers compatibility with several productive implements, like Power Harrow and Landscape Rake.
  • The engine capacity of the tractor is 4088 cc. Such a large engine indicates a powerful engine. Thus, it can not only operate demanding attachments but also work in tough operating conditions.
  • It also features a dry air cleaner with a clogging sensor. This filter protects the engine by filtering out impurities from the air supplied to the engine for the combustion process.
  • The engine is equipped with a liquid-cooled cooling system. It prevents the engine from overheating by maintaining an ideal operating temperature.
  • It has a bore stroke ratio of 105/118 mm. With a longer stroke, you get larger engine displacement. It results in generating more torque at lesser fuel consumption.


  • ACE 6500 4WD comes with a double clutch option. Its key benefit is that you can enjoy smoother gear shifting in comparison to a single clutch. Also, the power transmission is efficient with fewer interruptions.
  • It is equipped with a synchromesh gearbox with a synchro shuttle. This gearbox employs synchronisers for matching the gear speeds before engagement. Also, it has a longer lifespan as this gearbox experiences reduced wear and tear.
  • Its gear speeds consist of 12 Forward + 12 Reverse gears. Thus, you have a wide range of gear ratios for choosing a suitable gear ratio and matching the requirements of varying loads, terrains and tasks. The forward speed range of this model is 1.50 to 30.85 km/h.


  • This ACE tractor has a lifting capacity of 2200 kg. Such high lifting capacity offers the ability to handle heavy implements efficiently to perform intended tasks. Examples of suitable hydraulic implements are Disc Harrow and Laser Land Leveler.
  • The 3-point linkage of this tractor can easily pin Category II implements. It allows the tractor to work with a wide range of tractor implements.
  • This ACE model is equipped with an ADDC (Automatic Depth and Draft Control) hydraulic control. ADDC automatically manages the position of implements for optimising their performance. It provides several benefits, like better field uniformity and consistent working depth.
  • It also comes with a dual remote/auxiliary valve to improve its lifting performance. This valve works to allow the proper functioning of hydraulic implements.

Weight & Dimensions

  • The total weight of this ACE tractor is 2785 kg. Due to this weight, the tractor has improved traction to provide stability in various soil conditions.
  • The length and width of ACE 6500 4WD are 3990 mm and 1940 mm, respectively. With these dimensions, this model becomes a perfectly sized tractor that is balanced even with heavy loads.
  • This ACE tractor has a wheelbase of 2235 mm. A longer wheelbase enhances the stability of this tractor.
  • The ground clearance of this tractor is 380 mm. It allows ACE 6500 4WD to operate in different working conditions without damaging the tractor’s body or crops.

Wheel Drive & Tyres

  • It is among the top ACE four-wheel tractors in the market. Thus, you can use this model in challenging conditions like wetlands, as it has less slippage and improved traction.
  • The front tyre, or the steer tyre, is sized 9.5 X 24, and the rear tyre, also known as the power tyre, is available in size 16.9 X 28. These are big tractor tyres that offer improved grip to maintain stability on all surfaces.

ACE 6500 4WD Key Benefits

  • Steering: It has power steering to maximise comfort and productivity. This is because power steering is easy to steer, ensuring extended operations in the field.
  • Brakes: The tractor has oil-immersed multi-disc brakes that provide optimum braking performance and prevent brake fade. The oil ensures that the braking system remains cooled and lubricated for efficient heat dissipation.
  • Fuel Capacity: This tractor has a fuel tank capacity of 65 litres. The large fuel tank ensures long working hours without worrying about refuelling.
  • Power Take-Off: ACE 6500 comes with a PTO speed of 540 RPM / 540 E. With economy PTO speed, 540 RPM is produced at lower ERPM, ensuring high fuel efficiency and less vibration and noise.
  • For the convenience of farmers, ACE DI 6500 is outfitted with contemporary features. These features include adjustable seats, strong headlamps, an aerodynamic bonnet, a tipping pipe, a bumper, ballast weight, and a top link.

ACE 6500 4WD Price in India 2023

ACE 6500 4WD price in India ranges from INR 8 lakhs* to INR 10 lakhs*, becoming a part of the tractors above 9 lakhs category. The price listed for the ACE DI 6500 tractor is its ex-showroom cost. The ACE DI 6500's on-road price includes several fees, including road tax and RTO fees. Also, the tractor's on-road cost may range depending on where you live. If you want to know the on-road price of this tractor, then visit your nearest ACE tractor dealers or directly contact Tractorkarvan.

This portal also gives you the opportunity to compare two tractor models. So, if you want to compare this tractor with similar models, such as ACE DI 6565 4WD and ACE DI 6500 2WD, use the compare tractors tool on Tractorkarvan.

Why choose Tractorkarvan for ACE 6500 4WD?

You can get all the relevant information you need about tractors, small tractors, ACE implements , ACE harvesters at Tractorkarvan. Numerous farmers, just like you, have used Tractorkarvan to get the best prices for different new and second-hand ACE tractors. You can also find out any tractor's on-road cost in your area by contacting us or giving us your contact information. If you want more information regarding tractors, do not miss tractor videos on our platform.

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ACE 6500 4WD Engine

No. Of Cylinders 4
HP Category 61.2 HP
Engine Type Natural Aspirated
Engine Rated RPM 2200 RPM
Max Torque 255 Nm
Capacity 4088 CC
Air Filter Dry Type with Clogging Sensor
Cooling System Liquid Cooled
Fuel Type Diesel
Bore / Stroke 105 / 118 mm

ACE 6500 4WD Transmission

Clutch Double
Gear Box Synchromesh with Synchro Shuttle
Gear Speed 12 Forward + 12 Reverse
Forward Speed 1.50 - 30.85 km/h
Brakes Oil Immersed Multi Disc brakes

ACE 6500 4WD Steering

Type Power Steering

ACE 6500 4WD Power Take Off

PTO Speed 540 RPM / 540 ERPM

ACE 6500 4WD Fuel Capacity

Capacity 65 Litres

ACE 6500 4WD Hydraulics

Lifting capacity 2200 kg
3 Point Linkage CAT- II
Hydraulics Controls ADDC

ACE 6500 4WD Tyre Size

Wheel Drive 4WD
Front 9.5 X 24
Rear 16.9 X 28

ACE 6500 4WD Dimensions And Weight

Total Weight 2785 kg
Wheel Base 2235 mm
Overall Length 3990 mm
Overall Width 1940 mm
Ground Clearance 380 mm

ACE 6500 4WD Other Information

Accessories Tools, Bumper, Ballast Weight, Top Link, Canopy
Additional Features Aerodynamic Bonnet, Tipping Pipe, Mobile Charger

ACE 6500 4WD Variants

There are 1 Variants of ACE 6500 4WD available on Tractorkarvan with complete specification and prices.

TractorKarvan Take On ACE 6500 4WD

Good Things
  • Engine: Generates high torque at an ideal engine RPM to handle heavy workloads with lower fuel consumption.
  • Hydraulics: ADDC and high lifting capacity to operate a range of implements efficiently.
  • Feature-rich: Packs several modern features, including a mobile charger and aerodynamic bonnet.
  • Tyres: Big tractor tyres for excellent grip on the ground.
Could be Better
  • Could have offered more PTO speed options for operating a wider range of implements.

ACE 6500 4WD Verdict

ACE 6500 4WD has a robust engine that expands its range of applications and makes it more versatile. It allows the tractor to handle a wide variety of tasks and work with various implements. Whether it is ploughing, tilling, or hauling, this model can perform effectively in different farming operations. Its 4WD system improves traction and stability in challenging working conditions. Thus, you can consider this model if you want a reliable tractor for all operations and terrains.

Product review by TractorKarvan

Power & Performance
PTO & Hydraulics
Design & Styling

ACE 6500 4WD User Reviews

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ACE Tractor Dealers & Service Centers

Opp Kerekodi, Pandavapura Main Road, Pandavapura, Mandya, Karnataka - 571434
Contact Dealer

Frequently Asked Questions On ACE 6500 4WD

1. What is the price of ACE 6500 4WD in India 2024?

The ACE 6500 4WD price in India 2024 ranges from INR 8 lakhs* to INR 10 lakhs*.

ACE 6500 4WD engine power is 61.2 HP.

Yes, you can purchase an ACE 6500 4WD tractor with an EMI option from Tractorkarvan.

It has great resale value due to the engine's dependability, the extensive service network, and the accessibility of parts. The condition and number of hours utilised will determine the resale value.

ACE 6500 4WD has a fuel tank capacity of 65 litres.

The lifting capacity of ACE 6500 4WD is 2200 kg.


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