Brand ACE Tractors
No. Of Cylinders 3
HP Category 45 HP
Brakes Oil Brakes / Dry Brakes

Key Specifications Of ACE DI 450 Star

Tractor HP
Tractor HP
45 HP
Wheel Drive
Wheel Drive
Mechanical Steering
Lifting capacity
Lifting capacity

About ACE DI 450 Star

ACE DI 450 Star price in India is reasonable and cost-effective. ACE DI 450 Star offers a power of 45 HP and has a maximum lifting capacity of 1800 kg.

If you are looking to buy a robust farm vehicle in India, your search stops here. ACE DI 450 Star is counted amongst the most popular tractors on our portal. It goes a long way in supporting hard-working Indian farmers. This model is a great choice for the agriculture sector as it is able to perform all complex farming operations effortlessly. Farmers need a powerful farming vehicle that can operate on any terrain. ACE DI 450 Star is one of the most preferred tractors under 50 HP.

ACE DI 450 Star is well known among the farming community for its durability and efficiency. Its modern features impact the ACE DI 450 price as it is a tractor under 9 lakhs. Do not settle for anything less for your agricultural activities when ACE is offering you the best.

The ACE DI 450 price is affordable and a great selection for nurturing your farm business profitably. Go through the upcoming sections to learn more about ACE 450 price, features and benefits.

ACE DI 450 Star Top Specifications

ACE DI 450 Star is a popular model from ACE, which farmers widely prefer because of its exclusive features. Some key features have been given below:

Engine & Performance

  • The ACE DI 450 is a 45 HP tractor. This maximum power is generated when the engine runs at 2000 RPM. The engine capacity of this ACE tractor is 3120 cc, which directly influences the power generated by the engine. Moreover, the engine features 3 cylinders, which ensures low fuel consumption to generate 45 HP power.
  • The engine type is a naturally aspirated direct-injection diesel engine. This type of engine is highly recommended for agricultural use as it has low maintenance and offers optimum fuel efficiency.
  • The dry-type air filter ensures the passing of clean air to the cylinders for the combustion procedure.
  • The cooling system is liquid-cooled, ensuring the engine temperature is maintained throughout any challenging task.
  • The bore-to-stroke ratio of this tractor is 104/120 mm, ensuring maximum power generation by the cylinders.


  • This ACE tractor consists of a dual-clutch option, which allows the operator to run the main transmission and the PTO separately with the same clutch lever. The first half of the clutch works for the main transmission, and the second half works for the PTO.
  • The tractor comes with a 10-speed gearbox, including 8 Forward and 2 Reverse gears. Thus, the maximum speed this tractor can achieve in forward gears is 31.9 km/h and in reverse gears is 12.1 km/h.


  • It has a lifting capacity of 1200 / 1800 kg. A high lifting capacity ensures easy lifting of heavy implements, such as Zero Till, Disc Seed Drill, Potato Planter, Ridger, etc.
  • The hydraulics type provided in this tractor is ADDC live hydraulics. The work of this hydraulic system is to adjust the depth and height of the implements automatically using smart sensors. It ensures the proper safety of the implements while working on the farms.

Weight & Dimensions

  • The weight of the ACE DI 450 Star is 2010 kg, which is an ideal weight for a farm tractor.
  • The total length and width of ACE DI 450 Star are 3800 mm and 1740, respectively.
  • Its wheelbase is 2140 mm, which is the distance between the rear and front wheels of the tractor. A longer wheelbase makes the tractor more stable on irregular terrains.
  • The ground clearance is 430 mm, ensuring the crops don’t get damaged during the inter-cultivation activities.
  • The turning radius of the model is 3.5 m, which helps in the easy turning of the tractor in less space.

ACE DI 450 Star Additional Features

  • Brakes: The brakes of this model are Oil brakes / Dry discs (optional). The dry disc brakes have low maintenance, whereas the oil-immersed brakes provide operators with a better braking experience and safety.
  • Steering: It comes with a mechanical steering option, which provides better control of the tractor on rugged and challenging surfaces.
  • Tyres Size: The front tyres of ACE DI 450 Star are 6 x 16 / 7.5 x 16, and the rear tyres of ACE DI 450 Star are 13.6 x 28 / 14.9 x 28. The optional size is beneficial for the farmers as they can choose the tyre size according to their requirements.
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: The fuel tank capacity of this model is 55 litres, which can store enough diesel for all-day work on the field.
  • Electrical: The electrical system of ACE DI 450 Star includes an 88 Ah – 12V battery and 12V – 42 Amp alternator. It provides electrical power to the internal components of the tractor.

ACE DI 450 Star Price in India 2023

The ACE DI 450 Star price in India has been reasonably set at under INR 9 lakhs*. If you wish to purchase this model in instalments, it is possible through the tractor loan facility available on the portal. This model is an excellent choice for this price category as it comes with a long list of modern features. It is the on-road ACE DI 450 price, which includes RTO charges, insurance costs, road taxes and more. Nevertheless, the on-road ACE DI 450 price can increase if you buy extra accessories with the vehicle.

You can use the compare tractor feature to compare the ACE DI 450 Star price with other ACE models in a similar power output category. Examples include ACE DI 450 NG 4WD and ACE DI 450 NG.

Why choose Tractorkarvan for ACE DI 450 Star?

Tractorkarvan is a digital platform that helps users find the best farm vehicles of all major brands. Get all the needed details on features, prices and second-hand ACE tractors from us. You can also learn about the ACE tractor dealers, ACE Harvesters, ACE Implements, and more on Tractorkarvan with ease. In addition, our portal has an easy and straightforward financing process. With us, you get the best vehicle that fulfils your farm needs.

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ACE DI 450 Star Engine

No. Of Cylinders 3
HP Category 45 HP
Engine Type Direct injection, Naturally Aspirated
Engine Rated RPM 2000 RPM
Capacity 3120 CC
Air Filter Dry Type
Cooling System Liquid Cooled
Fuel Type Diesel
Bore / Stroke 105 / 120 mm

ACE DI 450 Star Transmission

Clutch Dual
Gear Speed 8 Forward + 2 Reverse
Forward Speed 2.4 - 31.9 km/h
Reverse Speed 3.1 - 12.1 km/h
Brakes Oil Brakes / Dry Brakes

ACE DI 450 Star Steering

Type Mechanical Steering

ACE DI 450 Star Fuel Capacity

Capacity 55 Litres

ACE DI 450 Star Hydraulics

Lifting capacity 1200/1800 kg
Hydraulics Controls ADDC

ACE DI 450 Star Tyre Size

Wheel Drive 2WD
Front 6.00 X 16 / 7.50 X 16
Rear 13.6 X 28 / 14.9 X 28

ACE DI 450 Star Dimensions And Weight

Total Weight 2010 kg
Wheel Base 2140 mm
Overall Length 3800 mm
Overall Width 1740 mm
Ground Clearance 430 mm
Turning radius with brake 3.33 m

ACE DI 450 Star Electrical

Battery 12 V - 88 Ah
Alternator 12 V - 42 Amp

ACE DI 450 Star Variants

There are 2 Variants of ACE DI 450 Star available on Tractorkarvan with complete specification and prices.

TractorKarvan Take On ACE DI 450 Star

Good Things
  • Engine: It comes with a naturally aspirated diesel engine, which is highly recommended for farming.
  • Lifting Capacity: The lifting capacity is high, ensuring the tractor can lift heavy weights with ease.
  • Hydraulics: The tractor comes with the latest hydraulic system for better functioning of the implements.
Could be Better
  • An optional power steering option could have ensured a better and effortless handling experience.
  • The gear speeds could have been more, ensuring efficient working in various conditions.

ACE DI 450 Star Verdict

The ACE DI 450 Star has a naturally aspirated diesel, which is considered best for farming. It generated optimal power with low fuel consumption, ensuring effective working at a low cost. The lifting capacity is excellent, ensuring the tractor can lift and operate heavy implements with ease. However, optional power steering and more gear speeds could have made it one of the best picks in the 45 HP range. Overall, it is a good purchasing option in this budget and for Indian farming conditions.

Product review by TractorKarvan

Power & Performance
PTO & Hydraulics
Design & Styling

ACE DI 450 Star User Reviews

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ACE Tractor Dealers & Service Centers

Opp Kerekodi, Pandavapura Main Road, Pandavapura, Mandya, Karnataka - 571434
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Frequently Asked Questions On ACE DI 450 Star

1. What is the on-road price of ACE DI 450 Star in India 2024?

The on-road ACE DI 450 Star price in India 2024 is under INR 9 lakhs*.

Tractorkarvan is the best platform to get financing options for purchasing ACE DI 450 Star.

ACE DI 450 Star HP is 45 horsepower.

It has a lifting capacity of 1200 and 1800 (optional) kg.

Tractorkarvan is the perfect place to get the latest and updated information about ACE DI 450 Star.


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