Brand ACE Tractors
No. Of Cylinders 3
HP Category 50 HP
Gear Box Constant Mesh
Brakes Oil Immersed Multi Disc brakes / Dry Disc Brakes

Key Specifications Of ACE DI 550 NG

Tractor HP
Tractor HP
50 HP
Wheel Drive
Wheel Drive
Single / Dual
Gear Box
Gear Box
Constant Mesh
Mechanical / Power Steering
Lifting capacity
Lifting capacity

About ACE DI 550 NG

ACE tractor 550 NG price in India ranges from INR 6.59 lakhs* to INR 7.02 lakhs*. ACE DI 550 HP is noted to be 50 horsepower generated at an engine RPM of 2100. ACE 550 NG engine capacity is 3065 cc.

ACE Tractors is known for launching affordable and feature rich tractors. The ACE DI 550 NG is the latest one from the brand equipped with 50 HP engine. It is a tractor in the tractors under 50 HP category. Even the ACE tractor 550 NG price makes it an affordable tractor under 7 lakhs price range. Keep reading to know more about this model, like the ACE tractor 550 price in India.

ACE DI 550 NG Top Specifications

Engine & Performance

  • ACE DI 550 NG delivers a power output of 50 HP at the maximum engine speed of 2100 RPM. Laced with 3-cylinders based direct injection engine type, the tractor delivers a powerful performance without consuming too much fuel.
  • ACE DI 550 NG engine capacity is 3065 cc. The large engine size ensures maximum power output for carrying out tough farm tasks even on challenging terrains. It can be employed to pull huge tractor implements for enhanced farm productivity easily.
  • The dry air filter cleans the air of all impurities so that only filtered air reaches the engine.
  • The liquid cooling makes up the cooling system in the ACE DI 550 NG tractor. This system keeps the engine at a balanced temperature to avoid overheating.
  • The maximum torque is 202 Nm. More torque allows this model to pull heavy implements like Ripper and MB Plough.


  • This model has a dry-type dual clutch or single clutch (optional). A dual clutch ensures lesser interruptions in power delivery to offer seamless and fast gear shifting. On the other hand, a single clutch with a single friction plate demands lower maintenance.
  • It is equipped with a constant mesh gearbox. The gears in this gearbox are always engaged, and it is easy to operate and needs minimal effort from the operator.
  • ACE DI 550 NG gear pattern is 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. It offers a wider range of gear ratios; thus, this model can efficiently handle varying loads, tasks and terrains. The forward speed range is 2.68 to 35.16 kmph. The reverse speed ranges from 3.76 to 14.85 kmph.


  • ACE DI 550 NG lifting capacity is 1800 kg (1200 kg optional). Such high lifting capacity helps it not only lift heavy loads but also operate a range of heavier hydraulic implements. You can easily work with attachments like Laser Land Leveler and Cutter Mixer Feeder.
  • Automatic Depth & Draft Control (ADDC) makes up the hydraulics control of the tractor along with Live hydraulics with Mix mode. The ADDC adjusts the position of implements to ensure accurate and consistent farm operations.

Brakes & Steering

  • The brakes provided in this model are dry disk brakes. There is an option for oil-immersed multi-disc brakes. The brakes are in consistent lubrication to achieve uncomplicated and smooth braking. This type of brake is helpful when the tractor performs heavy-duty work.
  • The model has power steering or mechanical steering (optional). Operators will find the ease of steering with the power steering as it demands lesser effort to manoeuvre the tractor.

Weight & Dimensions

  • The ACE DI 550 NG weight is 2010 kg. The tractor gets excellent grip or traction on all terrains due to its weight. Thus, it is balanced when carrying heavy loads or working in tough field conditions.
  • This ACE model has a wheelbase of 1960 mm. A longer wheelbase provides suitable support to the tractor weight along with the carried loads. It provides stability during heavy-duty tasks.
  • The overall length and width amount to 3660 mm and 1830 mm, respectively. With these dimensions, this tractor becomes perfectly balanced by means of ideal weight distribution.
  • The ground clearance of the model is 430 mm. Due to high ground clearance; this model can safely operate in various field conditions with crop residues, stubble or rough terrains.
  • The turning radius with the brake is about 3.38 m. With a lesser turning radius, this model can quickly turn in small spaces, making it perfect for inter-cultivation activities.

Wheel Drive & Tyres

  • The tractor is a 2WD (two-wheel drive) one, perfect for dryland operations like ploughing, sowing, seeding, etc. Also, it is lighter than 4WD models, so there is lesser soil compaction.
  • The front tyres of this ACE model are available in 7.5 x 16 (6 x 16 optional). The rear tyres are available in 14.9 x 28 (16.9 x 28 optional). These big tractor tyres ensure excellent traction or grip on different terrains to conduct safe operations.

ACE DI 550 NG Key Benefits

  • Engine: This model has a powerful engine with a rated RPM of 2100 RPM and a capacity of 3065 cc. Thus, it can produce more power for handling challenging operations while being fuel efficient.
  • Fuel Capacity: The tractor runs on diesel and has a fuel capacity of 55 litres, which means fewer trips to the fuel station. Thus, you can spend more time on the field, maximising farm productivity.
  • Electricals: It is equipped with an 88 Ah – 12 V battery along with a 12 V – 42 Amp alternator. This battery is suitable for powering all the electrical components of the tractor for a long time.
  • Power Take-Off: The PTO speed this model offers is 540 RPM with 6 Splines (1000 RPM with 21 Splines optional). These PTO speeds ensure compatibility with a variety of PTO-driven implements, including Super Seeder and Pneumatic Precision Planter.

ACE Tractor 550 Price in India 2023

The current ACE tractor 550 NG price in India starts from INR 6.59 lakhs* to INR 7.02 lakhs*. Thus, it is a reasonably priced model in the tractors under 7 lakhs category. You can even buy this tractor on a tractor loan with a starting EMI of INR 14,624 per month. Depending on your location, this ACE tractor 50 HP price is subject to change.

In addition, the Compare Tractors tool on our platform assists users in comparing the ACE tractor 50 HP price and other specs with comparable models like ACE DI 550 Star and ACE DI 450 NG.

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ACE DI 550 NG Engine

No. Of Cylinders 3
HP Category 50 HP
Engine Type A50, Direct Injection, Naturally aspirated
Engine Rated RPM 2100 RPM
Max Torque 202 Nm
Capacity 3065 CC
Air Filter Dry Type
Cooling System Liquid Cooled
Fuel Type Diesel
Bore / Stroke 105 / 118 mm

ACE DI 550 NG Transmission

Clutch Single / Dual
Gear Box Constant Mesh
Gear Speed 8 Forward + 2 Reverse
Forward Speed 2.68 - 35.16 km/h
Reverse Speed 3.76 - 14.85 km/h
Brakes Oil Immersed Multi Disc brakes / Dry Disc Brakes

ACE DI 550 NG Steering

Type Mechanical / Power Steering

ACE DI 550 NG Power Take Off

PTO Speed 540 RPM / 1000 RPM (Optional), CRPTO

ACE DI 550 NG Fuel Capacity

Capacity 55 Litres

ACE DI 550 NG Hydraulics

Lifting capacity 1200/1800 kg
Hydraulics Controls ADDC

ACE DI 550 NG Tyre Size

Wheel Drive 2WD
Front 7.50 X 16 / 6.00 X 16
Rear 14.9 X 28 / 16.9 X 28

ACE DI 550 NG Dimensions And Weight

Total Weight 2010 kg
Wheel Base 1960 mm
Overall Length 3660 mm
Overall Width 1830 mm
Ground Clearance 430 mm
Turning radius with brake 3.38 m

ACE DI 550 NG Electrical

Battery 88 Ah, 12 V
Alternator 12 V - 42 Amp

ACE DI 550 NG Other Information

Accessories Tools, Bumper, Ballast Weight, Top Link, Canopy
Additional Features Aerodynamic Bonnet, Tipping Pipe, Mobile Charger

ACE DI 550 NG Variants

There are 2 Variants of ACE DI 550 NG available on Tractorkarvan with complete specification and prices.

TractorKarvan Take On ACE DI 550 NG

Good Things
  • Engine: Produces more torque and is fuel efficient due to an ideal engine RPM, ensuring long life.
  • Hydraulics: High lifting capacity and ADDC to maximise farm productivity.
  • Feature-rich: Equipped with various helpful features, including a tipping pipe, mobile charger and aerodynamic bonnet.
  • Stylish: Comes with a new-age design to appeal to young farmers.
Could be Better
  • Could have featured a double clutch for smoother operation of implements.

ACE DI 550 NG Verdict

ACE DI 550 NG features a 50-horsepower engine to deliver sufficient power output to handle agricultural and construction tasks. It comes equipped with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears, allowing easy manoeuvrability and flexibility in different farming operations. This ACE model has been designed to be versatile, making it suitable for diverse farming activities such as seeding, tilling, harrowing, and more. Its capabilities make it a valuable tool for farmers in various agricultural settings. Overall, its power, versatility, and efficiency make it an asset for farmers.

Product review by TractorKarvan

Power & Performance
PTO & Hydraulics
Design & Styling

ACE DI 550 NG User Reviews

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ACE Tractor Dealers & Service Centers

Opp Kerekodi, Pandavapura Main Road, Pandavapura, Mandya, Karnataka - 571434
Contact Dealer

Frequently Asked Questions On ACE DI 550 NG

1. What is the on-road price of ACE DI 550 NG in India 2024?

The on-road ACE DI 550 NG price in India 2024 ranges from INR 6.59 lakhs* to INR 7.02 lakhs*.

Tractorkarvan is the best platform to get financing options for purchasing ACE DI 550 NG.

ACE DI 550 NG HP is 50 horsepower.

The lifting capacity of ACE DI 550 NG is 1800 kg (1200 kg optional).

Tractorkarvan is the perfect place to get the latest and updated information about ACE DI 550 NG.


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