Indo Farm 3075 DI

Brand Indo Farm Tractors
Series 3 Series Tractors
No. Of Cylinder 4
HP Category 75 HP
Gear Box Constant Mesh
Brakes Oil Immersed Multi Disc Brakes

Key Specifications of Indo Farm 3075 DI

Tractor HP
Tractor HP
75 HP
Wheel Drive
Wheel Drive
Gear Box
Gear Box
Constant Mesh
Power Steering
Lifting capacity
Lifting capacity
2400 KG

About Indo Farm 3075 DI

The Indo Farm 3075 DI price in India 2023 starts at INR 8 lakhs* and goes up to INR 16 lakhs*. It delivers 75 HP power at an engine speed of 2200 RPM. It comes with gear pattern of 8 forward and 2 reverse gears.

Indo Farm 3075 DI tractor is a heavy-duty 2WD tractor that comes with a powerful engine. The tractor also has many other important features that allow it to take care of your various agricultural requirements.

The Indo Farm 3075 DI is the latest addition in the tractor above 70 HP range. With its excellent features and 75 HP engine, its price makes it an appropriate tractor in the tractor above 9 lakhs rupees range.

With many useful features and benefits, the Indo Farm 3075 DI tractor has become one of the best choices available on the market. In this article, we are going to discuss the features, specifications, benefits, price, and warranty of this Indo Farm 3075 DI tractor.

Indo Farm 3075 DI Tractor Top Features

Engine and Performance

  • The tractor comes with a 75 HP, 4-cylinder engine. The given power output is generated when the crankshaft of the engine rotates at a speed of 2200 RPM. The excellent power output enables it to perform any task easily and operate wide range of tractor implement.
  • The engine is equipped with a water-cooled cooling system, which contributes to decreasing the overall heat generated during the operation of the engine.
  • The engine of this tractor comes with a bore/stroke of 105 / 118 mm. This bore-to-stroke ratio produces a higher level of torque at a lower RPM.
  • It comes with a dry-type air filter, which only allows clean air to flow into the combustion chamber of the engine.


  • The Indo Farm 3075 DI tractor has a dual-clutch transmission system. This form of clutch uses a single plate to engage or disengage the power transmission to the tractor and the PTO separately.
  • It comes with a constant mesh gearbox making the gear-shifting process smoother as all the gears in this system are regularly in mesh and offer less friction during operations.
  • It also has a gear speed of 8 forward + 2 reverse, which means that the tractor has a higher number of speed options to select from and choose the most suitable one according to the work that is being undertaken.


  • The Indo Farm 3075 DI tractor comes with a Power Take Off or PTO speed of 540 RPM. This is a standard PTO speed which can work with normal PTO-driven implements like Rotavator, Thresher, and Power Harrow, among others.


  • With an automatic depth and draft control (ADDC) hydraulic system, the efforts of the operator are reduced to a great extent. This system can automatically adjust the draft and depth of the attached implement.
  • It can lift heavy farm implements up to 2400 Kg. This heavy lifting capacity allows the tractor to take advantage of a wide range of implements, such as Disc Harrow and Baler, for various farm tasks.
  • It also comes with a remote/auxiliary valve, which assists the hydraulics in lifting the implement with less effort. It also leads to a smoother working of hydraulics implements.

Brakes and Steering

  • The tractor comes with oil-immersed multi-disc brakes, which offer a great advantage by offering effective braking. The lubrication provided by the oil also helps in reducing wear and tear over time from frequent braking.
  • The model features power steering with an epicyclic reduction. The power steering help reduce the efforts of the operator during steering, and the epicyclic reduction increase the load-bearing capability.

Wheel Drive and Tyres

  • The size of the front tyres is 7.50 X 16, and that of the rear tyres is 16.9 X 30. This is an ideal tyre size configuration for the tractor in this segment.
  • It has two-wheel drive (2WD) technology, which makes it apt for dry terrains where it can gain a higher level of traction. This system is easy to maintain and simple.

Weight and dimensions

  • The Indo Farm 3075 DI's total weight is 2490 Kg. This weight makes it stable and offers the required traction in any soil condition.
  • The overall length is 3990 mm, and the overall width is 1980 mm.
  • It comes with a ground clearance of 400 mm and has a turning radius of 4.5 m. This configuration allows the tractor to work in tight spaces without damaging the underlying crops.

Indo Farm 3075 DI Additional Features

  • The tractor comes with a heavy-duty front axle and features an aerodynamic design.
  • It has an ergonomic design that features an adjustable driver seat for additional comfort.
  • The electrical system of the tractor features a battery of 88 Ah, 12 V.

Indo Farm 3075 DI tractor price

When you are looking to buy the Indo Farm 3075 DI tractor in India, you also need to consider the price. The Indo Farm 3075 DI price starts at INR 8 lakhs* and goes up to INR 16 lakhs*.  You can even buy this tractor on a tractor loan from Tractorkarvan.

To know whether your purchase of Indo Farm 3075 DI is affordable, you can use the compare tractors feature to compare with other above 70 HP Indo Farm tractors such as Indo Farm 3090 DI 4WDIndo Farm 3075 DI 4WD and others.

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If you have made the decision to buy the Indo Farm 3075 DI tractor, you will need to be aware of its features and specifications so that you can make the right choice and buy the tractor that best suits your needs. This is where a reliable and trusted platform like TractorKarvan comes into play. This platform provides accurate information regarding the features, specifications, price, benefits, and warranty of the Info Farm 3075 DI tractor.

We also offer the facility of second-hand tractors from where you can purchase a used Indo Farm tractor. For your convenience, we have also provided a separate page on Indo Farm tractor dealers comprising a tractor dealer near you. You can also watch tractors videos to gain easy insights and information on tractors.

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Indo Farm 3075 DI Engine

No. Of Cylinder 4
HP Category 75 HP
Engine Type Four Stroke Direct Injection
Engine Rated RPM 2200 RPM
Air Filter Dry Type
Cooling System Liquid Cooled
Fuel Type Diesel
Bore / Stroke 105 / 118 MM
Fuel Pump Type Inline

Indo Farm 3075 DI Transmission

Clutch Dual
Gear Box Constant Mesh
Brakes Oil Immersed Multi Disc Brakes
Rear Axle Epicyclic Reduction

Indo Farm 3075 DI Steering

Type Power Steering

Indo Farm 3075 DI Power Take Off

PTO Speed 540 RPM

Indo Farm 3075 DI Hydraulics

Lifting Capacity 2400 KG
Hydraulic Controls Automatic Depth and Draft Control (ADDC)
Remote / Auxillary Valve Optional

Indo Farm 3075 DI Tyre Size

Wheel Drive 2WD
Front 7.50 X 16
Rear 16.9 X 30

Indo Farm 3075 DI Dimensions And Weight

Total Weight 2490 kg
Overall Length 3990 mm
Overall Width 1980 mm
Ground Clearance 400 mm
Turning radius with brake 4.5 M

Indo Farm 3075 DI Electrical

Battery 88 Ah, 12 V

Indo Farm 3075 DI Other Information

Driver Seat Adjustable Driver Seat
Accessories Trailer Hook, Draw Bar, Fender Guard, Heavy Bumper, Tool Kit
Additional Features Heavy Duty Front Axle, Aerodynamic Design

TractorKarvan Take On Indo Farm 3075 DI

Good Things
  • Power: The tractor has a massive 75 HP 4-cylinder engine that can produce high power output to handle the majority of the farm tasks.
  • Fuel efficient: The tractor engine rotates at 2200 RPM to produce 75 HP making it an excellent fuel-efficient tractor.
  • Lifting capacity: It comes with a very high lifting capacity of 2400 kg enabling it to lift heavy hydraulics implements.
Could be Better
  • Providing an option of partial synchromesh or full synchromesh gearbox would have been better.

Indo Farm 3075 DI Verdict By TractorKarvan

Indo Farm 3075 DI is a 75 HP, 4-cylinder engine which is highly powerful. It is a two-wheel drive tractor designed to offer optimal performance in any agricultural or commercial activity. It comes with a strong build which can easily work with a wide range of implements. It can also easily work with heavy implements and can produce ideal results. This tractor can easily be selected if a farmer is looking for a model that can offer power and use a wide range of implements with ease.

Product Review By TractorKarvan


Indo Farm 3075 DI User Reviews

rating star icon 4/5
Based on 1 Reviews
Value for Money
Style & Looks

All Reviews

rating rating rating rating rating
Clutch aur gearbox thoda behthar ho sakta tha
Mere pass Indo Farm ka 75 hp ka tractor hai. Iska engine kaafi powerful hai par iska clutch aur gearbox thoda aur behthar ho sakta tha. Mai isse kheti ke kaam bhi karta hu aur maal dhulai ke kaam bhi karta hu. Isme kabhi kabhi gear badalne me dikkat hoti hai.
11 hours ago | Vilas Soma Sanap
Rating Parameters
rating star icon 4/5
rating star icon 4/5
rating star icon 4/5
Value for Money
rating star icon 4/5
Style & Looks
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Indo Farm 3075 DI Variants

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Frequently Asked Questions on Indo Farm 3075 DI

1. What is the maximum lifting capacity of the Indo Farm 3075 DI tractor?

The maximum lifting capacity of the Indo Farm 3075 DI tractor is 2400 Kg.

The Indo Farm 3075 DI tractor comes with a PTO speed of 540 RPM.

The Indo Farm 3075 DI tractor features an automatic depth and draft control (ADDC) hydraulics control system.

The total weight of the Indo Farm 3075 DI tractor is 2490 Kg, with an overall length of 3990 mm, and an overall width of 1980 mm.

The transmission offered by the Indo Farm is a constant mesh gearbox type.

This Indo Farm 3075 DI tractor offers 75 HP power.

The price of Indo Farm 3075 DI ranges from INR 8 lakhs* to INR 16 lakhs*

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