Mahindra Novo 755 DI PP Trem IV

EMI starts from ₹ 31,208/Month
Brand Mahindra Tractors
Series Novo Trem IV Series Tractors
No. Of Cylinder 4
HP Category 73.8 HP
Gear Box Partial Synchromesh

Key Specifications of Mahindra Novo 755 DI PP Trem IV

Tractor HP
Tractor HP
73.8 HP
Wheel Drive
Wheel Drive
Gear Box
Gear Box
Partial Synchromesh
Power Steering
Lifting capacity
Lifting capacity
2900 kg

About Mahindra Novo 755 DI PP Trem IV

Mahindra Novo 755 DI PP Trem IV price in India ranges from INR 14.10 lakhs* to INR 15 lakhs*. Mahindra Novo 755 DI PP Trem IV HP is noted to be 73.8 horsepower.

Mahindra Tractors holds a prominent position in the worldwide agricultural machinery market. Its dedication to innovation, excellence, and customer service has been instrumental in establishing its strong market presence. With farmers across the globe relying on its popular tractors, the company consistently expands its market share.

Mahindra Novo 755 DI PP Trem IV is powered by a powerful engine from the tractors above 70 HP category to deliver excellent performance. This model is built to last, with strong and durable construction. With its advanced features, it meets the diverse needs of different farmers. Let us look at all the details of this model, including the Mahindra Novo 755 DI PP price, specs, benefits, etc.

Mahindra Novo 755 DI PP Trem IV Top Specifications

Engine & Performance

  • Equipped with robust 4 cylinders and delivering 73.8 HP power output, this model eliminates any worries about tackling demanding farm tasks.
  • This tractor operates at an engine-rated RPM of 2100. This optimal RPM ensures sufficient power is generated to tackle difficult farm tasks while maintaining optimal fuel consumption levels.
  • With a maximum torque output of 320 Nm. Its higher torque enables the tractor to pull heavier tractor implements like the Happy Seeder and Seed Drill with ease.
  • With its liquid-cooled cooling system, which efficiently dissipates excess heat by allowing the coolant to absorb it from engine components.
  • Its fuel pump type is Common Rail Direct Injection (CRDI). It enables more efficient and precise fuel delivery, leading to improved fuel efficiency.
  • This Mahindra model follows Trem IV emission standards. Thus, it ensures reduced emissions of harmful pollutants to promote cleaner farming practices.


  • Featuring a dual clutch, this model has separate clutch discs in a single lever to engage/ disengage the power transmission separately for the PTO and the rear axle transmission.
  • It is equipped with a partial synchromesh gearbox. Its key benefits include smooth, easy gear shifting and reduced wear and tear on the gears.
  • With a total of 15 forward and 15 reverse gears, this tractor presents a diverse range of gear ratios suitable for a variety of farm tasks and operating conditions.
  • The forward speed ranges between 1.8 and 36 kmph, while the reverse speed is 1.8 – 34.4 kmph. These top speeds make this model suitable for quick haulage operations.
  • It comes with a Side Shift gear lever position. This gear lever is easily accessible, making gear changes convenient in all conditions.


  • This Mahindra model features a high lifting capacity of 2900 kg to operate larger hydraulic implements such as the Laser Land Leveler and Hydraulic Reversible MB Plough.
  • It comes with CAT I/II three-point linkage. Thus, it can work with a wider variety of tractor attachments.
  • The Automatic Depth & Draft Control (ADDC) hydraulic controls work to adjust the position of implements automatically to improve their productivity during varying operations.

Wheel Drive & Tyres

  • This model is available in a four-wheel drive variant and is one of the top choices among 4WD tractors. This capability makes it ideal for heavy-duty operations in wet field conditions.
  • With 12.4 X 24 front tyres and 18.4 X 30 rear tyres, this model shows remarkable performance on demanding terrains. The larger tractor tyres offer enhanced grip, ensuring exceptional stability and balance even on challenging surfaces.

Mahindra Novo 755 DI PP Trem IV Key Benefits

  • The model's large 60-litre fuel tank allows it to work efficiently for extended periods in the field, ensuring maximum farm productivity.
  • It features mBoost Technology with 3 driving modes: Power, Normal and Diesel Saver. These modes facilitate high fuel efficiency by operating efficiently in different conditions. 
  • DigiSense 4G Technology offers a range of crucial information related to the tractor, including health & maintenance, location services, farming operations & productivity.
  • It comes with PTO speeds of 540 RPM and 540E. It also offers an option for reverse PTO. Due to 540E PTO speed, the model offers higher fuel efficiency by operating at lower ERPM.
  • The model is equipped with Single Lever Independent PTO (SLIPTO). It helps engage and disengage the PTO function independently, providing ease of operations.
  • Its power steering makes driving easier and more comfortable for the operator.

Mahindra Novo 755 DI PP Trem IV Warranty

This model has a warranty period of 6 or 6000 years. Thus, you can remain stress-free regarding the service and maintenance of your tractor for a long time.

Mahindra Novo 755 DI PP Trem IV Price in India 2023

Mahindra Novo 755 DI PP Trem IV comes at a pocket-friendly price in India, ranging from INR 14.10 lakhs* to INR 15 lakhs*. This pricing in the tractors above 9 lakhs category is reasonable as this model efficiently enhances farming operations. It is important to note that the on-road Mahindra Novo 755 DI PP price may vary in different states due to insurance, RTO charges, government subsidies, and road taxes.

By utilising the Compare Tractors tool, you can conveniently compare the Mahindra Novo 755 DI PP price and features with other similar HP models like Mahindra Novo 755 DI, helping you make an informed decision.

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Mahindra Novo 755 DI PP Trem IV Engine

No. Of Cylinder 4
HP Category 73.8 HP
Engine Rated RPM 2100 RPM
Max Torque 320 Nm
Cooling System Liquid Cooled
Fuel Type Diesel
Fuel Pump Type CRDI (Common Rail Direct Injection)
Emission Standard Trem IV

Mahindra Novo 755 DI PP Trem IV Transmission

Clutch Dual
Gear Box Partial Synchromesh
Gear Speed 15 Forward + 15 Reverse
Forward Speed 1.8 to 36 KM/H
Reverse Speed 1.8 to 34.4 KM/H
Gear Lever Position Side Shift

Mahindra Novo 755 DI PP Trem IV Steering

Type Power Steering

Mahindra Novo 755 DI PP Trem IV Power Take Off

PTO Speed 540 / 540E / RPTO, SLIPTO

Mahindra Novo 755 DI PP Trem IV Fuel Capacity

Capacity 60 Litres

Mahindra Novo 755 DI PP Trem IV Hydraulics

Lifting Capacity 2900 kg
3 point Linkage CAT- I/II
Hydraulic Controls ADDC

Mahindra Novo 755 DI PP Trem IV Tyre Size

Wheel Drive 4WD
Front 12.4 X 24
Rear 18.4 X 30

Mahindra Novo 755 DI PP Trem IV Safety Features


Mahindra Novo 755 DI PP Trem IV Other Information

Warranty 6 Years / 6000 Hours
Additional Features Q-Lift, DigiSense 4G Technology, mBoost Technology with 3 Driving Modes (Diesel Saver, Normal, Power)

TractorKarvan Take On Mahindra Novo 755 DI PP Trem IV

Good Things
  • Drive Modes: mBoost technology with 3 drive modes for best mileage and performance.
  • Q Lift: Seamless operation with button-operated hydraulics.
  • Smart Balancer: Ensures a comfortable ride with reduced noise level and vibrations.
  • Hydraulics: High lifting capacity for faster completion of work.
  • DigiSense 4G: Offers vital information about the tractor on the phone.
Could be Better
  • A double clutch would have ensured smoother gear shifting and easy operations of implements.
  • A fully synchromesh gearbox could have been provided.

Mahindra Novo 755 DI PP Trem IV Verdict By TractorKarvan

Due to its 73.8 horsepower, this tractor has suitable power to handle a range of implements, enhancing the overall versatility of this model. Its broad range of capabilities allows for exceptional flexibility in farm operations. Moreover, the transmission system comes equipped with modern features like Q-Lift, DigiSense 4G Technology and mBoost Technology with 3 Driving Modes. Its transmission system offers top speed ranges and seamless gear shifting. This model stands out as a fitting choice, providing durability and high performance.

Product Review By TractorKarvan


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Frequently Asked Questions on Mahindra Novo 755 DI PP Trem IV

1. What is the on-road price of Mahindra Novo 755 DI PP Trem IV in India 2023?

The on-road Mahindra Novo 755 DI PP Trem IV price in India 2023 ranges from INR 14.10 lakhs* to INR 15 lakhs*.

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Mahindra Novo 755 DI PP Trem IV HP is 73.8 horsepower.

The lifting capacity of Mahindra Novo 755 DI PP Trem IV is 2900 kg.

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