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The tractors of Mahindra NOVO Series are one of the most technologically advanced tractors from Mahindra & Mahindra. The Mahindra NOVO tractors are equipped with powerful engines that can perform the toughest of tasks on fields. The new tractors of the NOVO series are the best in the 50 – 75 HP category tractors. Tractorkarvan has made available 6 models of the Mahindra NOVO series. The popular tractor models are Arjun NOVO 605 DI-I, Arjun NOVO 605-DI-MS, and NOVO 755 DI. Besides, Mahindra NOVO Series second-hand tractors are also available on our platform. You may explore Tractorkarvan to check the Mahindra NOVO tractor price and their specifications.

Key Features of Mahindra NOVO Series Tractors

The NOVO Series tractors are built to perform 40 different applications on the farm. These include haulage, harvesting, and puddling, among others. They are laced with technologically advanced features to perform heavy farm tasks. Some of the features are:

  • They have a high lifting capacity.
  • Modern synchromesh transmission system.
  • Equipped with 15 Forward and 3 Reverse gears.
  • Considerable service interval of 400 hours.
  • Fuel efficiency, which is best-in-class.
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Ergonomically designed operator station.
  • Based on the 2-wheel drive (WD) and 4-wheel drive (WD) technology.
  • Minimum drop in RPM while performing farming tasks on any soil condition.

The above-mentioned features ensure that the Mahindra Tractor Arjun NOVO Series delivers consistent and uniform performance.

Mahindra NOVO Series Tractor Models on Tractorkarvan

Tractorkarvan has listed 6 new-age tractors of the Mahindra Arjun NOVO Series. These are:

  • Mahindra Arjun NOVO 605-DI-I: It is a 2WD tractor that delivers a power output of 57 HP. The starting EMI is INR 23,349.
  • Mahindra Arjun NOVO 605-DI-MS: It is a 2WD tractor with a power of 49 HP. The starting EMI is INR 22,494.
  • Mahindra Arjun NOVO 605-DI-I-4WD: Its power output is 55.7 HP, and the EMI starts at INR 26,865.
  • Mahindra NOVO 755 DI: It is a 74 HP tractor based on 4WD technology. It is available at an EMI of INR 29,938.
  • Mahindra NOVO 655 DI: It is a 4WD tractor with 64 HP. It is available at a starting EMI of INR 27,287.
  • Mahindra Arjun NOVO 605 DI-PS: This 51 HP 2WD tractor is available at an EMI starting at INR 22,912.

Mahindra NOVO Tractor Price in India

Mahindra NOVO Series is packed with technologically advanced tractors that are designed to perform 40 different farm applications. It can perform any farm task on any soil condition. Moreover, it is a powerful tractor with a higher horsepower (HP). As a result, the Mahindra NOVO price is in the higher price bracket. But the features of Mahindra NOVO tractors make them one of the best tractors delivering immense value for money.

The Mahindra NOVO tractor price in India is available from INR 7.50 lakhs* to INR 12.90 lakhs*. If you cannot afford it, then you can also buy a NOVO Series tractor on EMIs at Tractorkarvan. The EMI for buying a NOVO series tractor is between INR 22,494 and INR 29,938 per month.

Tractorkarvan for Mahindra NOVO Series Tractors

If you are looking to buy a NOVO Series tractor, then you are at the right place. Tractorkarvan provides complete information about Mahindra NOVO Series tractors in one place. The information comprises NOVO series tractors specifications, Mahindra NOVO price list in India 2022, and so on. The vast network of dealers selling NOVO Series tractors is an added advantage.

The availability of Mahindra Arjun NOVO Series second-hand tractors on Tractorkarvan is an added advantage to the farmers looking to buy a Mahindra Arjun NOVO tractor at an affordable price.

Tractorkarvan also provides a loan facility on easy EMIs, which you can avail of to buy the NOVO Series tractors of your dreams.

Visit Tractorkarvan to get the best deals and updated Mahindra NOVO tractor prices. Stay tuned with us.

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Frequently Asked Questions on NOVO Series

1. What is the HP Range of Mahindra Novo Series Tractors?

Mahindra NOVO Series Tractors have an HP range of 50 – 75 HP.

Mahindra NOVO Series Tractors gear pattern includes 15 Forward + 3 Reverse and 15 Forward + 15 Reverse gears.

Mahindra NOVO Series Tractors fuel tank capacity ranges from 60 litres to 66 litres.

Mahindra NOVO Series Tractors are equipped with power steering.

Mahindra NOVO Series tractors come with oil-immersed multi-disc brakes.

Tractorkarvan provides updated information on Mahindra NOVO Series tractors.

Mahindra NOVO Series tractors come in both 2WD and 4WD variants.