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Mahindra SP Plus series tractor price in India ranges between INR 7.09 lakhs* and INR 8.80 lakhs*. Mahindra SP Plus series tractor HP ranges from 37 HP to 47 HP. 5 Mahindra SP Plus Series tractors are available on Tractorkarvan. Some of the popular models are Mahindra 275 DI SP Plus, Mahindra 475 DI SP Plus and Mahindra 575 DI SP Plus, among others.

Mahindra Sarpanch Plus is a powerful series from Mahindra & Mahindra. Farmers prefer the Mahindra SP Plus series due to its high-performance and versatile models. Mahindra Sarpanch tractors come with a powerful ELS DI engine that delivers a power output between 37 – 47 HP range. The affordable 2WD Mahindra SP Plus models are rich in features offering immense value for money.

We have listed five Mahindra SP Plus Series models, including Mahindra 575 DI SP PlusMahindra 475 DI SP PLUS and Mahindra 275 DI SP Plus. We have also provided the Mahindra Sarpanch tractor price list in India 2023.

Mahindra Sarpanch Tractors – Top Features

The powerful tractors of Mahindra SP Plus Series are in high demand in the Indian market. The Sarpanch tractor series is also popular among Indian farmers as it comprises affordable heavy-duty vehicles. The key features are:

  • Based on 2 Wheel Drive (WD) technology.
  • Excellent ELS (Extra Long Stroke) DI engine gives a power output between 37 and 47 HP.
  • Consume less fuel and are powerful in all operating conditions.
  • Efficient backup and max torque deliver unmatched performance.
  • Offer a 6-year warranty – a first in the industry.

Best Tractors of Mahindra SP Plus Series

Mahindra & Mahindra produces five robust models of the SP Plus Series. These are:

  • Mahindra 275 DI SP Plus: Deliver an output of 37 HP, and the EMI starts at INR 15,728.
  • Mahindra 275 DI TU SP Plus: It produces a power output of 39 HP.
  • Mahindra 415 DI SP Plus: Its power output is 42 HP, and its EMI starts at INR 16,767.
  • Mahindra 475 DI SP PLUS: It is a 44 HP model available at an EMI of INR 18,035.
  • Mahindra 575 DI SP PLUS: This 47 HP model is available at a starting EMI of INR 18,114.

Mahindra Sarpanch Tractor Series Price 2023

The Mahindra SP Plus series offers immense value for money. They come loaded with features like the ability to operate any farm implement, excellent power output, and an efficient engine. The Mahindra Sarpanch tractor price in India is available from INR 7.09 lakhs* to INR 8.80 lakhs*.

You can also finance your SP Plus Series on easy EMIs. The EMI to finance Mahindra SP Plus Series starts at INR 15,728 and can go up to INR 18,114. Mahindra tractors offer several other series like Jivo SeriesNovo Series and XP Plus Series.

On Tractorkarvan, you can easily compare tractor prices as well as the specifications of different models.

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Buying an SP Plus Series online has become much easy. You just need to visit Tractorkarvan - a one-stop platform for detailed information on all popular models. You get information on the Mahindra Sarpanch tractor price, specifications, and features.

Not only this, but you can also consider top models from Mahindra, including Mahindra 575 DI and Mahindra Yuvo 275 DI.

If budget is an issue, users are also recommended to check out second-hand Mahindra models and Mahindra mini tractors on our website. We have listed a vast network of Mahindra tractor dealers spread across the length and breadth of the country.

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Tractors in India HP EMI Starts at
Mahindra 585 DI SP Plus 49 HP More Details
Mahindra 475 DI SP Plus 44 HP ₹14,510/Month
Mahindra 575 DI SP Plus 47 HP ₹15,267/Month
Mahindra 475 DI MS SP Plus 42 HP More Details
Mahindra 415 DI SP Plus 42 HP ₹13,883/Month
Mahindra 275 DI TU SP Plus 39 HP ₹12,685/Month
Mahindra 275 DI SP Plus 37 HP ₹12,645/Month

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Frequently Asked Questions on SP Plus Series

1. How many tractor models of Mahindra SP Plus Series are available on Tractorkarvan?

Five models of the Mahindra SP Plus Series are available on Tractorkarvan.

Tractorkarvan is the perfect place to get the latest and updated information about the Mahindra SP Plus Series.

SP Plus Series from Mahindra is highly affordable as it is available in the price range of INR 7.09 lakhs* - INR 8.80 lakhs*.

The SP Plus series is available in the 37 – 47 HP range.

You can buy Mahindra SP Plus models online and on easy EMIs at Tractorkarvan.


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