Mahindra YUVO TECH+ Series Tractors

Mahindra Tractors is a leading tractor manufacturing company in India. It has continuously produced new, powerful, farmer-friendly, affordable tractors under different series. The Mahindra YUVO TECH+ Tractors are the latest offering from Mahindra. The Mahindra YUVO TECH+ Series tractors are loaded with technologically advanced features to give best-in-class tractors to farmers. The heavy-duty tractors from YUVO TECH+ Series are a must-have if you want to increase farm productivity. There are 6 different tractor models of the YUVO TECH+ Series available in the market, and Tractorkarvan has covered all of them. The 2WD YUVO TECH+ tractors are manufactured to deliver 35 – 50 HP power output. The popular models are Mahindra YUVO TECH+ 275 and Mahindra YUVO TECH+ 585.

Unique Features of Mahindra YUVO TECH+ Series Tractors

The Mahindra YUVO TECH+ tractors come with advanced machines to perform advanced applications on the farm. The superior power of YUVO TECH+ Series tractors enables farmers to achieve higher farm productivity. The key features of these tractors are:

  • Available in 3-cylinder and 4-cylinder engines.
  • Deliver power output in the 35 – 50 HP range.
  • Technologically advanced engines ensure best-in-class PTO, high backup torque, and mileage.
  • Fully constant mesh transmission system for smooth gear switch.
  • Equipped with 12 Forward and 3 Reverse gears.
  • Ergonomically designed tractors for complete comfort while driving.
  • Efficient hydraulic systems give higher lifting capacity to operate tougher farm implements.
  • Offers 6-year warranty – a first time in the industry.
  • Suitable for multiple applications on the farm like haulage, crop rowing, puddling, etc.

If you want to enhance farm productivity, then Mahindra YUVO TECH+ Series tractors are the best deal.

Popular Mahindra YUVO TECH+ Series Tractor Models

The six best tractor models of the Mahindra YUVO TECH+ Series are available for sale on Tractorkarvan. These are:

  • YUVO TECH+ 585 – It gives a power output of 49 HP. The starting EMI is INR 21,032.
  • YUVO TECH+ 575 –The power output delivered is 47 HP, and the starting EMI is INR 20,964.
  • YUVO TECH+ 475 – It has a 44 HP engine and is available at a starting EMI of INR 19,979.
  • YUVO TECH+ 415 –It offers a power output of 42 HP. Its starting EMI is INR 18,355.
  • YUVO TECH+ 405 – It delivers a power output of 39 HP. The starting EMI is INR 17,511.
  • YUVO TECH+ 275 – With a horsepower of 37 HP, its starting EMI is INR 16,853.

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Mahindra YUVO TECH+ Tractor Price

The main factors affecting the price of a tractor are features, horsepower (HP), and the number of accessories that come along with a tractor. As a result, different tractor models will have different prices.

The Mahindra YUVO TECH+ Series tractors offer technologically advanced features at a reasonable price. The YUVO TECH+ tractor price in India ranges between INR 5.50 lakh and INR 8 lakhs.

If you feel the price bracket of Mahindra YUVO TECH+ tractors is still high, then you can avail of the loan facility provided by Tractorkarvan. Moreover, you can pay it in easy EMIs. The starting EMI of Mahindra YUVO TECH+ Series tractors ranges between INR 16,853 and INR 21,032 per month.

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If you want to purchase a YUVO TECH+ Series tractor, Tractorkarvan is the one-stop destination for all your tractor-related needs. Here, you get complete information on all new tractors of the YUVO TECH+Series, including specifications, features, and price. 

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Popular Mahindra YUVO TECH+ Series Tractors

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Frequently Asked Questions on YUVO TECH+ Series

1. How many tractor models of Mahindra YUVO TECH+ Series are available on Tractorkarvan?

Six models of Mahindra YUVO TECH+ Series tractor are available on Tractorkarvan.

YUVO TECH+ Series tractors from Mahindra are available within a reasonable price range of INR 5.50 lakhs – INR 8 lakhs.

The YUVO TECH+ tractors are available in the 35 - 50 HP range.

You can buy Mahindra YUVO TECH+ tractors online and on easy EMIs at Tractorkarvan.