Top 10 Grape-Producing States in India 2023

05 Sep 2023
Top 10 Grape-Producing States in India 2023 Article
Grapes is an important fruit grown in India with an area covering about 2.30% of total area under fruit cultivation. The top three grapes producing states in India are Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. These states together account for 96% of total grapes production in the country with Maharashtra leading the pack with 70% share.

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Grapes is an important fruit commercially in India. The hot and dry climate of India is ideal for its cultivation and the grape season in India generally is from November to March every year. India is one of the top ten countries globally in grape production.

Grape is fifth most important fruit grown in India with Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu accounting for 96% of total grapes production in the country.

Key Characteristics of Indian Grapes

Indian grapes are of varied characteristics and are grown at an altitude of more than 250 meter above mean sea level. We have given a table below to show the characteristic of different grapes varieties.

Grapes Variety


White Seedless

Thompson Seedless, Pusa Seedless, Manik Chaman, and Sonaka

Coloured Seedless

Sharad Seedless and Beauty Seedless

White Seeded

Dilkhush and Anab-e-Shahi

Coloured Seeded

Gulabi and Bangalore Blue


Top 10 Grape-Producing States in India

Production of Grapes in India

In India grapes are grown largely in the Deccan plateaus and the Hilly states. Maharashtra is the leading producer of grapes accounting for more than two-third of total grapes production in the country. It is followed by Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. These three states account for more than 95% of the total grapes production.


Top Grapes Producing States - Maharashtra

Maharashtra continues to be the grape state of India. By contributing a share of 70.67 %, the state produced over 2,466 thousand metric tonnes (MT) of grapes in 2021-22. The state's diverse climate and soil conditions make it ideal for grape cultivation.

Regions like Nashik, which is also famously called the Grape Capital of India, Sangli, and Pune are known for producing high-quality grapes. The adoption of modern farming techniques and technologies has played a crucial role in Maharashtra's dominance in grape production.


Top Grapes Producing States - Karnataka

Karnataka is another major player in India's grape production landscape. The Bijapur and Bagalkote districts are the primary grape-growing regions in the state. It contributes 24.49 % of the total production with over 854 thousand MT of grapes production.

The availability of irrigation facilities and favourable climate conditions contribute to Karnataka's success in grape cultivation. Over the years, farmers in Karnataka have been increasingly focusing on producing export-quality grapes, which has significantly boosted the state's grape exports.

Tamil Nadu

Top Grapes Producing States - Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is India's third largest grape-producing state, with the production of around 50 thousand MT of grapes in 2021-22, making 1.43 % of the total grapes production in the country.

The districts of Theni and Coimbatore are known for their grape cultivation. The state also caters to both domestic and international markets.

Andhra Pradesh

Top Grapes Producing States - Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh contributes 1.34 % to the total grapes production in the country with a production of 46.82 thousand MT of grapes. It has witnessed substantial growth in grape production.

The Anantapur and Chittoor districts have become grape-producing hubs. The state's government has been actively promoting grape cultivation through various schemes and subsidies, which has encouraged farmers to invest in this crop.

Madhya Pradesh

Top Grapes Producing States - Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh, primarily known for its agricultural diversity, has also joined the list of top grape-producing states in India. It produced 35.45 thousand MT, making 1.02 % of the total national production.

Improved infrastructure, access to markets, and support from the government have led to the growth of grape farming in Madhya Pradesh.


Top Grapes Producing States - Mizoram

Mizoram, in the northeastern part of India, may come as a surprise on this list, but it has been making significant progress in grape production. The state contributed 0.5 % of total grape production in 2021-22 and produced 17.3 thousand MT. Mizoram's foray into grape farming showcases the adaptability of this crop across different regions of India.


Top Grapes Producing States - Telangana

Telangana has been actively promoting horticulture, including grape cultivation, to enhance the income of its farmers. Regions like Rangareddy have seen a surge in grape production. It contributed around 0.29 %, with a total of 10.02 thousand MT of grape production in 2021-22.


Top Grapes Producing States - Punjab

Punjab, known for its wheat and rice production, has also ventured into grape cultivation. The state's government has encouraged diversification in agriculture, including the cultivation of fruits like grapes. With a 0.2 % contribution to the total production in 2021-22, it produced 6.98 thousand MT.

Jammu & Kashmir

Top Grapes Producing States - Jammu & Kashmir

Jammu & Kashmir, often associated with apples and saffron, has also steadily increased its grape production. The state produced 1.50 thousand MT, making 0.05 % of the total production. The state's entry into grape cultivation diversifies its agricultural portfolio and offers additional income opportunities for farmers.


Top Grapes Producing States - Haryana

Haryana is the tenth state, making its presence felt in the grape production sector. The state's climatic conditions and soil quality have encouraged grape farming, and it produced only 0.01 % of total grapes production in the country in 2021-22.

Factors Contributing to Grape Production Success

Several factors have contributed to the success of these top grape-producing states in India:

  • Climate and Geography: Each state offers a unique climate and geographical advantage for grape cultivation, ensuring the production of grapes for most of the year.
  • Modern Farming Practices: Adopting modern farming techniques, including advanced irrigation systems and pest control measures, has improved grape yields and quality.
  • Government Initiatives: Various state governments have introduced schemes, subsidies, and support to encourage grape farming, making it an attractive option for farmers.
  • Export Opportunities: The increasing demand for Indian grapes in international markets has driven farmers to focus on quality and compliance with global standards.
  • Infrastructure Development: Improved infrastructure and transportation networks have reduced post-harvest losses and ensured the timely delivery of grapes to markets.
  • Research and Development: Research institutions and agricultural universities have played a vital role in developing new grape varieties and imparting knowledge and training to farmers.


India's grape industry is flourishing, thanks to the determined efforts of these top 10 grape-producing states. Their success contributes to the country's agricultural growth and enhances India's standing in the global grape market.

With the adoption of innovative technologies and continued government support, these states are self-assured to maintain their dominance in grape production in the years to come. The story of grape cultivation in India is a testament to the resilience and adaptability of Indian agriculture, offering farmers new opportunities for prosperity.

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