Sonalika Offset Mounted 12X12 Disc Harrow Implement

Sonalika Offset Mounted 12X12

Brand Sonalika
Implement Type Disc Harrow
Category Tillage
Model Name Offset Mounted 12X12
Tractor Power 90+ HP

About Sonalika Offset Mounted 12X12

Sonalika Offset Mounted 12X12 price is within a reasonable range on Tractorkarvan. This disc harrow is compatible with 90+ HP range tractors.

Sonalika Offset Mounted 12X12 is one of the most used tillage implements for paddy farming. A disc harrow is mainly used for tilling the soil where crops must be planted. In addition, this implement is used for chopping up crop remains or unwanted weeds. Its discs are offset to ensure they are not parallel with the implement’s direction. This disc harrow is fit for tractors of 90+ HP. The model Offset Mounted 12X12 discussed below is reasonably priced on Tractorkarvan.

Sonalika Offset Mounted 12X12 Key Specifications

The model Offset Mounted 12X12 can be easily mounted and attached to tractors. This disc harrow is ideal for light and medium soil. The top specifications of this model are given below:

  • Disc Numbers & Dimension: The Offset Mounted 12X12 Disc Harrow is equipped with 22 discs, while disc diameter and disc spacing are 560 mm and 228 mm, respectively.
  • Width of Cut: The width of the cut is in the range of 2668-2718 mm.
  • Weight: This disc harrow has an overall weight of 730 kg.
  • Bearing Hub: 8 bearing hubs in the model Offset Mounted 12X12 Disc Harrow ensures smooth rotation of discs with minimal friction.
  • HP Compatibility: It is compatible with tractors of 90+ horsepower, such as New Holland Excel 9010 and Preet 9049 4WD.

Sonalika Offset Mounted 12X12 Unique Features

The disc harrow model, Offset Mounted 12X12 from Sonalika implements, offers excellent features that make it efficient and easy to operate for farmers. Some of its unique features are listed below:

  • This disc harrow has a heavy-duty SG iron bearing hub with high strength, longer service life and robust construction.
  • It has a combination of notched and plain discs that shatter clods for shallow ploughing.
  • Offset Mounted 12X12 comes with an adjustment rod to pulverize soil efficiently.
  • The discs are made of high-quality boron, which is durable and prevents rusting.

Sonalika Offset Mounted 12X12 Key Benefits

Sonalika Offset Mounted 12X12, with its unique features, immensely benefits farmers. Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • This disc harrow is highly efficient, offering longer life and maintenance-free performance.
  • Offset Mounted 12X12 has a tillage depth of 127-178 mm.
  • It helps in performing different farm applications like seedbed preparation and burial of crop remains and organic substances.

Sonalika Offset Mounted 12X12 Price in India 2023

The price of a tractor implement depends on many factors like its features and brand. The Sonalika Offset Mounted 12X12 price in India is reasonable, considering its top-notch technical specifications and reliability. At Tractorkarvan, you get the best price for all tractor implements to make your farming profitable. You can also buy Sonalika implements on EMIs at Tractorkarvan.

You can even use compare implements features to check the affordability of Sonalika Offset Mounted 12X12 with other similar tractor HP disc harrow models like Fieldking Poly FKPDHH 8.

Why choose Tractorkarvan for Sonalika Offset Mounted 12X12?

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Key Specifications of Sonalika Offset Mounted 12X12

No. of Disc 24
Type of Disc Notched Disc in Front Gang & Plain Disc in Rear Gang
Tillage Width 2668-2718 mm
Distance Between Discs 228 mm
No. of Bearing Hubs 8
Weight 730 kg
Tractor Power 90+ HP

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Tractor Implement By Sonalika

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Compatible Tractors Available

Frequently Asked Questions on Sonalika Offset Mounted 12X12

1. Which HP category Sonalika Offset Mounted 12X12 is compatible with?

Sonalika Offset Mounted 12X12 is compatible with 90+ HP tractors.

The price of Sonalika Offset Mounted 12X12 is reasonable on Tractorkarvan.

You can buy the Sonalika Offset Mounted 12X12 model from Tractorkarvan.

The width of cut of Sonalika Offset Mounted 12X12 is 2668-2718 mm.

The weight of Sonalika Offset Mounted 12X12 is 730 kg.

Tractorkarvan is the best platform for financing options to buy Sonalika Offset Mounted 12X12.

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