4 Feet Rotavators

51 rotavators of 4 feet are available for sale on Tractorkarvan. The 4 feet rotavator price ranges from INR 74,162 to INR 168,500 and are compatible with 25 – 65 HP range tractors.
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Jaysan Delta JRT156D Rotavator Implement
Delta JRT156D
4 feet Rotavator
40+ HP
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Gomadhi GES20G Rotavator Implement
4 feet Rotavator
35-45 HP
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Agricos SCRT-4.5 Rotavator Implement
4 feet Rotavator
40-46 HP
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Shaktiman Side Shift VLS 150 Rotavator Implement
Side Shift VLS 150
4 feet Rotavator
45+ HP
Price starts ₹1.37 Lakh
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Fieldking Robust Single Speed FKDRTSG 125 Rotavator Implement
Robust Single Speed FKDRTSG 125
4 feet Rotavator
35-40 HP
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Maschio Gaspardo H 125 Rotavator Implement
H 125
Maschio Gaspardo
4 feet Rotavator
30-60 HP
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Maschio Gaspardo W 125 Rotavator Implement
W 125
Maschio Gaspardo
4 feet Rotavator
24-30 HP
Price starts ₹78,705
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Gomadhi Aqua AE20MSG Rotavator Implement
Aqua AE20MSG
4 feet Rotavator
35-45 HP
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4 Feet Rotavator By Brands

Other Feet Rotavators

About 4 Feet Rotavators

Rotavators are the primary tillage implements used to till the land in India. They are one of the widely used tillage implements and hugely popular among Indian farmers. These farm implements are demanded in the market as per the working width such as 4 feet rotavator, 6 feet rotavator, and 7 feet rotavator. Many top tractor and agricultural implement brands manufacture rotavators with varying working widths. These include Shaktiman, and Mahindra, among others.

Tractorkarvan has listed all the possible rotavator by feet models for your convenience. In the present section we will be telling you in detail about 4 feet rotavator models, their specifications, and 4 feet rotavator price. You can also check the 4 feet rotavator price list in India 2023.

Key Features of 4 Feet Rotavator

4 feet rotavators are one of the popular mini rotavators in demand in Indian agricultural market. They come with 24 to 36 blades and can be hitched to 25 – 65 HP range tractors such as Eicher 242, John Deere 5105,  and New Holland 5620 TX Plus, among others. Key features of 4 feet rotavator are:

  • They are compatible with 25 – 65 HP range tractors.
  • They have blades ranging from 24 to 36 in number.
  • They are available at highly affordable price point ranging.
  • They feature both single speed and multi-speed gearbox.
  • The transmission type includes both the side chain and gear drive type.
  • The PTO Input RPM of these 4 feet rotavator models is 540 RPM.
  • They are designed for multiple farm applications.

Popular 4 Feet Rotavator Models

Many popular 4 feet rotavator models are available in the market. Some of the popular ones of top brands are Shaktiman 4 feet rotavator and Mahindra 4 feet rotavators. Tractorkarvan has listed all the possible popular 4 feet rotavators and some of them are:

Mahindra Gyrovator ZLX 125: It is compatible with 30 – 35 HP range tractors.

Shaktiman Champion CH 125: It is compatible with 45 – 60 HP range tractors and is available at INR 123,965.

4 Feet Rotavator Price in India 2023

If you are looking to buy an affordable and cost-effective 4 feet rotavator model, then you are at the right place. The price of a 4 feet rotavator depends upon the number of blades and the brand to which they belong. For instance, the 4 feet Shaktiman rotavator price is different from Mahindra 4 feet rotavator price. Similarly, the 24 blade rotavator price will be different from 36 blade rotavator price.

In general, the rotavator price 4 feet listed on Tractorkarvan starts at INR 74,162.  You can also buy the 4 feet rotavator models on easy EMI options at Tractorkarvan.

Why Choose Tractorkarvan for 4 Feet Rotavator?

Purchasing a 4 feet rotavator implements was never so easy and convenient. For the ready reference of our user, we have listed all the possible and affordable 4 feet rotavator models. They are from top brands like Maschio Gaspardo and Fieldking. Here, you can check the 4 feet rotavator price along with their specifications. All the information provided here is curated as per the need and budget of the average Indian farmers. Besides, you can also purchase it on equal monthly instalments (EMIs) at Tractorkarvan. The loan is designed per the crop cycle from the viewpoint of lessen the burden of interest. Visit Tractorkarvan today to get the best deal on all the listed 4 feet rotavator models.

Frequently Asked Questions on 4 Feet Rotavator

1. Where can we buy 4 Feet Rotavator?

You can purchase any 4 feet rotavator model on Tractorkarvan.

The 4 feet rotavator price starts from INR 74,162 at Tractorkarvan.

You can purchase any 4 feet rotavator on EMI options at Tractorkarvan.

51 models of 4 feet rotavator are available on Tractorkarvan.

You can get the updated information on the 4 feet rotavator model at Tractorkarvan.

Disclaimer: The product information and other details provided on this page is as made available by the Rotavator and otherwise available in the public domain. Users should contact the nearest agriculture implement dealer to know about the latest features and prices. Prices and EMI shown by TractorKarvan are generic in nature – Exact price and EMI will depend on variants, discounts, interest rate, duration, frequency, and other factors. Please click Get On Road Price or Buy on Installments or visit your desired product's brand dealer for more information on Price and EMI. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.


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