6 Feet Rotavators in India

36 rotavators of 6 feet are listed for sale on Tractorkarvan. The rotavator 6 feet price range is between INR 113,796 and INR 143,557 and can be hitched to 35 – 90 HP range tractors.

Rotavators are the widely preferred tillage implements used to harrow the farm fields in India. They are in high demand among the Indian farmers. Some of the popular rotavators include 6 feet rotavators and 7 feet rotavators, among others. Here, we will be discussing 6 feet rotavator implement along with their specifications and 6 feet rotavator price in India.

The 6 feet rotavators are one of the best farm machineries and we have listed all the affordable 6 feet rotavator models on Tractorkarvan. These rotavators are of top brands like Maschio Gaspardo, Shaktiman and Fieldking, among others. Moreover, we have provided the 6 feet rotavator price in India 2023 for ready reference and for your convenience.

Key Features of 6 Feet Rotavator

6 feet rotavators are in huge demand in Indian farm machinery market. They are equipped with 42 to 54 blades for preparing the soil and mixing the soil. They can be attached to 35 – 90 HP range tractors such as Massey Ferguson 9500, John Deere 5060 E,  and Swaraj 855 FE, among others. Key features of 6 Feet rotavator are:

  • They can be hitched to tractors in the range of 35 – 90 HP.
  • They are equipped with 42 – 46 blades in total for mixing and preparing the soil.
  • They feature both the gear drive transmission and side chain transmission.
  • They feature both multi-speed and single speed gearbox.
  • The PTO Input RPM of the 6 feet rotavator implements is 540.

Popular 6 Feet Rotavator

Many famous 6 feet rotavator implements are for sale in the market. The popular brands known for their 6 feet rotavator includes Maschio Gaspardo 6 Feet rotavator and Fieldking 6 Feet rotavators. We have listed all popular 6 Feet rotavator implements on Tractorkarvan. These include:

Maschio Gaspardo Virat 185: It is compatible with 45 – 60 HP range tractors and is available at INR 129,600.

Shaktiman UH72: It is compatible with 45 – 60 HP range tractors.

Fieldking Hobby FKRTMSG 180: It can be hitched to 40 – 45 HP range tractors.

John Deere RT1016: It can be attached to tractors in the range of 45 – 55 HP.

6 Feet Rotavator Price in India 2023

Are you looking to purchase a cost-effective and affordable 6 Feet rotavator implement? You have come to the right place. The rotavator price 6 feet depends upon brand and features. For example, Sonalika rotavator 6 feet price will vary from the Mahindra rotavator 6 feet price and John Deere rotavator 6 feet price. On Tractorkarvan, you can get the 6 feet rotavator at the best possible price. It starts from INR 113,796 and can go up to INR 143,557. You can even finance the 6 feet rotavator implement on EMI options at Tractorkarvan.

Tractorkarvan for 6 Feet Rotavator

Tractorkarvan is a one-stop destination for buying 6 feet rotavator of major brands such as John Deere and Mahindra. We have provided a separate page for 6 feet rotavator for your ease as a ready reference. Here, you can get all the 6 feet models at the best possible prices. Also, we have provided detailed information along with complete specifications and 6 feet rotavator price. Besides, you can also buy any 6 feet rotavator models on easy EMIs at Tractorkarvan. Visit Tractorkarvan now to get the best deal on all the available 6 Feet rotavator implements.

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Frequently Asked Questions on 6 Feet Rotavator

1. Where can we buy 6 Feet Rotavator?

You can buy any 6 Feet rotavator model on Tractorkarvan.

The 6 Feet rotavator price starts from INR 113,796 at Tractorkarvan.

You can buy any 6 Feet rotavator on EMI options at Tractorkarvan.

36 models of 6 Feet rotavators are available on Tractorkarvan.

You can get the updated information on the 6 Feet rotavator model at Tractorkarvan.

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