Shaktiman 6 Feet Rotavator Implements in India

Shaktiman rotavator price 6 feet starts at INR 115,728 and can go up to INR 143,557. It is compatible with tractors in the 35 – 75 HP range. 14 Shaktiman rotavators of 6 feet are available on Tractorkarvan.

Shaktiman is one of the most popular agricultural implement companies in India. It is known for manufacturing wide range of tractor implements, including rotavator machines. The rotavators of the company are rich in feature, have a sturdier built, and are available in affordable price range. Moreover, the company is known for offering rotavators with wide range of working widths. These include 3 feet Shaktiman rotavators to as high as 12 feet Shaktiman rotavators.  

Shaktiman rotavators of 6 feet are the most demanded rotor machines for tilling, preparing and mixing soil. They are one of the best tillage implements in the industry. Their price is reasonable and easily fits the budget of Indian farmers. These rotavators offer great features at an affordable price. They are designed to lessen the work of the farmers in the field and increase the productivity. They are robust machines and are versatile as they can be used in all type of soil conditions.

We have made available all the possible 6 feet rotavators by Shaktiman on Tractorkarvan and at the best possible prices along with their complete specifications. You can also check the Shaktiman rotavator 6 feet price list 2023 on the portal.

Key Features of Shaktiman 6 Feet Rotavator

Shaktiman 6 feet rotavator are durable, reliable and give solid performance. They can be used for multiple soil functions like pulverisation, levelling, and puddling. The key features are:

  • They are compatible with 35 – 75 HP range tractors such as John Deere 5105 and Swaraj 963 FE 4WD.
  • They can be used on all types of soil making it a versatile rotavator.
  • They require Cat-I and Cat-II 3-point linkage to attach to tractors.
  • They are equipped with 42 – 72 L, C and J type blades.
  • They require a PTO HP in the range of 34 – 64 to operate.
  • The side transmission is of chain and gear drive type.

Popular Shaktiman 6 Feet Rotavator

The 6 feet rotavator models of Shaktiman are the most demanded rotavator machines by farmers. The popular ones include:

Shaktiman Champion CH 190: It is compatible with 60-75 HP range tractors and is available at INR 143, 557.

Shaktiman Semi Champion SCH 180: It is compatible with 50 – 65 HP range tractors and available at INR 115,728.

Shaktiman Regular Smart RS 190: It is compatible with 45 – 60 HP range tractors and is available at INR 122,325.

Shaktiman UH72: It can be attached to tractors with HP ranging from 45 – 60.

Shaktiman Rotavator Price 6 Feet in India 2023

The Shaktiman rotavator 6 feet price has been set according to Indian agricultural conditions. The price of 6 feet Shaktiman rotavator is affordable. We have listed all the affordable Shaktiman 6 feet rotavator on Tractorkarvan. The price starts at INR 115,728 and goes up to INR 143,557. You can also check Shaktiman rotavator 6 feet price list in India 2023 on the website as ready reference.

You can also purchase the 6 feet Shaktiman rotavator on EMI options via a loan facility available at Tractorkarvan.

Why Choose Tractorkarvan for Shaktiman 6 Feet Rotavator?

Tractorkarvan is a digital platform for any information related to agricultural implements, including rotavator implements. The information provided are curated as per your farming need and budget. For your ease, we also have created a separate page on Shaktiman 6 feet rotavator. On this page, you can find images, complete specification along with the Shaktiman rotavator price 6 feet. You can also buy the Shaktiman 6 feet rotavator on easy EMI options. Visit Tractorkarvan to know in detail about Shaktiman 6 feet rotavator implements.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Shaktiman 6 Feet Rotavator

1. Where can we buy Shaktiman 6 Feet Rotavator?

You can purchase any Shaktiman 6 feet rotavator model on Tractorkarvan.

You can purchase any 6 feet rotavator on EMI options at Tractorkarvan.

The 6 feet Shaktiman rotavator price starts at INR 115,728.

14 models of 6 feet Shaktiman rotavators are available on Tractorkarvan.

You can get the updated information on the Shaktiman 6 feet rotavator model at Tractorkarvan.

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