Best Farm Implements to Boost Farm Mechanisation in Livestock Sector

Updated on 19th February, 2024, By Arpit Srivastava
Best Farm Implements to Boost Farm Mechanisation in Livestock Sector
Livestock farming, which is a big part of farming around the world, is witnessing farm mechanisation with the introduction of advanced farm implements. Several farm tools that are making farming easier in the livestock sector are rotavator, seed drill, forage mower, shredder, and cutter mixer feeder.

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Livestock sector in India is one of the biggest sub-sectors of agriculture sector. It contributes more than 4% to India’s GDP and around 26% to Indian agriculture. With government emphasis on use of advanced farm implements in agriculture, the livestock sector is also witnessing accelerated mechanisation. There are several agricultural implements which are highly useful in boosting farm mechanisation in livestock sector.

Best Implements for Livestock Sector

Farm implements that can help boost farm mechanisation in livestock sector of India includes rotavator, shredder, cutter mixer feeder, seed drill, and forage mower.


Best Implements for Livestock Sector - Rotavator

In today's livestock farming, rotavators are crucial for getting the land ready for animals to graze. They have spinning blades that do an excellent job breaking up and mixing the soil, making well-tilled and aerated surfaces. This not only helps grass grow better but also gives the animals nutritious food.

Rotavator offers various benefits such as:

  • It makes the grass better by creating the perfect space for nutritious grass to grow. It is like giving your pasture a boost for healthier and nutritious grass varieties.
  • It plays a crucial role in keeping the grazing areas safe for livestock by turning over the soil effectively.
  • It helps control weed growth, making sure there are no unwanted plants that could harm the livestock.
  • It helps blend organic matter into the soil. This not only boosts soil fertility but also sets the stage for lush and healthy pastures.

Seed Drill

Best Implements for Livestock Sector - Seed Drill

The way we grow fodder for livestock has changed a lot, thanks to seed drills. These implements are a big improvement over the old ways of spreading seeds randomly.

With seed drills, farmers can plant seeds in a neat and even way, making sure every bit of the grazing area is used efficiently. It is an organized and effective way of growing food for animals.

Seed drill comes with various advantages like:

  • Seed drill is a precision planter for seeds, making sure they are planted just right in terms of depth and spacing. This not only helps seeds sprout uniformly but also sets the stage for consistent growth.
  • Due to accuracy of seed drill, farmers do not need to use as many seeds overall. This saves time and cuts down on the resources needed for planting.
  • Seed drills ensure that the seeds connect with the soil efficiently and minimize waste.
  • It contributes to larger forage yields. It means more food for livestock to meet their nutritional needs effectively.

Forage Mower

Best Implements for Livestock Sector - Forage Mower

Forage mowers play a crucial role in collecting and moving forage to where animals eat. These tools are built to handle big amounts of forage, making it easier for farmers and ensuring that animals always have enough food without needing too much manual work.

Forage mower offers several benefits, which includes,

  • It plays a key role in making the forage process fast and effective. It ensures that forage is collected at its nutritional peak, providing high-quality feed for livestock.
  • Mechanized forage harvesting reduces the need for manual labour on the farm allowing farmers to redirect their efforts to other productive tasks.
  • It contributes to preserving the forage quality by minimising exposure to external elements during transportation. As a result, nutritious value of the forage remains intact, ensuring healthy and nourishing feed for the livestock.


Best Implements for Livestock Sector - Shredder

Shredders break down forage into smaller bits, making it easier for animals to digest and soak up nutrients. This shredding or chopping process is a game-changer for the well-being and productivity of your livestock.

Shredder’s additional advantages includes:

  • When forage is shredded into smaller pieces, it becomes easier for animals to chew and digest. It leads to better absorption of nutrients and overall improved digestion for livestock.
  • It plays a key role in making sure forage is evenly distributed, preventing selective feeding ensuring that all animals have access to a well-balanced diet.
  • By maintaining a consistent length through shredding, the risk of choking and other digestive issues in livestock is reduced.

Cutter Mixer Feeder

Best Implements for Livestock Sector - Cutter Mixer Feeder

Cutter mixer feeder is one of the must-have tools for farmers. It helps mix and distribute feed, making sure that animals get the right food. It is essential for efficient livestock management, cutting down on wasted feed and making the most of available resources.

Some of the benefits of cutter mixer feeders are:

  • By letting farmers mix different types of food and supplements, it helps create custom meals that match the specific nutrition needs of different types of animals.
  • Using cutter mixer feeders ensures precise feed distribution, cutting down on wastage and making livestock management more cost-effective.
  • Simplifying the feeding process with cutter mixer feeders not only saves time but also reduces the need for manual labour.


In the changing world of farming, using advanced tools is important for making livestock farming better. These tools help increase productivity, reduce the work for farmers, and keep the animals healthy. Things like rotavators help get the land ready, while cutter mixer feeders make feeding animals easier. Each tool has its own job in making livestock farming more efficient and organized. When farmers use these technologies, they make their work easier and ensure they're taking good care of their animals in a way that's good for the environment and their profits.

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