Land Leveler in Indian Agriculture: Uses and Benefits

11 May 2023
Land Leveler in Indian Agriculture: Uses and Benefits
Indian farmers face numerous challenges in agriculture, including soil erosion, waterlogging, and uneven land. A land leveller in agriculture helps farmers overcome these challenges and improve their crop yields.

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Indian agriculture faces key issues related to sustainability because of deteriorating soil health and water table. So, it has become important to manage irrigation water usage for suitable agricultural growth. The main food crops in India include wheat and rice, and their cultivation demands huge amounts of water. Thus, farmers need to save on water during their growing season. Land levelling is an effective practice to help use water efficiently. This article will discuss what the importance of land leveller in agriculture in India and how they benefit our farmers.

What is Land Leveling Machine and its Uses?

Agriculture is a major contributor to the Indian economy. Most people indulge in agriculture to earn their living. Agriculture plays a central role in developing the nation as it gives employment to the masses. However, Indian farmers face numerous challenges in agriculture, including soil erosion, waterlogging, and uneven land. A land leveller in agriculture helps farmers overcome these challenges and improve their crop yields.

Land levelers are an essential piece of equipment used in Indian agriculture for preparing the land for planting. This tool creates a smooth and levelled surface, which is essential for ensuring uniform irrigation and good seed germination. The land leveling machine helps farmers eliminate the bumps and depressions on the field to improve water coverage, reduce weeds and increase crop yields. Hope this answers your questions related to what is levelling in agriculture.

Benefits of Agriculture Leveler

Levelling in agriculture is one of the most critical steps for land preparation. An uneven surface results in disproportionate water distribution that can restrict your crop growth. In addition, it increases the use of pesticides, fertilizers and seeds as such materials get wasted due to ineffective irrigation.

Here are the key benefits of using a ground leveling machine in Indian agriculture:

Uniform Irrigation

A levelled surface is a prerequisite for uniform irrigation. The water will flow to low-lying areas if the land is not even. Thus, the higher parts of your field will be left dry. An agriculture land leveler helps to create a smooth and even surface, which ensures that water reaches all parts of the field.

Improved Seed Germination

Uneven land can result in poor seed germination. A leveller in agriculture helps to create a level surface, which is essential for ensuring seeds are planted at the right depth and gets the right amount of moisture and fertilizers.

Reduced Soil Erosion

Soil erosion is a major issue where land is not levelled. It causes the loss of topsoil and essential nutrients. A land leveler helps to create a level surface, which reduces the risk of soil erosion. Thus, it protects the most fertile soil layer, containing most of the organic matter and nutrients crops need.

Better Crop Yields

The use of leveller in agriculture will improve your crop yields. A levelled surface ensures that all plants get the same as well as the proper amount of nutrients, water, and sunlight, which is essential for their growth.


An agriculture land leveler is a cost-effective solution for improving crop yields. Consider it a one-time investment that will help you improve your profits over the years. A tractor leveler price comes in different ranges, so you can easily choose one based on your farm size and budget.

Working of a Land Leveler

An agriculture land leveler utilizes a series of blades or scrapers to grade the soil and create a smooth surface. The blades or scrapers are attached to a frame pulled behind a tractor.

Here are the steps involved in using an agriculture land leveler:

  • Select the Correct Tool: The first step in using a leveller in agriculture is to choose the right tool. The size and type of the agriculture land leveler you choose will depend on the size of your field and the soil type you are working with.
  • Field Preparation: The field must be prepared before using the leveler in agriculture. You must ensure that there are no large rocks, vegetation, or debris on the field.
  • Attach the Land Leveler: The next step is to attach the land leveler to the tractor using the appropriate hitch.
  • Adjust the Blades: You need to adjust the scrapers or blades on the agriculture land leveler to the desired depth. The depth of the blades will depend on the soil type of your field.
  • Begin Leveling: You can now start grading the soil by driving the tractor across the field.

Techniques for Levelling in Agriculture

Traditional Leveling

A wooden leveller used in agriculture is drawn by small tractors or draft animals. However, you will find that farmers of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab have shifted to iron scrappers attached to four-wheel drive tractors. The process of conventional land levelling comprises ploughing, field survey, mapping low and high areas and using the levelling board to even the field. Even though this process involves substantial manual efforts, it does not offer suitable accuracy.

Laser Land Leveler

Laser levelling in agriculture uses a precision tool with a laser beam for levelling uneven fields. A laser land leveler emits a laser beam from the transmitter and creates a virtual plane of light. This plane is detected by the receiver to transmit signals to the control box. Based on these signals, the bucket is raised or lowered to achieve an ideal grade.

Top Land Leveler Implements

Fieldking Eco Planer FKLLLEF-10

Fieldking Eco Planer FKLLLEF-10 is a hassle-free and reliable laser-guided land leveler that will both your energy and time. Its key benefits include smoother soil surface, reduced weed issues and better irrigation. You can easily use them with 90-105 horsepower tractors.

John Deere LL9247

It would be best to consider John Deere LL9247 as it offers superior quality, low maintenance cost and enhanced productivity. This land leveller can save up to 25% of irrigation water. LL9247 is compatible with 50+ horsepower tractors.

Fieldking Eco Planer FKLLLEF-7

If you want an agriculture land leveler that can ensure uniform moisture for crops, Fieldking Eco Planer FKLLLEF-7 is worth considering. Also, its land leveler price makes it one of the more economical models. You need a 55-65 HP tractor to run this tractor implement.


Land levelling is an important step in agriculture and that is why it require a different implement ideal for it. The implement name is land leveler machine. A land levelling in agriculture not only increases the farm productivity but also have many ecological benefits such as prevention of soil erosion. Many land leveler implements of top brands like Fieldking and John Deere are available on Tractorkarvan. You can visit the website for interesting blog articles as well as suitable land levelers per your budget and needs.

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