Sugarcane Harvester in India

4 Sugarcane harvester machines are available on Tractorkarvan. The sugarcane cutting machine price is reasonable. These harvesters come with a high-power engine of 173 – 358 HP.

The top brands involved in manufacturing sugarcane harvesters are Shaktiman and Case IH. India is the second-largest producer of sugarcane in the world. It is a plantation crop that is used for making sugar, khandsari and jaggery in India. Its bagasse is used for making alcohol and gasoline – an environment-friendly fuel for transportation. About 2/3rd of the sugarcane produced is used for making jaggery in India. Only one-third is used for making sugar by sugarcane factories. Maharashtra is the leading producer of sugarcane in India. Some popular models of sugarcane harvesters include Shaktiman 3737, Case IH Austoft 8000 and Shaktiman 3737 Tejas.

Process of Sugarcane Harvesting

Sugarcane harvesting is a tedious and challenging task. Hence, the sugarcane harvester is also a complex machine used to cut sugarcane. Its process and mechanism to harvest are different from other harvester machines.

Sugarcane harvesting is a time-consuming and labour-intensive job. Even the process involved is complex. First, the machine cuts the base, strips the leaves, and finally cuts the cane into segments. The cane is then deposited into a container mounted on the harvester. Lastly, the bagasse is ejected back to the field surface, which is used as organic manure.

Advantages of Sugarcane Harvester

  • This equipment reduces the requirement for manual labour.
  • It takes less time to harvest sugarcane.
  • It improves the quality of sugarcane farming.
  • It is a one-time investment, hence saving lots of money in the long term.

Popular Models of Sugarcane Harvesters

A sugarcane harvester is a large farm machinery that is used to harvest and partially process the sugarcane crop. It was developed in the 1920s by Mr Wurtele. Its function and design are similar to a Combine Harvester, but the mechanism involved is different. The popular models of sugarcane harvesters include:

Shaktiman 3737

  • The wheel drives are hydraulic based.
  • Chassis is controlled by hydraulics.
  • This equipment operates on a 173 HP, 6-cylinder engine.
  • It features a cooled Cummins diesel engine.

Case IH Austoft 8000

  • Hydraulic oil tank of 480 litres.
  • The feed rollers drive is hydraulic-based and reversible.
  • Adjustable deflector plate.
  • Self-propelled harvester machine with 358 HP engine.
  • It features replaceable blades and demountable discs.
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Sugarcane Harvester Price in India 2023

It is surprising to know that the sugarcane machine price in India is budget-friendly for a large number of farmers. The price can change depending on the features you get in a particular model. Also, it includes several variable charges like RTO charges and road taxes. Thus, the price can vary from one state to another. Tractorkarvan provides the latest sugarcane harvester price list in India 2023. You can also avail of EMI options from our platform.

The compare harvesters on our portal helps compare the prices and other features of different sugarcane harvester models based on brand and category.

Why choose Tractorkarvan for Sugarcane Harvesters?

Farmers need to have access to all the important information related to agricultural equipment. If you are aware of key details, you can make a better decision. Tractorkarvan has listed a range of sugarcane harvester models to offer information on their features and prices. All popular harvesters have been listed on a separate page for your convenience. Explore our platform to have a look at sugarcane harvesters from top brands.

Frequently Asked Questions on Sugarcane Harvester

1. What is the HP range of a Sugarcane Harvester?

The power required to run Sugarcane harvesters is 173 - 358 HP.

You can get updated information on Sugarcane Harvesters at Tractorkarvan.

The top Sugarcane Harvesters brands include Shaktiman and Case IH.

Some popular models of Sugarcane harvesters are Shaktiman 3737, Case IH Austoft 8000 and Shaktiman 3737 Tejas.

Tractorkarvan is the best platform to get financing options for purchasing Sugarcane Harvesters.

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