Top 10 Agriculture Implements Used for Farming in India

28 May 2023
Top 10 Agriculture Implements Used for Farming in India Article
Agriculture implements refer to the various tools, machines, and equipment that are used for farming with an aim to increase productivity and farm income. Different types of farm implements are used for farming in India. Some of the best implements for farming are rotavators, cultivators, plough, and seed drill, among others.

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Agricultural implement or farm implement are an important modern farming tool used in India to increase the agricultural productivity along with doubling the farm income. Now, with the support of the government, farmers in India have access to almost all the farm implements available in the market. The main reason they became indispensable is their role in saving time and labour. In this blog, we will read about top 10 agriculture implements used for farming in India.

What are Agricultural Implements?

Agriculture implements refer to farm machinery and equipment used in farming activities. All farm implements are designed to perform different agricultural tasks such as ploughing, planting, harvesting, irrigation, and soil preparation. It helps in improving the productivity and efficiency of farming activities.

The use of equipment in agriculture has revolutionized the sector, making farming more mechanized, automated, and less labour intensive. In India, agriculture implements are available in various types and sizes, and farmers choose them based on their specific needs and the type of crop they grow.

Difference between Farm Implements and Farm Tools

The farm implement is different from agricultural tools. Farm implements are mounted on tractors to operate in the field. They are heavy and are more complex. Some examples of farm implements are rotavator and cultivator.

On the other hand, agricultural tools are used mechanically and can be operated by hand. They are lighter and simple to operate. Some example of farm tools are axe and spade.

Top 10 Agricultural Implements Used for Farming in India

There are many types of implements that are used in farming, each with its own specific purpose. The top 10 agricultural implements name used in farming includes Rotavator, Cultivator, Ploughs, Seed Drill, Threshers, Loaders, Tractor Trailer, Sprayers, Mowers, and Tractor Mounted Harvesters. Let us see each implement in brief.


Top 10 Implements - Rotavator

Rotavator implements , also known as rotary tillers, are used for preparing the soil before planting the crops. They break the soil, mix the crop residue with the soil, and level the ground. They need PTO power of the tractor to operate.

Rotavators come in different types like chain-driven rotavators, gear-driven rotavators, and tractor-mounted rotavators.

Some of the top rotavator models are Shaktiman Champion CH 190, Maschio Gaspardo Virat 165, and Fieldking Gold FKRTGMG5-200, among others.


Top 10 Implements - Cultivator

Cultivator implement is a primary tillage implement that are used for preparing the soil before planting the crops. They break the soil, remove weeds, and level the ground. Different types of cultivators are trailed type cultivator, mounted type cultivator, cultivator with spring loaded tynes, cultivator with rigid tynes, and duck foot cultivator.

Cultivators are different from rotavators. In the former, wheels drive the blades to break and mix the soil, and in the latter, blades drive the implements to churn up the soil. Further, rotavators require PTO power of tractor to run, whereas cultivators need drawbar power of tractor to run.

Key features of cultivators

  • They are used to keep the seed bed ready for the crop that is to be planted.
  • They also bury the crop residues in the soil and help control the weed.
  • They need drawbar power of the tractor to run.

Some of the top models of cultivators available in the market are Landforce Mini CVS5M, Sonalika Heavy Duty Spring Loaded 9 Tyne, and Swan Agro Extra Heavy Duty Spring Loaded NSE HSLT 13.


Top 10 Implements - Ploughs

Ploughs has been in use since ancient times. Earlier it was operated manually, or animal driven.  It is a primary tillage implement that is used to plough the land to prepare it for planting crops. It is the first step of land preparation for sowing and planting crops. They break the soil, turn it over, and create a seedbed for planting.

With advancement in technology and use of it in agriculture gave rise to plough implements such as Mould Board Plough, Disc Plough, and Chisel Plough, Hydraulic Reversible MB Plough. All these implements require tractors to operate. Let us see each plough in brief.

Mould Board Plough: Also known as MB Plough, it is the most common plough used to turn and loosen the soil. It is suitable for breaking hard and compacted soil. Some of the popular models are Fieldking Jumbo FKJMBP 36-4 and Landforce MBS2.

Disc Plough: It is also used to cut and turn the soil, but it is suitable for stony or rocky soil. Some of the popular models are Fieldking FKMDPD-3 and Swan Agro NSMDP-5.

Chisel Plough: It is a heavy-duty plough implement which is ideal for deep tillage. It is helpful in breaking hardpan soil and improve drainage. Popular chisel plough models are John Deere CP1017 and John Deere CP 1005.

Hydraulic Reversible MB Plough: It is a modern plough implement that is driven hydraulically to effectively plough both sides of the furrow. The popular models include John Deere Deluxe MB3012H/M and Lemken Opal 080E-2MB.

Seed Drill

Top 10 Implements - Seed Drill

Seed Drill was developed by Jethro Tull in 1701. It is used to sow and plant crop seeds in the soil. They are designed to place seeds at a specific depth and distance from each other, ensuring uniform germination and growth of the plants.

Seed drills come in different types like zero till seed drills, pneumatic seed drills, and multi-crop seed drills.

The structure of seed drill is made of seed box, seed metering mechanism, frame, furrow openers, drive transmission system, clutch, covering device, hitch frame, and transport wheels.

Some of the popular models include Shaktiman SMSD 250, Landforce Deluxe SDD9, and Maschio Gaspardo Nina 300.


Top 10 Implements - Threshers

The first thresher was invented in 1784 in Scotland by Andrew Meikle. Threshers are used for separating the grain from the chaff after the crop is harvested. The invention of threshing machine has revolutionised the way crop were threshed by beating it against some wood manually. This consumed time & labour, and broken grains reduced the productivity.

The modern threshers have become much more prominent, faster, and more efficient. Further, it is capable of processing large quantities of grain quickly.

Threshers come in different types like pedal threshers, tractor-mounted threshers, and self-propelled threshers. They can also be categorised according to crops like paddy thresher, wheat thresher, maize threshers, and multi-crop thresher.

Some popular models of threshers available in the market include Swan Agro Paddy Thresher and Mahindra Wheat Thresher Haramba.


Top 10 Implements - Loaders

Loaders are used for loading and unloading materials like fertilizers, seeds, and crops. They come in different types like front-end loaders, backhoe loaders, and skid steer loaders.

The most popular type is Front end Loader, which is used to pick, scoop, carry and dump materials. It comprises of a large bucket at one end supported by two hydraulic arms.

Some of the popular models are Mahindra 10.2 FX and Mahindra 9.5 FX, among others.

Tractor Trailer

Top 10 Implements - Tractor Trailer

Tractor trailers is a haulage implement that is attached to a tractor to transport goods over short distance. They are also referred to as tractor trolley or tipping trailer. They consist of a tractor unit and a detachable trailer that is hauled behind it.

The tractor provides the engine power and steering, while the trailer carries the cargo. Tractor trailers can carry large and heavy loads, making them a common sight on roads.

Some of the popular models of tractor trailers are Landforce TRA 9 and Fieldking FKAT2WT-E-9TON, among others.


Top 10 Implements - Sprayer

Sprayers are used for spraying pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers on crops. These specialized machines combine the power of tractors with the precision and versatility of sprayers, offering farmers an effective means of protecting and enhancing crop yields.

They are available in different types like hand-operated sprayers, power sprayers, and tractor-mounted sprayers. Some of the variants of sprayers are boom sprayers and self-propelled boom sprayers.

Some of the popular models in the market are Landforce –400/600/800 and Fieldking FKTMS-1100, among others.


Top 10 Implements - Mowers

Mowers are essential tools used in landscaping, gardening, and maintaining lawns and grassy areas. They are designed to cut grass at a desired height, creating a neat and well-maintained appearance.

Mowers come in various types and sizes, ranging from small manual push mowers to large, powerful machines used in commercial settings. Some of the popular types of tractor-mounted mowers are flail mowers, grooming mowers, and forage mowers.

Popular model of mowers available in the market include Maschio Gaspardo Jolly 180 and Fieldking FKRFM-6, among others.

Tractor Mounted Harvester

Top 10 Implements - Tractor Mounted Harvester

Tractor-mounted harvesters are agricultural machines that are attached to tractors for efficient and mechanised harvesting operations. They are designed to harvest crops such as grains, fruits, and vegetables.

The harvester's cutting mechanism, often equipped with rotating blades or cutting bars, gathers the crops and delivers them to a collection system.

Tractor-mounted harvesters enable faster and more streamlined harvesting processes, increasing productivity and reducing manual labour.

Some of the popular models include Lancer Maize Sheller LTH-1 and Mahindra Maize Sheller cum Dehusker.

Advantages of Agricultural Implements

  • It increases the efficiency of farming operations, enables farmers to complete more task in less time. This can result in increased productivity and profits.
  • The use of implements in farming operation can result in more precise planting, better soil preparation, and improved irrigation, leading to better crop quality and yields.
  • It can reduce the labour required to perform agricultural tasks, which can save costs for farmers.
  • It can help ensure consistent results in farming operations, leading to better predictability of crop yields and improved financial planning.

Disadvantages of Agricultural Implements

  • It is expensive to purchase and maintain, that’s why all small scale and marginal farmer can’t afford it.
  • It requires certain technological knowledge to operate, that a challenge for some farmers, especially those in developing countries or rural areas.
  • The use of certain agricultural implements, such as large-scale irrigation systems or chemical fertilizers, can have negative environmental impacts if not used responsibly.
  • Agricultural implements can malfunction, causing delays in farming operations or even damage to crops.


The use of agricultural implements can provide significant benefits to farmers, such as increased efficiency, productivity, and profitability, while also presenting some challenges and potential negative impacts that need to be addressed. Despite some disadvantages, farm implements play a crucial role in farming sector of India. The above-mentioned top 10 agriculture implements have become an integral part of for farmers in India. Its use has significantly increased agricultural productivity and efficiency.

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