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Solis E Series tractor price in India ranges between INR 7.20 lakhs* and INR 10 lakhs*. Solis E Series tractor HP ranges from 43 HP to 55 HP. 12 Solis E Series tractors are available on Tractorkarvan. Some of the popular models are Solis 4515 E, Solis 5015 E Hybrid and Solis 4215 E 4WD, among others.

Solis offers a range of high-performance tractors with different series like the S SeriesSN Series and YM Series. Solis, a leading tractor manufacturer company, has launched E Tractor Series. All tractors of this series are loaded with advanced and cutting-edge features. Fuel-efficient and heavy-duty engines have been used in E Series tractors, which perform exceptionally well in all farm operations.

The Solis E Series offers robust and powerful tractors with an attractive design. The tractor of this series largely falls in the tractors under 50 HP category. Japanese technologies help enhance the performance of these tractors during varying farm operations. If you want to buy the best tractor for your farm operations, consider the Solis E Series tractor. Both 2WD and 4WD tractors are available in this series. 

Unique Features of Solis E Series Tractors

  • Offers best-in-class features like a powerful E3 engine, Next Gen hydraulics and Easy Shift Speed Plus Gearbox for smoother and better operations.
  • Comes with uniform and precise depth of operations and ensures smooth movement with a Next Gen Hydrotronic Hydraulic Control Valve. The E series models are compatible with a wide range of tractor implements to maximise farm productivity.
  • Packed with advanced features like an adjustable seat with a spacious platform, dual clutch and highest PTO power.
  • Modern styling with LED guidelights and projector headlamps set them apart from the competition.

Popular Solis E Series Tractor Models

There are several popular tractors in this E Series. The following are the top models:

  • Solis 4515 E: Solis 4515 E is a 48 HP tractor. The Solis 4515 E engine generates 1900 RPM. Its key features include LED guidelight and dynamic style.
  • Solis 5015 E Hybrid 4WD: Solis 5015 E Hybrid is a 49 HP tractor. Its top specifications include a digital instrument cluster, spacious platform and LED guidelight.
  • Solis 5015 E Hybrid: Solis 5015 E Hybrid offers a power output of 49 HP. The lifting capacity of this Solis model is 2000 kg. It offers a warranty period of 5 years or 5000 hours.
  • Solis 4515 E 4WD: The power output of Solis 4515 E 4WD is 48 horsepower. This model is among the top 4WD Solis tractors with an E-3 engine.
  • Solis 4215 E 4WD: It has a 43 HP engine with an engine-rated RPM of 1800. This model has a dry-type air filter and a liquid-cooled cooling system.
  • Solis 5015 E: This Solis 5015 tractor is packed with a 50 HP engine. Its top specifications include a dual clutch, spacious platform and 5 years warranty.

Solis E Series Tractor Price in India 2023

Here at Tractorkarvan, farmers get the best price for Solis E Series Tractors. The E Series tractor price ranges between INR 7.20 lakhs* and 10 lakhs*. The pricing starts from the under 8 lakhs category and reaches the maximum in the tractors above 9 lakhs category. You can also buy the Solis E Series Tractor on easy EMIs at Tractorkarvan. The monthly EMI ranges from INR 16,135 to INR 21,849.

Also, if you are unsure which model to buy, you can use the compare tractors feature on Tractorkarvan. This feature allows users to compare the specs and prices of two tractor models.

Why choose Tractorkarvan for Solis E Series Tractors?

Are you looking for a portal that offers everything related to tractors and farm equipment like Solis implements in one place? You have arrived at the correct place. Here you can get updated prices and specs of models from all tractor brands. You can choose new models or second-hand Solis tractors at Tractorkarvan. To make the purchasing process more accessible, we have listed the top Solis tractor dealers who deal in Solis tractors.

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Tractors in India HP EMI Starts at
Solis 4215 E 43 HP ₹14,717/Month
Solis 5015 E 50 HP ₹16,636/Month
Solis 5015 E Hybrid 49 HP ₹16,281/Month
Solis 5515 E 4WD 55 HP ₹23,657/Month
Solis 4415 E 44 HP ₹15,203/Month
Solis 4515 E 48 HP ₹15,416/Month
Solis 4515 E 4WD 48 HP ₹15,391/Month
Solis 4415 E 4WD 44 HP ₹18,756/Month

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Frequently Asked Questions on E Series

1. What is the HP ranges of the Solis E Series Tractors?

The Solis E Series tractor range is 43 HP to 55 HP.

Twelve tractor models of Solis E Series are listed at Tractorkarvan.

You can buy Solis E Series tractors online and on easy EMIs at Tractorkarvan.

You can get the updated information on Solis E Series tractors at Tractorkarvan.  

Tractorkarvan is a trustworthy platform to purchase all Solis E Series tractors. 

The Solis E tractors are available in India in the price range of INR 7.20 lakhs* to INR 10 lakhs*.


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