Sonalika Mahabali Series Tractors

The Mahabali Series tractor price is between INR 7.30 lakhs* and INR 8.90 lakhs*. They offer power between 45 – 50 HP range. 5 tractor models of the Sonalika Mahabali Series are available on Tractorkarvan. Some popular tractor models in the Sonalika Mahabali Series are Sonalika Mahabali Rx 47 and Sonalika Mahabali Rx 47 4WD, among others.

Sonalika manufactures high-standard tractors under different Series, such as Baagban Series, Gardentrac Series, Sikander Series, and Tiger Series.

Sonalika, a leading tractor manufacturing company, has introduced the Mahabali tractor Series. Under this Series, Sonalika manufactures a wide range of heavy-duty tractors. The Mahabali Series is a first-of-its-kind tractor designed in Europe and made in India for young farmers. The Sonalika Mahabali series comprises 2WD and 4WD tractors.

Sonalika Mahabali Series tractors are available in the Indian market in the tractor under 50 HP category. The popular tractors include Sonalika Mahabali RX 42 Puddling Special, Sonalika Mahabali RX 47, and Sonalika Mahabali RX 47 4WD, among others.

On our portal, you can find complete details about Mahabali Series tractor specifications and Sonalika Mahabali Series tractor prices in India 2023.

Characteristics of Sonalika Mahabali Tractors in India

Tractors of the Mahabali Series of the Sonalika brand are known for their advanced technology based on European design. These tractors offer a plethora of farmer-friendly features, and some of the key features are:

  • Oil-immersed multi-disc brakes for better vehicle control.
  • 4-way adjustable plush branded seats give it a premium look.
  • Extra-large wide workspace for easy driving and control.
  • High-stance seating for a 180-degree view while farming.
  • The side shift gear lever position ensures smooth changing of gears.
  • Constant-mesh transmission with side shift gear lever position.

Best Sonalika Mahabali Series Tractor Models

Sonalika Mahabali Tractors offers models with varying HP, which are built to suit multiple farm applications. The popular Sonalika Mahabali tractors are:

  • Sonalika Mahabali RX 42 Puddling Special: It is a 2WD tractor with 45 HP power. It is available at a starting EMI of INR 16,104 per month.
  • Sonalika Mahabali RX 47: It is a 2WD tractor with 50 HP power. It is available at a starting EMI of INR 19,624 per month.
  • Sonalika Mahabali RX 47 4WD: It is a 4WD tractor with 50 HP power.
  • Sonalika Mahabali DI 745 III Power Plus Puddling Special: It is a 2WD tractor with 50 HP power.

Sonalika Mahabali Tractor Price in India 2023

The Sonalika Mahabali tractor's on-road price is an outcome of various factors like features and HP. The price differs from state to state depending upon the nature and level of state tax. The Sonalika Mahabali tractor price in India 2023 starts at INR 7.30 lakhs* and can go up to INR 8.90 lakhs*.

You can check Mahabali Series tractors as per your requirement and Mahabali tractors' prices on Tractorkarvan. We also provide a loan facility on easy EMIs so that you can buy a Mahabali Series tractor despite financial constraints. The monthly EMI ranges from INR 16,104 to INR 19,624.

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If you wish to purchase a Mahabali Tractor to fulfil all your farming needs, then Tractorkarvan is the best place. It is a one-stop destination for any information related to Mahabali Series tractors, be it specifications or Sonalika Mahabali tractor price. Here you can get the price and specifications of tractors of all major brands. You can also buy a Mahabali Series used tractor within your budget on Tractorkarvan.

With a large network of Sonalika tractor dealers across the country, you can quickly purchase a Sonalika Mahabali series tractor in your nearest locations.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Mahabali Series

1. What is the HP Range of Sonalika Mahabali Series Tractors?

The Sonalika Mahabali Series tractors are available in the 45 – 50 HP range.

The Sonalika Mahabali Series tractors price ranges from INR 7 lakhs* to INR 9 lakhs*.

The average lifting capacity of Sonalika Mahabali tractors is up to 2,000 kg.

The hydrostatic steering type is given in Mahabali Series tractors.

The Sonalika Mahabali Series tractors come with oil-immersed brakes.

You can get updated information on Sonalika Mahabali Series tractors at Tractorkarvan.

The Sonalika Mahabali tractors are available in both 2WD and 4WD.


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