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Farmtrac Powermaxx Series tractor price in India ranges between INR 9 lakhs* and INR 11.30 lakhs*. Farmtrac Powermaxx Series tractor HP ranges from 50 HP to 60 HP. 7 Farmtrac Powermaxx Series tractor are available on Tractorkarvan. Some of the popular models are Farmtrac 60 Powermaxx, Farmtrac 50 Powermaxx and Farmtrac 6055 Powermaxx 4WD.

Escorts Kubota manufactures a wide range of tractors under the brand name Farmtrac. The tractors of the Farmtrac brand are produced under different series, such as Farmtrac Classic Series and Farmtrac XP Series.

The Farmtrac tractors are designed with modern engineering and offer great power and traction. The Powermaxx tractors are no different. They are one of the most powerful models in the tractors under 60 HP category.

The Powermaxx Series comprises high-performing, heavy-duty, and robust tractors. They are suitable for day-to-day farm activities and, with their powerful engines, can perform farm tasks efficiently and for longer hours. They are one of the best 50 – 60 HP tractors.

Tractorkarvan has listed 7 tractors of the Farmtrac Powermaxx Series on its portal, including Farmtrac 6055 Powermaxx (CRDI) and Farmtrac 60 Powermaxx T20. You can find the complete specifications and their price on Tractorkarvan.

Unique Features of Farmtrac Powermaxx Series Tractors

  • Comes with a 5-year warranty. It offers peace of mind to customers regarding the service and maintenance of their tractors. Also, they have 250 hours to 500 hours service intervals for the filtration system.
  • Provides heavy-duty lift arm with high lifting capacity and Automatic Depth and Draft Control (ADDC). A heavy-duty lift arm can lift more weight while optimum sensing offers consistent working depth.
  • 540 RPM with MRPTO to operate heavy implements, and MRPTO gives an additional 5-speed. More PTO speeds allow the tractor to run a wide range of attachments that need different PTO speeds for operation.
  • Comes with an epicyclic reduction rear axle that is robust in construction. It allows the pulling of heavy loads without affecting the tractor.
  • Big rear tyres for stability and reduced soil compaction while performing farm work. These tractor tyres provide excellent grip on different soil conditions.
  • Equipped with a 24x7 Care button. Users can use this button to connect to the company’s executives to resolve any issue related to their tractors.

Key Benefits of Farmtrac Powermaxx Series Tractors

  • Powerful engines with large engine capacity and ideal RPM. Thus, they are suitable for heavy haulage and implements like rotavators, cultivators, MB Plough, and reapers.
  • Available in the 50 – 60 HP range. Thus, they provide a excellent power output to conveniently perform a range of demanding tasks like pulling heavy loads and operating large tractor implements.
  • Balanced-type power steering for non-stop, long-hour farm operations. Power steering provides ease of steering to operators as lesser steering efforts are required.
  • Original side shift gear for smooth changing of gear without moving away from the seat. This gear lever position is popular for being within easy reach of operators.
  • Offers both 2WD and 4WD tractors. So, a user can select a suitable model based on their budget, farming and field needs.

Popular Farmtrac Powermaxx Series Tractors

The tractors of Powermaxx Series are considered one of the most popular tractors available. The popular Powermaxx tractors listed on Tractorkarvan are:

Farmtrac Powermaxx Tractors Price in India 2023

The Powermaxx Series tractors from Farmtrac are rugged, versatile, and high performing, with comfort for the driver. The Farmtrac Powermaxx tractor Price is affordable and within the budget of Indian farmers. The price of Powermaxx tractors in the Indian market is between INR 9 lakhs* and INR 11.30 lakhs*.

You can buy the Powermaxx Series tractor at Tractorkarvan on easy EMIs, as we also provide a loan facility. The starting EMI of Farmtrac Powermaxx Series tractors varies between INR 19,915 and INR 21,372 per month. Also, users have the option to use the compare tractors feature to compare the specs and prices of similar HP tractor models.

Why choose Tractorkarvan for Farmtrac Powermaxx Tractors?

Tractorkarvan is a one-stop platform for new Powermaxx tractors and second-hand Farmtrac tractors. You can get all the information about Powermaxx Series tractors with complete specifications. You can also get the Farmtrac Powermaxx Series tractor price list in India 2023.

Still undecisive and feel that you cannot afford Farmtrac Powermaxx tractors? Tractorkarvan can help you in two ways. First, we have a loan facility that you can avail of to buy a Powermaxx Series tractor on easy EMIs. Secondly, we have created a comprehensive database of Farmtrac tractor dealers selling Powermaxx Series tractors in your locality. 

Visit Tractorkarvan to get the Farmtrac tractors of your dreams without difficulty. 

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Tractors in India HP EMI Starts at
Farmtrac 60 Powermaxx 55 HP ₹17,714/Month
Farmtrac 60 Powermaxx T20 55 HP ₹19,852/Month
Farmtrac 6055 Powermaxx E-CRT 60 HP More Details
Farmtrac 45 Powermaxx 50 HP ₹17,614/Month
Farmtrac 6055 Powermaxx 60 HP ₹20,769/Month
Farmtrac 50 Powermaxx 50 HP More Details
Farmtrac 6055 Powermaxx 4WD 60 HP ₹22,867/Month
Farmtrac 60 Powermaxx 4WD 55 HP ₹21,689/Month

Popular Farmtrac Powermaxx Series Tractors

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Frequently Asked Questions on Powermaxx Series

1. How many models of Farmtrac Powermaxx Series tractors are available on Tractorkarvan?

7 models of Powermaxx Series tractors are available for sale on Tractorkarvan.

The Farmtrac Powermaxx tractors are available in India in the price range of INR 9 lakhs* - INR 11.30 lakhs*.

The Farmtrac Powermaxx tractors are available in the 50 – 60 HP category.

You can buy a Farmtrac Powermaxx Series tractor on easy EMIs at Tractorkarvan.

You can get the updated information on the Farmtrac Powermaxx Series tractors at Tractorkarvan.


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